Cute Executive Officer Season 2 Premiering in 2023

Get ready to fall in love all over again with Cute Executive Officer! The anticipated Cute Executive Officer season 2 is finally here! Fans of the anime series are preparing to be swept away by the adorable and entertaining world of Cute Executive Officer! We can expect more exciting adventures.

We can’t get enough of it here, and we know you can’t either. The wait may have been long, but it was worth it. The show promises to be even more enjoyable than before, thanks to an all-star cast of voice actors and a new story arc.

Cute Executive Officer Season 2 Premiering in 2023

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Continue reading to find out more about it and what it has in store for viewers.

Cute Executive Officer’s Plot

For those who are unfamiliar with the show, Cute Executive Officer revolves around Mujina’s life. Najimu Mujina began her corporate career at a young age, becoming a CEO at the age of five. However, mistaking this ‘Cute Executive Officer’ for a typical 5-year-old is a grave error. She embodies the ideal CEO by being equal parts adorable, motivating, evil, and generous.

There is nothing childish about her. Her daily activities are dominated by adult transactions and contracts. She even shows up to parties and conducts business with her clients. All the adult trappings, such as match-making parties, contracts, and socializing while golfing, are new to her.

The plot follows Najimu as she navigates modern life with the help of her capable but overly indulgent secretary. She also has her office worker of unknown nationality and her employee who plays the comedy straight man to her antics.

The franchise has also revealed that the upcoming season will introduce two new characters: Yoshine Bud and Okano RAU. Yoshine is a recent addition to Mujina’s team, and Okano is a child actor.

Cute Executive Officer Season 2 Premiering in 2023

Since Okano is also a child, there will either be a deep friendship or a raging rivalry between her and Najimu. Let’s hope that these two don’t turn out to be like Fire and Ice — a blast to watch, but a disaster in the making.

It’s a story about growth, friendship, and ambition, and we’re confident it’ll be as captivating on our screens in 2023 as it was when it first aired in 2021.

Cast and Release Date of Cute Executive Officer Season 2

Kazuya Iwata directed the series and Project No.9 animated it, with Satoru Sugizawa handling series composition, Susumu Watanabe designing the characters, and H Zett M composing the music.

On January 1, 2021, the anime’s official website and also Twitter account began streaming the first season online. The anime is available on the Ani-One YouTube channel of Hong Kong content distributor MediaLink Entertainment Limited.

Sentai Filmworks licensed the anime. They released it by combining all the episodes into one long episode.

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On September 18, 2022, a second season titled Cute Executive Officer R was announced, and the previous season’s staff and cast will reprise their roles. The only difference is that Soshina replaces H ZETT M as the composer.

It will premiere in the early spring of 2023 as advertised on the official website.

Arisa Sonohara will perform “Sound Off! Mujina Symphony” as the season’s opening theme song, while Neko Hacker will perform “Y-O-U-R R-O-Y-A-L H-I-G-H-N-E-S-S!” as the season’s closing theme song.

The New Cast Members of Cute Executive Officer Season 2

  • Ikumi Hasegawa plays Yoshine Fudō, a new employee on loan from the Kitsune Company.
  • Yui Ogura as Ray Okano, a child actor who came to audition for a Mujina Company ad
  • Akio Ohtsuka as Mugaku Hamaoka, a gourmet

The staff is also teasing two characters without revealing their voice cast members yet:

Yamada-san, an office worker two years after joining the company

Dokudakomaru, a 22-year-old new employee in the sales department — who happens to be half-octopus and thus can exude powerful acid (that dissolves anything) from its palms

The returning cast members include:

  • Rina Hidaka as Najimu Mujina
  • Hisako Kanemoto as Mayu Warito
  • Sumire Uesaka as Yuki Karuizawa
  • Sayaka Kaneko as Garcia Dekasegi
  • Chinami Hashimoto as Riya Motohashi
  • Aoi Koga as Nowani

Cute Executive Officer’s first season was a huge success, and the second season is sure to be even better. Animation, character development, and story all worked together to create an amazing show that people of all ages could enjoy. We can’t wait to see what creative and exciting things the team does this time.

We’re excited to share more information about the upcoming season with you in the coming months, so stay tuned!

More About Cute Executive Officer

Odeko Fujii‘s Cute Executive Officer is a Japanese comedy manga series. Since January 2018, the website Curazy Manga serialized it and Kadokawa Shoten collected it in three tankōbon volumes. It is also available on the ComicWalker website of Kadokawa Shoten.

Cute Executive Officer was nominated in the digital category for the 5th Next Manga Awards in 2019, finishing 20th out of 50 nominees.

This anime is unique in that, despite having short episodes, it knows how to keep you interested.

Cute Executive Officer Season 2 Premiering in 2023

Winding Up

What delightful misadventures will the Cute Executive Officer get up to this time? We can hardly wait to find out. We know this season will be even more exciting than the last, with the original members of the Cute Executive Officer team and some added members!

As the series continues to bring the cutest, most adorable characters and stories to your TV screens, prepare to get swept away by a world of cuteness and amazement. Don’t miss out on the upcoming season and stay tuned for more anime updates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Cute Executive Officer considered a miniseries?

The upcoming sequel, like its predecessor, will be a mini-series with 2–3-minute episodes.

Will the miniseries format change in season 2?

No, season 2 of Cute Executive Officer will retain the same miniseries structure as the first season. Each episode will be around 2-3 minutes long for a total of 12-13 episodes. This condenses the story into short, easily digestible clips well-suited to streaming platforms.

What streaming services will carry Cute Executive Officer season 2?

Cute Executive Officer season 2 will likely stream on the same services that carried season 1, such as YouTube and Crunchyroll.

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