Tekken 8 Demo Release Date, Game Modes & Platforms

Gamers should be happy because everyone’s favorite action-packed Tekken 8 demo is going to be released soon. People are super excited, equally for the demo and for the game. Well, why not!? It’s one of the biggest fighting games. The Tekken Demo 8 release date has been announced. The demo allows them to experience the game before its official launch. So just imagine the level of excitement game lovers have now.

Bandai Namco definitely knows how to keep the fans on their toes. So, it keeps entertaining them from time to time. The fact that it took almost a decade—8 years for it to come—makes it special. Tekken 7 was released back in February 2015, and Tekken 6 was released in 2007. There have been so many years, but it will always be special to its lovers. People have literally grown up playing it, so how can they not be excited for it!? Let’s not make you wait and start with the good news already!

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Tekken 8 Demo Release Date, Game Modes, Platforms & Details

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December 14 and December 21 are the luckiest days for the Tekken 8 demo release. People can take the demo, but those who are waiting for the official release will have to wait a bit longer. Tekken 8 will come out in January 2024. The announcement of this epic game was made back in September and since then we are on our toes.

You can try the demo on PC or the Xbox series X/S, and it will be available on PS5 as well! Sounds great, right? Undoubtedly, this is the best time to try the demo. Holidays’, Christmas, and the end of the year. I mean, what else does one want!?

The demo will have 4 playable characters, 5 modes, and three battle stages. Story mode, Super Ghost Battle, Gallery, Versus and Arcade Quest are the five modes. Guess who are the four playable characters? You got that right! They are Nina, Paul Phoenix, Jin, and Kazuya! To talk about the three battle stages then they would be Yakushima, Urban Square, and Sanctum. Overall, the character designs look phenomenal. And let’s see what else this much awaited game has in store for us!

A close beta test is expected in the coming few weeks as the production company will stress test the game’s servers. 

Well, before you dive into the world of Tekken, make sure you know the requirements to try it beforehand. Otherwise, it may annoy you later!


So my fighting game enthusiasts, first of all, make sure you have 100 GB of storage space. The models and stages are extremely detailed, so expect something big as well. Ram should be 16GB, and now let’s talk about the minimum specs of a PC. 

You must have a broadband internet connection, which is an extremely important thing. The sound card should be DirectX compatible, and the DirectX version should be 12. Well, the minimum RAM should be 8 GB, but preferably you should go for 16 GB. Go for the Intel Corei5 processor. Plus, Windows 10 64-bit should do the job!

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Tekken 8 Story

The story is what keeps us engaged throughout. So as per predictions, it will begin after five months from the events of the previous game, i.e Tekken 7.  Though in reality, it took 8 years to continue the story! Challenges are bigger for Jin, Alisa, Lars, and Lee. They must take down Kazuya, who has become the king of the G Corporation. Things will be different and challenging for them, but this is what makes it interesting. Tekken 8 will welcome Jin as the main protagonist once again, so things are really going to be intriguing. All he wants is to remove the existence of the Mishimas! Just imagine, Jin Kazama vs Kazuya Mishima. Whoa, nothing can beat the tension between them!


Is the Tekken 8 demo version online?

There aren’t any online modes for this one. 

How many GB is Tekken 8?

It is 100 GB, so get ready!

How many GB is Tekken 7?

Tekken 7 was 60 GB less demanding than the 8th one!


Tekken has always been an impressive game, and everyone loves this fighting game. All parts of the game series have received immense love all over the globe. This time as well, we should have high expectations from it. We are absolutely eager to know how the story will unfold. After all, it’s one of the most anticipated game. Thanks to the creators for always presenting us the fan-favorite game mode. Watching Devil Jin take the lead is what makes it the best. Let’s see what Bandai Namco brings for us!

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