Code Geass: Roze Of The Recapture Trailer, Cast & Theme Song

Finally, the long wait of years is going to end soon. Code Geass Roze Of The Recapture is finally hitting the big screens. We had to wait for almost three years after the confirmation. In December 2020, we were made clear that it will have four parts that will be somewhere in May 2024. 

Thanks to the creators for fulfilling their promise and presenting us with the much-awaited anime series. For decades Code Geass has entertained its fans and we can’t thank the Japanese creators enough for it. It’s been more than a decade that we get to watch the third season of our favorite anime. Fans are dancing with joy as it’s no less than a dream come true for them.

Season and 2 smashed the screens in 2007 and 2008 respectively. Just imagine the beautiful feeling of watching our beloved anime back on screens.

Code Geass: Roze Of The Recapture Teaser and Details

Roze Of The Recapture key visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

A few days ago, the creators presented us with a 39-second teaser trailer, which instantly won our hearts. Kudos to the music composer, as the music makes every scene hit directly to the hearts.  In the trailer, we can easily say that it’s gonna be a season full of action and thrill. We can easily judge the personalities of the main characters, as they seem very daring and chilled out.

There will robotic fights, action, advanced tech, and a lot more. Though we can’t say much about the main plot since we just got to see a glimpse in the world of our favorite Code Geass! Well, Noboru Kimura sensei has written the scripts, so let’s not worry about that. Everything is gonna be pitch perfect!

Theme Song & Details

Actually, the video starts with the ear-lessing theme song, a masterpiece by MIYAVI. The theme song “Running In My Head” is winning hearts already. These few seconds have left fans completely enthralled, and waiting for it has become difficult now.

Along with the 1st trailer, the key visual was also unveiled, and it looks beyond remarkable. The key visual highlights four characters among those two are Roze and Ash. Kohei Amasaki and Makoto Furukawa voiced the two characters respectively. 

Apart from the key visual and teaser, details regarding the staff also came to light. They updated the fans about the animators, series composers, art directors, sound directors, and the rest of the main staff. The five best animators worked their magic on the animation. Among them, the two main animators are Takahiro Kimura and Hidekazu Shimamura. Though, we still need to be updated about the additional staff details. 

It is believed that Sunrise anime studio has taken the responsibility to work on the series. The animation production studio is famous for creating a number of fan-favorite masterpieces.

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About Roze Of The Recapture

Not gonna lie, the animation looks heavenly and it’s clean and to the point. Just like the enthralling character designs, the animators are making sure to make the fans happier than ever. So, some of you might be confused as to why we don’t see our favorite Lelouch in the Key visual, right? Well, it’s not official that he will appear in the series. According to predictions, ROze the Recapture may only focus on the new characters. 

This is because Lelouch died according to canon, but in the Resurrection arc, he didn’t. They somehow resurrected him. This coming anime will continue after “Lelouch Of the Resurrection”. Nobura Kimura has written it, while Yoshimitsu Ohashi directed it. 

We still are not sure about the exact plot and story. To know how things will unfold this season, let’s wait for official updates. 

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How successful was Code Geass?

Code Geass is one of the most favorite anime of Otaku. The majority of the otaku community finds it amazing, which says a lot about how successful it is.

Which is better: Code Geass or Naruto?

The answer is subjective, but both have no comparison.

Is Code Geass better than Death Note?

It depends on one’s perspective and what they prefer in anime.


Let’s rewatch the iconic anime series and the movies again in the meanwhile. Only this is the great idea to cope with the impatience. So, log in to Cruncyroll, and give them all a shot! We still need more details about this coming masterpiece. Let’s just wait for the higher-ups to update us. The more the updates, the better. Let’s see if there will be any long trailer and if it introduces Lelouch or not. 

Well, the otaku fandom is extremely good at creating theories. So bring them on in the comments below. Let’s have a chit-chat!

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