Blue Lock Manga Chapter 245: Major Spoilers & Release Date

Blue Lock manga has kept its readers thrilled and super engaged throughout. Each chapter brings something that keeps them on their toes. The same goes for the upcoming chapter, and thanks to the previous chapter, everyone is even more excited.

Blue Lock definitely has introduced a new perspective to Soccer and we are loving it. The intensity of the matches and the struggles of the players is mind-blowing. The fun of watching these matches is no less than REAL ones. 

Blue Lock Manga Chapter 244- Recap

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In the last chapter as well, there was a match going on between Barcha and Paris X. Gen. Isagi, and Hiori decide to observe their match keenly and realize something. PXG switched the formation by making Shido the new attacker as soon as Rin scored a goal. Above all, they create an exciting observation about the mid-fielder Charles Chevalier, who perfectly passes the ball to the two strikers.

Charles is the key player behind PXG’s unique strategy; it’s all thanks to his awesome assists and passes. The fact that the two strikers didn’t like each other much is a strong weakness of the team. But lucky them, they have got Charles to keep the team united.

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Spoilers Of Blue Lock Manga Chapter 245

The match between Ubers vs. Manshine City and Barcha vs. PXG was extremely intense. Watching the winning team giving a tough time to the other definitely kept everyone thrilled. In Blue Lock Chapter 245, we will get to see how the match will end between the teams and who will be the winner. 

The next chapter is titled “DIE AT ONCE”.  According to the spoilers, Team Ubers will win the match from Manshine, while PXG will win from FC Barcha. During the match, Agi gets the ball, and while he decides to play on his own terms, Chris orders him to pass it to Seishiro. 

Unwillingly, he agrees and passes it to Seishiro. Though the boy tries his best, the opponent makes every shot unsuccessful. At first, Don Lorenzo stresses him out and blocks him, and when he tries again to move forward, Oliver Aiku fails him in his attempt.

And there you go, with the ball in the feet of the opponent team–the Ubers decide to teach them a lesson. The determined Barou gets the Ball, and before he can strike the goal, Hyouma skillfully blocks it. Just then, Sendoh somehow got the ball and made the final winning goal for UBERS. That’s how Manshine brutally gets defeated by Ubers.


After the match, Agi advises Reo to break his partnership as, according to him, it’s the only way to become stronger. He believes that they are too codependent on each other and will only bring their downfall. But Reo didn’t like his advice.

On the other hand, the impressed Nagi asks for advice from none other than Barou. He asks him what motivates him to play like that. And the answer was quite predictable: he wants to become the best player. And after that, he wants to rule the football world by defining a completely different era. Barou harshly states that he can’t find the motivation in his eyes, and he’s just pretending to fight with a fake ego. Thus, he finally says goodbye after advising him to DIE.

Meanwhile, as expected, PXG won from Barcha, and Yoichi Isagi realized that his next match would be with PXG. The next battle will determine which team is worthy to become the Champion of The Neo Egoist League.

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Blue Lock Manga Exact Release Date

A number of fan-favorite manga went on hiatus thanks to Christmas and the last days of the year. The good news is Blue Lock seems determined as it didn’t and won’t go on Break. YAY! So you should expect the chapter to be out on December 27. 

Mangs fans in the US can be happy as they can read the manga on the K Manga app and website. However, others might have to wait or need to buy the manga digitally since the app isn’t available everywhere. 

Fans’ Reaction

Only Football lovers can understand the happiness of watching their favorite player score a goal. So the whole Blue Lock fandom is enjoying it, as they are happy that Sendou scored a goal. While Nagi fans were unhappy as they didn’t like Barou insulting him. While others are tired of seeing Nagi unmotivated as they want him to fight back. Undoubtedly, this chapter will be amazing, but the next chapters will be no less than visual treats. The art style, and visuals are so nicely done in each chapter that we are never disappointed. Let’s wait for the next one as we will see a face-off between the two most powerful and skilled teams. So let’s see who will win.


How long is Blue Lock season 1?

The first season has 24 episodes.

Is Blue Lock worth watching?

If you love Soccer, then you don’t need any other reason to watch Blue Lock. Not gonna lie; you will fall in love with Blue Lock.

Is Bachira a girl?

Nope, Bachira is a tall and handsome guy.


Blue Lock has never disappointed us and has always kept us on our toes. The ups and downs are part of the game, and we enjoy every bit of it. Each player is skilled and rules a separate fandom. Blue Lock is a blessing for Football lovers, and no one can deny the fact. Thanks to the creators for blessing the anime industry with this masterpiece. Let’s wait for the official release for now. 

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