Blue Archive Anime Adaptation Officially Announced

Blue Archive Anime Adaptation Officially Announced

Blue Archive, an Android and iOS mobile RPG created by Nexon Games, will be adapted for television. The anime adaption is known as Blue Archive The Animation.

Over the weekend, Nexon Games and Yostar celebrated Blue Archive’s second birthday in Japan. The live celebration came to a conclusion with an announcement. A Blue Archive anime is currently being made.

There are few details on the project’s nature, but it will depict the game’s planet of Kivotos, its angelic Students, and the events of the several stories.

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Blue Archive Anime Storyline / Plot

Academies in the city are separated into several areas and are primarily regarded as independent. The General Student Council serves as the overall governing body for the academies.

The General Student Council president mysteriously vanished, and the group’s ability to rule has since come to an end. In Kivotos, several problems have started to emerge due to the president’s lack of leadership.

The Federal Investigation Club, often known as Schale, is contacted by the General Student Council for help in order to avert calamity. In actuality, Schale is the newest club in the area and the final one to receive approval before the president’s departure.

Schale relies on the direction of a Sensei who can assist them in resolving the problems around Kivotos to complete its mission. Students must carry their own firearms and smartphones! Try out the military romance, camaraderie, and action that Academy City has to offer!

Blue Archive Promotional Video and Key Visual

Blue Archive Anime Adaptation Officially Announced
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In the present video game business, anime adaptations of video games are rather popular, but it seems like more and more games have been receiving TV productions in recent years.

A well-known RPG game by Nexon Games called Blue Archive, which had its domestic premiere in Japan in February 2021, is the most recent video game series to be confirmed for television.

During a special anniversary event for the game, Blue Archive’s anime adaptation was revealed on Sunday. As part of the announcement, a new key visual and promotional film was unveiled, which you can view below.

At a later time, details on the Blue Archive anime adaptation’s staff, cast, and animation studio will be made public. The Blue Archive anime series’ premiere date is not yet known.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. On which platform is Blue Archive available?

Nexon Games launched the role-playing game Blue Archive in 2021 for Android and iOS devices. Before the free English version of the mobile game was finally made available globally later that same year in November, it received over 1 million pre-registrations.

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