Dekobo Majo No Oyako Jijou Scheduled For 2023

Dekobo Majo No Oyako Jijou or rather The Family Circumstances of the Mismatched Witches is a supernatural, comedy series coming out in the year 2023, the announcement was made on the newly created Twitter account of the franchise via @DEKOBOKO_anime on January 1st.This is going to be the anime adaptation of the famous Japanese manga series.

The announcement came with a special key visual featuring the two main characters, revealing their voice actors and linking to their newly created website.

The website revealed special comments from the voice actors, and any further information about the studio and staff members along with a promotional video will be released sometime soon.

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You can see the key visual below:

Dekobo Majo No Oyako Jijou Scheduled For 2023
Credit: Twitter via @DEKOBOKO_anime

The key visual highlights the two main characters, Viola and Alyssa, with Viola lifting Alyssa in her arms and a few witchy cliches in the background.

The list of voice actors and additional cast was out along with the official announcement. It featured Aoi Koga as the voice of Alyssa, and Nana Mizuki as the voice of Viola. Any addition to cast members will be out soon. And the animation production by studio A-Real.

So far there is no revelation about the animation studio or the staff members working on the series. Further information will most likely be out when the promotional video comes out.

The plot of The Family Circumstances of the Mismatched Witches

The plot for this series has to be one of the most entertaining in the entire season. The simple misunderstanding makes it extremely entertaining.

Alyssa is a young-looking witch who lives alone in the forest. One day during her travels, she comes across a human baby and decides to take her home to raise as her own.

She names the baby Viola and continues to raise her as a daughter. Fast-forward to 16 years later, Viola grows up as a beautiful woman with a curvaceous figure. So everyone around them mistakes Alyssa as Viola’s daughter.

This is a wholesome slice-of-life type of anime series with inverted appearances and lots of hilarious gags.

Comments from the Cast of Dekoboko Mako No Oyako Jijou

Aoi Koga who is voicing Alyssa, the main female lead mentioned how she loves the way Alyssa treats everyone with kindness and love. She truly shows her strength as a mother. She was extremely glad to be in this role and how she will work her hardest.

Nana Mizuki is voicing Viola, Alyssa’s overgrown daughter. She mentioned people might confuse Viola for being the older sister type of character. However, deep down she’s a young schoolgirl. She mentioned how happy she was to play this role because she freely express herself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the daughter and mother in u003cemu003eFamily Circumstances of the Mismatched Witches?u003c/emu003e

Alyssa, who may seem like the daughter in their relationship, is actually the mother, and Viola is her daughter.

How does Alyssa meet Viola in Dekobo Majo No Oyako Jijou?

Alyssa saw a human baby in the forest and decided to adopt the kid and name her Viola.

Source:, Twitter via @DEKOBOKO_anime


This anime season will be magical as a number of fantasy stories are on their way. Fantasy and slice of life anime are famous for creative scenes. So the same goes for this one. those of read the manga are familiar with the funny comedy, and the entertainment it provides.

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