Dragon Ball Super Manga Revealed Chapter 96 – All You Need To Know

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 96

The first look glimpse at what fans may anticipate happening in Chapter 96 of the series has been provided by the Dragon Ball Super manga, which will shortly return with the next significant chapter in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero arc.

The Dragon Ball Super manga recently recreated the events from the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie in its unique style. While this has resulted in some additional content that was not present in the original version of the plot, fans have been waiting for the manga to capture the most dramatic scenes from the film.

The 20th of August 2023 will mark the official debut of the V Jump monthly magazine. The series-defining chapter 96 of Dragon Ball Super will be released when the show returns.

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The spoilers for Dragon Ball Super usually appear around this time of the month. With every single chapter, Dragon Ball continues to soar to new heights and models itself after other shonen manga in the business.

We’ll examine the web spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 96, including raw scans, in this article. Here is a brief overview of the critical moments in chapter 95 before we get into the spoilers.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 95 Recap:

Krillin, Android 18, and Maron left the theater as Chapter 95, “The Ultimate Teacher and Pupil,” began. At a close range, Krillin can feel Gohan’s fighting energy as he leaves the theater.

Gohan is still battling Gamma 1 but now he clearly has the upper hand. Gamma 1 refers to Gohan and his comrades as the “Wicked Cabal,” which enrages Gohan and makes him question. Gohan then reminds Gamma 1 that it was his squad that kidnapped the youngster.

A fight between Piccolo and Gamma 2 follows, in which Piccolo successfully counterpunches Gamma 2’s overconfident overconfidence. Despite countering Gamma 2, Piccolo declared that he was no match for Gamma 2 after taking a severe kick to the stomach.

Arriving to assist Piccolo in the conflict between Gamma 2 is Gohan. Piccolo advised Gohan that since their enemies were androids, they should put a stop to the conflict as soon as possible and avoid extending it.

After a protracted, fierce fight between Gamma 1 and Gohan, Piccolo, and Gamma 2, things start to get more intriguing. Gamma 2 somehow manages to counter Piccolo and charges with powerful physical assaults, temporarily knocking him out.

Piccolo finally stands up after suddenly recalling Shenron’s phrase, “throwing in a bonus,” but he doesn’t appear the same. Piccolo skins oxidize to orange. The chapter comes to a close with Orange Piccolo making his screen debut. This new form was teased in the “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” film.

Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 96

First things first, let me state that the entire raw scans of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 96 Summary have been leaked today. The following is a synopsis of @DBSHype’s Dragon Ball Super Chapter 96.

Read at your own risk because the following contains major spoilers. Additionally, you can view all of the chapter’s leaked raw scans by hitting this link, or you can view some of them below.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 96 spoilers indicate that the chapter will begin immediately after Chapter 95’s conclusion. However, the current Dragon Ball Super story arc has most fans unhappy.

The current story arc is referred to as “The Super Hero Arc,” and the manga’s events were previously depicted in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero film. The majority of fans have already seen the movie and are aware of what will occur next in the manga.

It has been established that Piccolo will serve as the God of Namekians thanks to his Orange form. Everyone on the battlefield is in awe of Piccolo, who now has a more fearsome visage than ever. Gamma 2 starts to charge forward and attack Piccolo, but it has little effect on the latter.

Later, it’s Piccolo’s turn to defeat Gamma 2, and he stands there unharmed. Gamma 2 is beaten to the point of death by Piccolo. The thrilling turn in Chapter 96 will involve the Gammas’ battle with Cell Max.

We finally witness Goten and Trunks assuming their Saiyanman avatars, and they immediately advance on Cell Max as he battles the Gammas. Both of them are running toward Cell Max as the chapter comes to a close.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 96 Release Date

On August 20, 2023, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 96 will be made available to the public. There are two authorized places to read Dragon Ball Super manga: the Viz Media website and the Manga Plus app.

Please help the series by reading it on its official websites and buying a copy if it’s available in your area, as doing so encourages the author to create even better tales in the future.

Additionally, the spoilers state that Dragon Ball Super Chapter 97 will be released on September 20, 2023. This concludes the information about the spoilers that are currently accessible. If more details about the chapter are revealed, we’ll keep you posted here!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Dragon Ball Super Chapter 96 going to be released?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 96 is scheduled to be released on August 20, 2023.

Where can I read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 96?

You can read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 96 on authorized platforms such as the Viz Media website and the Manga Plus app.

When is Dragon Ball Super Chapter 97 expected to be released?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 97 is anticipated to be released on September 20, 2023.

How does the “Super Hero” arc differ from the original Dragon Ball Super story?

The “Super Hero” arc adapts events from the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie. While there are some additional elements and differences, fans who have seen the movie may have insights into the manga’s direction.

Will the events in Chapter 96 deviate significantly from the movie?

While there may be some differences, the core events of Chapter 96 are expected to align with the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie’s storyline.

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