Blue Giant Movie New Visual Revealed

Blue Giant Movie New Visual Revealed

After the groundbreaking success of the famous Seinen musical series, the Blue Giant franchise unveiled a new key visual commemorating the box office revenue exceeding over 1 billion yen. As of April 9th, the revenue exceeded over a billion yen and the number of spectators skyrocketed to over 690,000.

The franchise made the announcement on the official website with a special key visual drawn by Studio NUT, the studio that worked on the production of the series.

One of the most impactful scenes was the performance of the three main characters, Dai, Yukinori, and Tamada. Thekey visual depicted them in a vividly colorful orientation.

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Blue Giant Commemorative Key Visual

Blue Giant Movie New Visual Revealed

The key visual features are the three main characters, Dai Miyamoto, Yukinori Sawabe, and Shunji Tamada all in powerful illustration. Playing their instruments with such dynamism that’ll blow you away.

Blue Giant Plot

The story follows a young basketball player named Dai Miyamoto who finds his calling as a Jazz player. He once visits a jazz club and immediately falls in love with the sound of the saxophone. He gets himself to learn the instrument without any prior knowledge or the ability to read a music sheet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Dai start learning the saxophone?

Dai Miyamoto visits a Jazz club with his friend and is immediately fascinated by the sound which inspires him deeply. His heart is drawn to it and he decides to learn the saxophone.

Which studio made the commemorative key visual?

Studio NUT made the commemorative key visual to celebrate the movie exceeding 1 billion yen in revenue.


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