Paradox Live The Animation Will Premiere in 2023

In 2023, an anime television series will be produced for Avex Pictures’ multimedia project Paradox Live The Animation. 14 voice actors are involved in the project, which will feature rap battles. The official wiki for Paradox Live states that “Phantom Live” hip-hop culture will emerge soon.

Rappers use their emotions, accoutrements made of a mysterious metal called phenomenal, and their DNA to create illusions. However, traumatic illusions are a side effect that the users also experience. The narrative of Paradox Live follows four groups as they compete in rap fights to establish whose group’s music is the finest in CLUB PARADOX.

While streaming the Paradox Live Dope Show event throughout the world, Avex made the formal announcement. To demonstrate the anime’s progress in production, they also published a 30-second teaser clip.

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Avex Pictures and GCREST joined together to create the Paradox Live media mix. As with King Records’ Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle series, the focus of the series is on rap battles between several factions. Since 2019, a number of singles and albums have been released.

Paradox Live The Animation Bands

With Paradox Live revolving around Music, we can expect the best music and fresh talent. They have already released a bunch of soundtracks for us to jump into. Although there are numerous characters in Paradox Live, it appears that the anime will concentrate on just four. However, the project was launched in 2019, thus there is still a chance for this series to continue. Here are the Bands that will rock their way into the anime.


Paradox Live The Animation Will Premiere in 2023
Credit: Avex Pictures

This group of buddies was created by Akena Aki from the Rolling Girl PV for Hatsune Miku. They sing peppy songs with lyrics in Japanese, English, and Korean while attending the same private international institution.

Gakuto Kajiwara is the voice of Allen Sugasano, who is at the centre of the image. Allen, a 21-year-old rapper going by the name SUZAKU.

Ayumu Murase, who voices Yeon Hajun, is positioned to the left. Yeon, a rapper with the stage name 48 (pronounced yon-pachi), is 21 years old. 96neko is the voice of Anne Faulkner. Twenty-year-old Anne goes by the rap moniker AnZ and uses they/them.

The Cat’s Whiskers

Paradox Live The Animation Will Premiere in 2023
Credit: Avex Pictures

The four-person team is created by Kuniharu Komiya, and the band fuses jazz with hip-hop. The leader, Naoakira Saimon, is 34 years old. Professor of linguistics at a university, Naoakira also runs the bar 4/7 where the other Cat Whisker members work. Naoakira is voiced by Ryota Takeuchi.

28-year-old Yohei Kanbayashi goes by the name God Summer. Yu Hayashi voices him, and he works as a bartender. Ryu Natsume, also known as Conpla Daimao, claims to be 800. Although his beverages are tasteless, he is a budding bartender, and Natsuki Hanae provides his voice.


Paradox Live The Animation Will Premiere in 2023
Credit: Avex Pictures

Kanata and Nayuta Yatonokami are twin siblings that make up the band Cozmez. They won the inaugural Paradox Live competition in 2021. And many of their songs are about their difficult upbringing in the slums. Their founder and proudest is Kinako.

Kanata, the elder twin, performs under his name. He is voiced by Yusuke Kobayashi, and Kanato is fiercely protective of his younger sibling. On stage, Nayuta also goes by his own name, and the lads are 19 years old. Voiced by Toshiyuki Toyonaga.


Paradox Live The Animation Will Premiere in 2023
Credit: Avex Pictures

This five-person squad was founded by Harada. And they belong to a yakuza organization that is connected to the Suiseki clan. Members view one another as family.

28-year-old Iori Suiseki is the owner of CLUB CANDY, a hostess club. He maintains a positive demeanour in order to conceal his more cunning side, which Takayuki Kondo masterfully voices. Zen Gaho is a 27-year-old exercise enthusiast who is prone to crying easily. He used to be a police guard and performs as Gazen. He is voiced by Shima.

24-year-old Hokusai Masaki, also known as Furai Boy. He has a tall, stern, and enigmatic appearance. Although he loves animals and goes to high school part-time in the evenings. He is voiced by Shunichi Toki.

Gaia, the alter ego of 19-year-old Satsuki Ito. He is impulsive and credulous, devoted to those he loves, and a part-time student at a high school. He is voiced by Tasuku Hatanaka.

Reo Maruyama, the youngest member of the trio at 17, appreciates being treated like a princess. Reo-Kun is his rapper moniker, and he attends high school part-time in the evenings. He is voiced by Shogo Yano.

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Will Paradox Live have an anime?

It was revealed that the project would have an anime television series adaptation dubbed Paradox Live the Animation at the conclusion of the Paradox Live 2nd awesome show live concert.

When did Paradox Live release?

The first album in the Paradox Live series, Paradox Live Opening Show, was released on February 12, 2020. There are 4 vocal drama tracks and 4 group songs on it.

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