How I Met My Soulmate Manga Vol.1 – Review

At first glance, How I Met My Soulmate dazzles with artistic finesse. Intricate textures fill each thoughtfully composed page, the result of painstaking attention to detail. 

How I Met my Soulmate
Credit: Kondasha’s How I Met my Soulmate page

The story centers on young adults navigating love and relationships, immediately striking a chord of resonance. Anxieties and awkward moments pepper tender exchanges between characters, capturing genuine emotions recognizable to us all. We can’t help but root wholeheartedly for bonds blossoming amidst life’s everyday hills and valleys. Seeking one’s soulmate remains a universal experience; the quest fills hearts, both shy and bold, with hope and wonder. How I Met My Soulmate traces this timeless journey through youthful eyes alight with the possibilities of each new “hello.” With empathy and wisdom, this charming manga reminds us that an open heart is often rewarded in unexpected ways.

The Plot of How I Met My Soulmate

Brimming with sweetness, the How I Met My Soulmate manga series traces one young woman’s journey to love. 20-year-old college sophomore Yuuki Honda finds herself adrift amidst bustling Tokyo. Though she relocated from the countryside to attend college, expectations and reality proved misaligned. Mostly, Yuuki struggles to forge connections in this unfamiliar environment – especially with potential soulmates. She yearns for romance however her shy nature makes it hard.

When confiding in her friend Sanae, who adjusted more smoothly to city life, Yuuki receives encouragement to push past her comfort zone. Thus begins her quest to manifest an adult relationship by boldly putting herself out there. Still, Yuuki initially flounders when Sanae brings her to a dizzying nightclub. But through this, she meets Iori, a charming student eager to aid Yuuki’s relationship efforts. Just when prospects seem to illuminate, Yuuki’s first love resurfaces to complicate matters. Now with two potential lovers, can this shy small-town girl finally find the fated romance she desires?

How I Met My Soulmate Review


The artwork in this manga is gorgeous! I’m so impressed by how much detail goes into each drawing. The characters’ facial features and outfits look very nice.

What I love is that the quality stays consistent across every single panel. The lead girl always appears cute and sweet, no matter what pose or expression she has. The composition of each scene shows creativity too. I especially like the wide shots featuring full bodies – the clothing details shine.

It’s hard for me to fully describe it, but the visuals are crisp and vibrant throughout. Nothing ever looks awkward or out of place. The illustrator puts a ton of care into giving lively depth to every page. Their awesome drawings make How I Met My Soulmate’s story and characters feel even more real. 


Yuuki’s awkwardness shines as the story’s greatest strength. Her social discomfort proves profoundly relatable, even for those bearing little resemblance to her character. Though hailing from the countryside, Yuuki struggles to find footing in bustling Tokyo – unlike her friend Sanae, who easily adjusted. Yuuki keenly feels her lack of city savvy yet uncertainty paralyzes her personal growth. She yearns for self-improvement but simply lacks the awareness to manifest change.

This naiveté draws Iori, three years Yuuki’s senior, to her side. After a mortifying first meeting, Iori discerns Yuuki’s innocence and subsequently appoints himself her guide in life and love. He toils with multiple part-time jobs to afford an expensive apartment, one he previously occupied with his now-absent brother. Iori does not explain this disappearance when conversing with Yuuki. Yet his tight-lipped restraint around past trauma suggests that unresolved pain still festers. Through oblique comments made by Iori’s friends, they too remain unaware of the apartment’s significance despite knowing him for years. It gets more complicated in How I Met My Soulmate!


Both Iori and Seno harbor mysteries that give me pause on Yuuki’s romantic prospects. When Iori sends his friend Hiro to a mixer, Hiro reveals he remains comrades with none other than Yuuki’s first love from middle school – Seno. But Hiro’s characterization of Seno seems wholly unrelated to the tenderhearted boy Yuuki once crushed on. This begs the question – did Yuuki misjudge Seno’s true nature? Or does Hiro present a biased account to suit his perceptions?

How I Met my Soulmate
Credit: MAL’s How I Met my Soulmate page

Upon reconnecting, Seno showers Yuuki with old affection which clouds her judgment further. Yet even when confessing enduring fondness, might Seno omit unsavory details from his past? The answer remains ambiguous.

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Truly, the romantic dynamics grow increasingly messy. For a baseline romance manga, Anashin illustrates the genre fundamentals well. But issues arise from Yuuki’s character herself. Iori and Seno claim far more intrigue as the satellite protagonists in Yuuki’s own story. Often, they orbit her essence rather than directly interact with it. This produces a disconnect where the guys upstage the heroine within How I Met My Soulmate. Perhaps as intended…or perhaps not. But I’d need another volume to see if Yuuki steps more into her rightful role.

Should you give How I Met My Soulmate a chance?

Bursting with tender promise, How I Met My Soulmate Vol. 1 swept me into its gentle tide of adult life budding romance. Protagonist Yuuki pines for love’s connection, yearning to find her soul’s mirror amidst a world that often couples up. Relatable in her shy hopefulness, she embodies kindness and sincerity as she begins taking bolder steps toward manifesting an intimate bond with someone worthy.

Now with not one but two promising prospects presenting temptation, the centralized love triangle feels organic rather than contrived. Well-paced development unspools across interactions, the domestic story staying grounded in its relatability. While the cast still holds some mystery in these early pages, one truth shines clearly through — Yuuki and Iori make an utterly endearing match. I cannot wait to see their connection continue blossoming in later chapters as she keeps seeking the fated one who complements her pure spirit.

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If you want a fast, feel-good, college romance manga read with some great character moments, check out How I Met My Soulmate! Both the story and art make it easy to breeze through the uplifting volume. The author nails a balance of charm and insight that stays fun while tugging heartstrings. Put simply – this first book shines with sincere sweetness perfect for an engaging one-sitting read!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Which other Japanese manga has this author produced?

Waiting for Spring.

When was Volume 1 of How I Met My Soulmate released on Kodansha?

It was released on the 12th of December 2023

How many pages does How I Met My Soulmate Volume 1 have?

It has 216 pages.

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