Undead Unluck Anime Teaser Visual Revealed

Undead Unluck Anime Teaser Visual Revealed

The second teaser visual for the television series Undead Unluck anime adaptation of Yoshifumi Tozuka’s manga was shown on Saturday during the AnimeJapan 2023 stage event. The image indicates that the anime will debut in October.

Fans can expect the anime adaptation is scheduled to debut sometime in October. We anticipate receiving additional details about the release date and the streaming platform from Undead Unluck.

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Undead Unluck Anime New Teaser Visual

Yoshifumi Tozuka wrote the Undead Unluck manga, which was serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. Fans are really thrilled about the anime adaptation after it gained notice over the previous several months.

The well-known anime and manga festival Anime Japan held a special event when both the release date and the teaser visual were made public. On the screen, people like Andy, Void, and Fuuko Izumo may be seen standing next to one another.

Undead Unluck Anime Teaser Visual Revealed
Credit: © 戸塚慶文/集英社・アンデッドアンラック製作委員会

Undead Unluck Anime Cast and Staff

It is important to remember that David Productions will animate the anime adaption. Among many other animated films, this company is also behind Fire Force, The JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures series, Cells at Work, and Urusei Yatsura.

Fuuko Izumo will be voiced by Moe Kahara. She has also provided the voices for characters like Akari from The Executioner and Her Way of Life and Hasu from In The Heart of Kunoichi Tsubaki. Yuiichi Nakamura, who previously portrayed Tetsuroo Kuro from Haikyuu!!! and Kintoki Sakata from Gintama will be lending his voice to Andy.

For Void in the series, Kenjin Nomura will do the voiceover. He has also performed as Flail from Fire Force and Yujiro Hanma from Baki The Grappler. Shen will be voiced by Natsuki Hanae. He has also provided voices for Tokyo Ghoul’s Kaneki Ken and Demon Slayer’s Tanjiro.

The series will be directed by Yuki Yase. In the anime adaptation of Undead Unluck, Kenichiro Suehiro will be in charge of the soundtrack composition, while Hideyuki Morioka will be in charge of the character design.

Undead Unluck Storyline

Since January 20, 2020, the original Undead Unluck manga has been published in Weekly Shonen Jump. The English translation of the series is available on Manga Plus and Viz Media’s Shonen Jump app. The series is described as follows by Viz Media:

In her favorite shojo manga, passionate romance is all Fuuko craves. Unfortunately, her “Unluck” power prevents that. But just as Fuuko reaches her lowest point, Andy literally sweeps her off her feet!

Now that Andy is trying to figure out how to start a stroke of lousy luck big enough to kill him for real, she has become his reluctant test subject. However, Andy’s preparations for burial are put on hold when the couple learns a covert group is after them.

That’s all for now soon the trailer will also be released. So stay tuned for the latest updates.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What will be the release date of Undead Unluck?

As of now, it is revealed that the anime will release in the month of October there’s still some time for the release date to be announced but we can expect the release to be made public in the month of August or September.

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