Creator of ‘Naruto’ Does Not Post on Social Media

Social media has transformed the dynamics of human interaction, granting us unprecedented access to celebrities, politicians, and various personalities. However, not every notable figure actively manages their social media presence. In many cases, such accounts are operated by a team or managed by a publicist. While numerous manga creators engage directly with their audience through social platforms, some opt not to do so. One such creator is Masashi Kishimoto, the creator behind Naruto.

On April 8, both the official Japanese and English accounts for Naruto on X (formerly Twitter) issued a statement affirming that Kishimoto does not personally manage any social media accounts. This declaration came following the emergence of at least one parody X account claiming association with Kishimoto, which surfaced approximately three and a half years prior.


Despite the @kishimotomasshi account on X bearing a blue verification badge, distinguishing it as a potentially authentic profile, discerning its legitimacy at first glance proves challenging due to X’s policy on user authenticity. Only upon closer inspection of the account’s profile does it become evident that it is labeled as a “parody account.” Nonetheless, the initial impression may deceive unwary individuals.

While it remains uncertain whether the official Naruto X accounts are specifically referencing the aforementioned parody account, they are diligently ensuring that Naruto and Kishimoto enthusiasts are made aware of the creator’s limited involvement in social networking.

It’s regrettable that Kishimoto refrains from engaging directly on social media, yet it’s understandable given the demands of his profession. Moreover, the evolving policies of platforms like X make it increasingly difficult to distinguish genuine accounts from impersonations. As fans, our responsibility lies in remaining vigilant and avoiding falling prey to counterfeit accounts.

Source: Naruto_Info (Twitter)

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