Bocchi The Rock Season 2 Release Date | News | Trailer

Bocchi The Rock Season 2 Release Date | News | Trailer

A half year has passed since the finale of Bocchi the Rock! Up till now, the fans still remember how absurd the producer bring their story to life. Though fans are familiar with MC having grave social anxiety, the anime successfully adapted unique visuals to differentiate itself from other anime.

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The series became the dark horse of the fall 2022 anime. Just thinking that Bocchi the Rock! premiered in the same season as the already distinguished anime (such as Chainsaw Man, Spy x Family Part 2, Bleach: TYBW, and Blue Lock) makes this anime amazing enough to dare stand on the same stage.

After watching the first season, fans are wondering when will Bocchi the Rock! Season 2 premiere. Will it really happen? Below, we covered all the information there is after the conclusion of the first season. Read on!

Bocchi the Rock! Season 2 Release

Bocchi the Rock! premiered on October 9 to December 25, 2022, with a total of 12 episodes. Because the source of the series is 4-koma manga, the anime ends perfectly with no further development required. 

So, the hope of having the second season withered? No. Bocchi the Rock! will come back as a theatrical compilation. The movie is scheduled for Spring 2024. The movie will retell the first season story in a compact version and maybe, just maybe, we will have a peek at the sequel.

The PV for the movie was released on May 21, 2023. It was released on the same date as the live concert of Bocchi the Rock! in Tokyo. Nothing can be dug in from the PV aside from the movie will premiere in Spring 2024. Though short, the PV comes with a nostalgic taciturn “Bocchi” with everyone having double take because of their blunder in announcing the news.

Reason Bocchi the Rock! Should Get a Sequel

So, enough with the news of the compilation movie. What fans really want is the second of the season of the series. But, having the movie premiere in spring means that we won’t have the renewal sooner than a half year.

But, we can look at the other factor whether Bocchi the Rock! Season 2 will come to fruition or not. After deep research, the chance Bocchi the Rock! getting a renewal in the future is pretty high. Here’s the reason:

  1. Live Performance

Following the steps of other great musical anime such as K-On and Bang Dream!, Bocchi the Rock! also had a live performance. The concert was held on May 21, 2023, at Zepp Haneda, Tokyo. The event was used for celebrating a new single released on May 24, 2023.

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Live Performance poster and the cast – source: @BTR_anime

Though it counts as a live performance, the spectator was supposed to be far fewer than any other concert. Because Zapp Haneda’s capacity is recorded at 2700 people if they stand. Aside from performing, the event also revealed the movie of Bocchi the Rock!

  1. Sweeping the 2022 Anime awards

Face it, 2022 is full of great anime ranging in every genre. Numerous distinguished anime premiered in the span of 2022. Every season we have notably unique anime such as Ya Boy Kongming!, Call of the Night, etc. Surprisingly, none of them swept the awards like Bocchi the Rocks! did.

Reportedly, Bocchi won Anime of the Year at the 2022 Anime Trending Awards. Not only that, but it also won seven other categories: Adapted Screenplay, Episode Directing and Storyboarding, Soundtrack, Voice Cast, Comedy Anime of the Year, Music Anime of the Year, Slice of Life Anime of the Year. Those awards cemented the series having the most awards in the history of Anime Trending.

  1. Raking Money from BD and DVD sales

Bocchi the Rock! released Blu-ray and DVD in six volumes from December 28, 2022, to May 24, 2023. From the first week alone, the first volume reached 16.793 copies. The rest of the volumes also sold more than 15 thousand copies in their first week.

In total, the series has sold over 109.000 copies of Blu-ray and DVD combined. For comparison, the biggest anticipated anime, Chainsaw Man only sold 1.735 copies in its first week. Even Bleach only sold 2.586 in its first week. That’s how impressive the feat Bocchi the Rock! did.

Bocchi The Rock Season 2 Release Date | News | Trailer
Movie Key Visual – Source: @BTR_anime

Bocchi the Rock! Story

Longing for a friend, Hitori “Bocchi” Gotou desperately learns how to play guitar after watching a band member having the same problem. She thought becoming a band member would solve her social anxiety and loneliness.

Alas, three years passed since then, but she still doesn’t have a single friend. Her loneliness comes to an end when she meets Nijika Ijichi, the outgoing drummer, who wants Bocchi to fill the guitar spot in her band. It turns out that their guitarist flees before having their first show.

Even though their first performance is subpar, their love of music continues to grow deeper. With Kita, the fleeing guitarist, rejoining, Bocchi and his bandmates put their hearts into improving their performances while living their peaceful high school days!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Bocchi the Rock! Season 2 premiere?

Unfortunately, there is still no information about the second season. But, the compilation movie is scheduled for spring 2023.

How many Blu-ray and DVD of Bocchi the Rock! Sold?

The Blu-ray and DVD combined have already sold over 109.000 copies.

Source: Official Twitter Account

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