Dark Gathering Anime New Trailer Released

Dark Gathering Anime New Trailer Released

The Dark Gathering manga by Kenichi Kondo will be adapted for television as an anime adaptation this summer, and a new trailer has just been released to confirm the debut date of July 2023. The Dark Gathering’s New Trailer revealed the cast and the dangerous threats our MCs will face.

The Anime is based on the Dark gathering Manga by Kenichi Kondou and published by Shueisha. It was started in 2019 and has a total of 11 tankoubon volumes. Moreover, the serialized Manga on Jump Square was published under the label, Jump Comics Digital.

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Dark Gathering’s New Trailer

The Cast and Staff Dark Gathering Anime

In addition to Hiroshi Ikehata as director, Shigeru Murakoshi is in charge of the series composition. Furthermore, we have Shinya Segawa who is in charge of character design.

Furthermore, Yuuhou Andou will be the compositing director. Ritsuko Utagawa will be in charge of the colour design. Kohta Yamamoto and Jun Narita are in charge of the music, and Yu Sasahara is in charge of the music.

The cast includes Nobunaga Shimazaki who will play Keitaro. Yuu Sasahara as Yayoiand and Kana Hanazawa will play Eiko. Furthermore, we have Rina Kawaguchi as Ai Kamiyo.

Plotline Dark Gathering Anime

The story follows Keitaro, a college student, helping a young child prodigy he teaches, Yayoi Hozuki, find her mother who has been kidnapped by evil spirits. Yayoi also has supernatural abilities and is a rare student, but since ghosts avoid her, she needs the help of Keitaro and his ability to attract ghosts. is required. 

Dark Gathering Anime New Trailer Released
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The manga “Dark Gathering” by Kenichi Kondo has been serialized in Shueisha’s manga magazine Jump SQ since March 2019. Moreover, VIZ Media is also licensed in English for the summer 2023 release and explains the story:

“An unwilling magnet for the supernatural and a ghost-hunting girl join forces to capture Japan’s most terrifying spirits.
Finally, After a dangerous encounter with a malevolent spirit, Keitaro Gentoga wants nothing to do with the supernatural. Unfortunately for this reluctant ghost magnet, he’s stuck helping Yayoi Hozuki, a strange young girl who’s intent on capturing Japan’s most terrifying ghosts and ghouls.

Moreover, Keitaro is ready to stop living as a shut-in. He’s starting university. Reconnecting with his childhood friend. He’s taking a tutoring job. And he’s not messing around with ghosts anymore. At least that’s what he thinks, until he finds out the elementary schooler he’s tutoring is an occult-obsessed genius who’s hunting down dangerous ghosts and won’t stop until she’s found the one that took her mom.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Anime for free?

You can watch Anime for free on Crunchyroll.

When will Dark Gathering Anime come out?

The production team of the upcoming animated series Dark Gathering has announced that it will premiere in July of 2023. 

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