15 Best Time Traveling Anime Series & Movies Of All Time

Anime where the MC time travels are always interesting to see. It’s always amusing to see characters going to the future or past to drive the story forward. Since time travel is not possible yet; therefore, people love watching it happen through anime.

It also provides the viewers an insight into different eras. None can do a greater job than the Japanese when it comes to creating time-traveling stories. So if you are a fan of such stories, read this list as I have covered the best time traveling anime of all time.

15. Iroduku: The World In Colors

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Romance, fantasy, and time travel anime that involve them are a must-try. Iroduku is about a girl named Hitomi who is living a life without joy. Thanks to her grandmother, who found a way to make her life colorful again. 

After casting a spell, she makes her time travel to the time when Hitomi was a high schooler. Her grandmother doesn’t explain why she is sending her back to the past, which adds curiosity to the anime. 

In the past, she finds herself in a room full of paintings that turns out to be the work of a boy named Yuito. Who is the boy, and what does he have to do with Hitomi? 

14. Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song

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AI is undoubtedly a commendable invention, but it is indeed dangerous. This anime highlights the threats caused by AI. We are introduced to a world where some AIs are on a mission to destroy mankind to rule the world alone.

To avoid complete destruction, a scientist sent an AI named Matsumoto a hundred years back. There Matsumoto meets Vivy, an AI who used to sing to bring smiles to people’s faces. He tasks her with the mission to change history to stop the war between AI and Humans. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

13. Occult Academy

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Maya and Fumiaki are the center of the story. Fumiaki travels 13 years back to the year 1999 to find the Nostradamus Key to stop the aliens’ invasion in the future. In the past, he meets Maya, who joins him in this mission. 

However, finding the key wasn’t a piece of cake; they only got the information about it. If time travelers find any similar object, they click its photo. The photo will let them know whether the thing is the one they are looking for. 

The mystery and sci-fi elements make this one the best time traveling anime, so make sure to watch it. 

12. Orange 

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What will be your reaction if you get a letter from your future self? Something similar happens with a 16-year-old Naho.  Her life changes after she reads a mysterious letter whose sender claims to be her future self. Of course, she doesn’t take it seriously but soon realizes that the information in the letter is true. 

In the letter, her future self reveals that she is living a regretful life because of the decisions she made in the past. Thus she wants herself in the past to be cautious and especially careful around a boy named Kakeru. 

The suspense, the drama, and of course, the romance will keep you entertained throughout! 

11. Buddy Complex

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This one is a mecha-themed time traveling anime best suited for lovers of robots. Aoba was living his life as an ordinary high schooler. However, one day, Valiancer, a giant robot, attacks him out of the blue. Thanks to her classmate Hina she comes to his help. 

The girl reveals that the attacker and she are from the future. For the safety of Aoba, she makes him time travel to 70 years in the future. Soon after his arrival, he finds himself stuck in a war. The war was being fought between the Free Pact Alliance and the Zogilia Republic. 

In the moment of chaos, he successfully operates an FPA pilot. This action forced him into the custody of FPA. What will happen to Aoba, and why is it happening to him? 

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10. Summer Storm

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The story highlights the life of a 13-year-old boy named Hajime. His life flips upside down when he catches feelings for a gorgeous waiter named Arashi. At first, the girl ignores the boy, but things become interesting when she holds his hand. 

It turns out that Arashi died in World War II. Now she wanders as a ghost to find the man she can connect with to time travel back in the past. Surprisingly, the man she was searching for turned out to be Hajime. The story continues with the duo traveling back in time only to find that they were not the only ones who time-traveled. 

If romance and supernatural genres are your thing, you must watch them at least once.

9. Doraemon

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We all loved Nobita and Doraemon, didn’t we? This anime made the childhood of many special, and it’s a worth-mentioning name on this list of best time traveling anime. Doraemon is the robotic cat of Nobita who travels back in time. 

The sole reason for its travel was to help Nobita’s descendants so they could get a better future. 

Throughout the anime, we follow the entertaining adventures and daily life of Doraemon and Nobita. The way Doraemon helps and solves Nobita’s problem is the sweetest thing to watch. It’s not only the kid’s favorite, but everyone’s favorite time traveling anime.

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It’s the best time travel anime and a must-watch for the lovers of drama and the supernatural. The story revolves around Cheng and Lu, who are blessed with remarkable abilities. They hold the power to time travel when they are given a photograph. 

The two friends run a small business where they help their clients fulfill their wishes. They do so by going inside their pictures. This task requires extreme effort and is very risky because their actions can affect people’s futures. To top it off, these actions also affect their lives, but they must not try to get involved.

7. Puella Magi

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It’s not only the best magical girl anime but also the best time-traveling anime. The story highlights the lives of Madoka, Sayaka, and Homura. Madoka and Sayaka are best buddies who never thought of becoming magical girls until a cat named Kyubey entered their lives. 

