Chained Soldier TV Anime First Character Trailer Revealed

Chained Soldier TV Anime First Character Trailer Revealed

Good news comes from the upcoming ecchi anime of 2024, Chained Soldier. The series held a live streaming on Anime PONY CANYON channel on October 12, 2023.

Four casts of Chained Soldiers, Hirose Yuuya, Tachibana Hina, and Hino Mari, were present at the event. They are VAs for Wakura Yuuki, Uzen Kyouka, Ookawamura Nei, and Suruga Shushu respectively.

Chained Soldier TV Anime First Character Trailer Revealed
Akari Kito, Hino Mari, Hina Tachibana, and Yuuya Hirose – Source: @mabotai_kohobu

There is some information that was released in the live streaming such as new key visuals, character design, the latest volume of manga, and more. Below, we break down every piece of information that was released in that show. Read on!

Chained Soldier Character Trailer

As the main male protagonist of the series, Wakura Yuuki gets the first spot for the character trailer in Chained Soldier. For the record, his voice was already revealed back in the first trailer from December 2022.

He is described as someone who is good at doing chores. But, he still finds his work boring despite doing it with diligence. He wants something more, something he can do in his life. Hence, the meeting with Kyoka is a blessing for him. Finally, he can find something he may enjoy.

More Information From Live Streaming

Actually, 5 casts was supposed to attend the last streaming. Unfortunately, Miyamoto Yume who plays Azuma Himari was unable to attend due to her illness. If she really came, we would have the complete squad of the Seventh Unit of the Anti-Demon Corps.

But, don’t worry, the staff already confirmed that the live streaming will be held once a month before the premiere, which means we have other two live streaming. It is decided that other cast members are scheduled to appear in the future.

Chained Soldier TV Anime First Character Trailer Revealed
Latest Chained Soldier Key Visual – Source: @mabotai_kohobu

Go back to the first streaming, the most important news was the advance screening for the first episode of Chained Soldier. The event will be held on November 26, 2023, at United Cinema Toyosu, Tokyo. 

The screening will have two sessions at 13:30 and 17:00. Each session will have a different cast present on the stage. Yuuya Hirose and Akari Kito will be at the first session, while Akari Kito will come back along with Tachibana Hina in the next session.

The screening will be held overseas as well. The show will premiere in Anime NYC in November. Unfortunately, there is no information besides that. But, we can expect it will drop off soon because the event will happen on November 17-19.

Last, but not least, Chained Soldier will also attend the JumpFesta 2024 at Stage Blue. the event will be held on December 17, 2023. It is confirmed that three cast, Yuuya Hirose, Akari Kito, and Uchida Maya, will be present on the stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Chained Soldier premiere?

Chained Soldier will premiere in January 2024. Unfortunately, the exact date is still TBA.

Which studio works on Chained Soldier?

Seven Arcs is the one who works on Chained Soldier. The studio’s past production includes Fly Me to the Moon, Magical Lyrical Nanoha, and Trinity Seven.

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