Eiga Estab Life: Revengers Road Is Set To Premiere In 2023

Eiga Estab Life: Revengers Road is coming out faster than expected!

Estab Life: Great Escape is an original anime from the spring 2022 season that is part of a multi-media project. During its release, it gained a loyal audience that learned to appreciate this unusual story. Not even a year has passed since then, and this anime will get its sequel in the form of a movie. Eiga Estab Life: Revengers Road will have its premiere in 2023.

Estab Life: Great Escape is first of all a bizarre story that attracted a lot of attention with its theme. Precisely because of this, opinions about Estab Life are very divided. On the one hand, the audience and critics strongly condemn this anime, while on the other hand, there are those who see the potential in this strange story.

Either way, Estab Life will be getting its anime movie, Eiga Estab Life: Revengers Road, which will premiere this year.

Eiga Estab Life: Revengers Road Release Date and Trailer

A special program for Estab Life: Great Escape revealed that the Estab Life: Revengers Road anime movie will premiere in 2023. The exact release date is still unknown. The program also streamed a video featuring the film’s main character, Kisaragi.

Eiga Estab Life: Revengers Road Staff and Cast

Taniguchi personally directs and writes “Estab-Life: Revengers Road,” in addition to coming up with the original concept. SSF is again responsible for the story and Polygon Pictures is in charge of the animation.

Yūsuke Kozaki did the original character designs, and INEI’s Kenichiro Tomiyasu did the concept art. Yoshiaki Fujisawa, known for No Game No Life Zero, composes the music. Slow Curve developed and produced the project.

The movie Cast contains:

  • Kelvin Voiced by: TBA
  • Morris-Voiced by: Akira Ishida
  • Michael-Voiced by: Ayumu Murase
  • Danny-Voiced by: Soma Saito

About Estab Life

Eiga Estab Life: Revengers Road Is Set To Premiere In 2023
Estab Life: Great Escape Key Visual

In the distant future, cities in Japan are isolated from each other, and travel and tourism are nearly impossible. AI moderator oversees each region and maintains their domain as they see fit. However, not everyone is satisfied with this system and they need help to move to a more suitable cluster. That’s why there are Extractors like Equa, Ferres, and Martese, transporting civilians and risking their lives to give their clients a second chance.

The first four episodes of the series began airing on the FOD service in Japan on March 1. Episodes 5-8 debuted on March 22 and 9-12 on April 12. The show then premiered on April 6 in the +Ultra anime programming block on Fuji TV. Crunchyroll streams anime outside of Asia and also streams English dubs.

In addition to the anime Estab Life: Great Escape and the movie Eiga Estab Life: Revengers Road, the project also includes the game Estab Life: Unity Memories. Square Enix developed this mobile game for Android and iOS. The game is a free-to-play MMORPG with in-app purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Estab Life project?

Estab Life is a Japanese mixed-media project created by Goro Taniguchi. It includes the anime series Estab Life: Great Escape, an anime film named Estab Life: Revengers Road, and a video game Estab Life: Unity Memories.

Where to watch Estab Life anime?

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