Kyubey kept eyeing the girls and manipulated them to say yes to his offer. Apparently, it was a life-changing offer because if the girls agreed to become the magical girl, they would fulfill their one wish. However, the magical girl’s life was nothing less than hell.

Homura, a magical girl, stepped in and tried her best to stop the girls from saying yes. In fact, she time traveled countless times only to stop her friends from their horrible destinies.

6. Re: Zero

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Credit: IMDb

Subaru is the main character living an ordinary life coping with day-to-day troubles. He never expected to land in a fantasy world until, one day, he experienced it. Soon after entering the fantastical place, some goons attack him, but a girl steps in time to protect the boy. 

The story continues with Subaru vowing to help her to return the favor. Well, the duo didn’t expect that death was waiting for them sooner than ever. After getting killed, Subaru finds himself back in time and tries to stop the events from repeating. 

However, he dies the second time and finds himself back again. This happens countless times because he was stuck in a time loop. The anime remarkably builds curiosity among the viewers, which makes it the best time traveling anime. 

5. Steins; Gate

Best Time Traveling Anime Series & Movies Of All Time

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Rintarou Okabe is a scientist who seems a little insane initially but is actually a genius. He and his friends work on innovative technology, and that’s when they create a microwave. Surprisingly, the microwave had the ability to send messages to a different time.

Calling it a time machine won’t be wrong. However, such an epic invention attracted a lot of negative energy in the form of humans and an organization called SERN. Now the scientist must do everything possible for the protection of his peers and the whole world. You should watch this time travel anime if you enjoy science fiction.

4. InuYasha

InuYasha time traveling anime

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It’s an old gold anime that every romance fantasy lover must watch. Kagome Higurashi is the female lead who time travels back in time soon after turning 15. She never planned the time travel. Instead, it happened all of a sudden when she was drowned in water only to find herself in the era of demons vs humans. 

There she met InuYasha, a half-demon. Thanks to him that she survived the demon attack. It was then highlighted that she owns a precious jewel that attracts the demons towards her. If a demon gets hold of it, it can get powerful. Thus, it is important to keep the jewel safe. 

However, things get troublesome when the jewel breaks and its pieces starters throughout the place. This event leads the main characters to a thrilling adventure filled with mystery, drama, and romance.   

3. Dragon Ball Z

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If you are a DBZ fan, then you already know what epic things the Saiyans could do apart from smashing the bad guys. We have seen future Trunks using a time machine to go back in the past to inform the heroes about the threat. 

Overall, Dragon Ball is a great anime that entertains the viewers with massive fights, perfect plot, and thrilling characters. The anime is loved for its overpowered characters. Otherwise, it’s a cliche shounen. 

After defeating one villain, the heroes get to see another villain more powerful than the previous one. 

All the villains came to destroy the earth or to collect the dragon balls to fulfill their wishes. Dragon Ball is a must-watch anime if you enjoy seeing characters time travel. Moreover, you’ll enjoy watching Goku, and the others go to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to train.  

2. Erased

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Erased is the best time traveling anime and is worth your time. Not gonna lie; it’s underrated and deserves more praise, so watch it and make it popular. Satoru Fujinuma was busy living his life as a mangaka. He was in his late twenties and things were running smoothly. 

He lost the peace in his life when he found his mother stabbed to death. Surprisingly, instead of the murderer getting imprisoned, he was blamed for the incident. However, out of the blue, he time-traveled at the moment when the police were taking him to custody. There he found himself in the year when he was a school-going kid. 

Luckily, he could remember everything that happened to him. Therefore, he decided to use this chance to find out about the murderer, to save his mother, and to save his friends who died a tragic death.

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1. Tokyo Revengers

15 Best Time Traveling Anime Series & Movies Of All Time

Credit: IMDb

Tokyo Revengers is a popular entry of the decade and is a must-watch for an otaku. In this one, we follow Takemichi Hanagaki, who was living a messed-up life without respect or dignity. One day, he died a miserable death after hearing about the loss of his beloved girlfriend. 

Well, he did live a happy life, but it was 12 years ago. He enjoyed a good reputation and the love of her girlfriend. So the twist begins when instead of dying, Takemichi Tim travels 12 years back in time when everything was peaceful. 

From there onwards, a series of unpredictable events began in his life.  To top it off, on his return, he learns that the future is altered.  BUT HOW? Watch it to get the answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

What anime is about the guy who can time travel?

Well, there are many anime where characters time travel.  However, popularly, Tokyo Revengers is the one remembered as an anime about a guy who can time travel.

Who is the best teleporter in anime?

There are many names in the anime world that are termed as the best teleporter. Some of them are Minato Namikaze, Goku, Gojo Satoru, Obito Uchiha, and Aizen Sosuke.


There we go; I am done listing the best 15-time traveling anime of all time. All of them intrigued me till the very last second, and I hope the same goes for you. Watch them all with your favorite popcorn!

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