Gushing over Magical Girls Anime Official Teaser Released

Gushing over Magical Girls Official Teaser Released

Currently, the premonition of Magical Girls isn’t always good vs bad like old days. It is thanks to some series that turn Magical Girls into the dark genre. *ahem, Madoka*.

Since that fateful day, there is always a catch about the magical girls’ genre. For years we already have had unusual series such as Magical Girl Ore and Is This a Zombie. These series are only an example of how absurd the magical girls’ genre is as of now.

Akihiro Ononaka’s Gushing over Magical Girls also has a trait that differs from other titles. Though it isn’t uncommon, this series emphasizes a girl who is bamboozled into an evil organization by a cute creature meant to give a hero power. Not only that, her shy attitude turns 180 degrees when she transforms, making her a born sadist.

Fortunately, after waiting for half a year, they officially released the first trailer for the series. Not only that, they also revealed the cast and staff. So, what information does this series have so far? Let’s dive in!

Gushing Over Magical Girls Trailer and Key Visual

The PV was released on August 16, 2023, on Kadokawa’s official YouTube channel. This is the first trailer the series released after announcing their adaptation back in March 2023.

It is a bit of a stretch but don’t be fooled by the PV. This series isn’t really made for kids. The proof is how revealing our main character’s outfit is at the end of the scene. 

But, when it comes deeper into the story, it becomes so much worse. This series is also known as S&M magical story and our heroine becomes a sadist once she transforms into an evil officer. Really, this series is fit for someone who loves comedy and ecchi at the same time.

Gushing over Magical Girls Official Teaser Released
Gushing over Magical Girls’ Key Visual – Source:

The visual teaser of this anime was released back on June 30, 2023. It shows Utena and Venalita in the above and Magical Girls Tres Magia (Sayo, Haruka, and Kaoruko) below.

The good news is, Gushing Over Magical Girls is confirmed to broadcast in 2024. Unfortunately, the exact date is still TBA. At worst, this series will premiere in Fall 2024.

Cast and Staff

Kadokawa streamed the teaser for Gushing Over Magical Girls on August 16, 2023. While they released most of the key staff, only a handful of the cast has been revealed. Currently, only three casts are confirmed in the series. They are:

  • Kaori Maeda as Haruka Hanabishi
  • Fuuka Izumi as Utena Hiiragi
  • Misato Fukuen as Venalita
Gushing over Magical Girls Official Teaser Released
Utena Hiiragi’s Character Introduction – Source:

Ootsuki Atsushi (Bang Dream!) along with Suzuki Masato (Story Board in Fruit Basket 2nd Season) is directing the series at Asahi Production (Galaxy Next Door). Kimura Noboru (Kemono Jihen) is in charge of the series composition while Ootaki Tomoka (Galaxy Next Door) is responsible for designing the characters.

Suzuki Akinari (Giant Beast of Ars), Nilsson Johanness (Redo of Healer), and Takanashi Yasuharu (Record of Ragnarok) are composing the music under the supervision of Motoyama Satoshi (Insomniacs After School) as the sound director.

Gushing Over Magical Girls Story

Hiiragi Utena is just an ordinary middle school student who lives in the city where Magical Girls exist. Just like an everyday teenager, she wished that she could also turn into one of them.

One day, a black mysterious character appears in front of her and offers her the power to make her wish come true. Unknown to her, the power turns her into one of the bad guys. Blackmailed by her transformation scene, she has no choice but to fight her idols!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Gushing over Magical Girls premiere?

Gushing over Magical Girls will premiere in 2024. Unfortunately, the exact date is still TBA.

Which studio works on Gushing over Magical Girls?

Asahi Production is the one who works on the series.

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