Boukyaku Battery TV Anime Introduces Tarou Yamada in New Character Trailer and Visual

We are always ready to welcome a new character into the family. This time, the creators of Boukyaku Battery introduced a very cute and goofy character, Tarou Yamada. The announcement is not just a plane introduction; it also includes the character visual and the character trailer. 

Details about Tarou Yamada

Boukyaku Battery key visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

Guys, get a grip of your heart because you won’t believe who voiced Taro Yamada. Any guesses? Well, he is none other than Yuuki Kaji, the same voice actor who voiced our favourite legendary character, Eren Yeager. He is right-handed, and everyone likes to trust him. 

This is probably also why we see him most of the time stressed and sweating. The pressure of not disappointing his friends is quite visible on his face. Judging from the character trailer, he is a lovely boy and a perfect friend. 

Masato Nakazono has beautifully directed this baseball themed upcoming sports anime. The fun fact is that everyone’s favourite animation studio, MAPPA, handles its animation production. Character designer Hitomi Hasegawa has designed the characters. Series Composer Michiko Yokote handles the series composition. Tomoki Kikuya and Hiroko Yamasaki are responsible for the music production. 

Boukyaku Battery Plot

The story highlights the lives of two incredible and super-talented baseball players, Haruka Kiyomine and Kei Kaname. They enter and leave the baseball field with a BANG and are approached by elite schools. However, the duo decides to join an ordinary school because of Kei’s health. He is suffering from amnesia, which affects his baseball skills to a disturbing level.

Source: Crunchyroll

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