Endo and Kobayashi Live: Tsundere Villainess Release Update

Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte, Tsunlise is the newest fantasy romance series coming out in Winter 2023, the announcement was confirmed by the official Twitter account and official website.

The series was revealed to be produced by studio DMM pictures with Fumihiro Yoshimura as the series’ director who is known for his contribution as the episode director for Dororo and Quintessential Quintuplets.

The official announcement our favorite anime also revealed two key visuals on the official website with a slight change in Riefenstahl Lieselotte’s character design, the official series trailer, and the staff members were revealed along with the entire cast of the show.

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You can see the official key visual below:

Endo and Kobayashi Live
Official Key Visual

The official key visual has two separate designs available on the official website, and it featured the entire cast with the princess and the prince starring in the middle.

The official list of the cast was revealed along with the voice actors which include Tomori Kusunoki as Lieselotte Riefenstahl, Yuuichi Nakamura as Siegwald Fitzenhagen, Kaito Ishikawa as Aoto Endo, Kana Hanazawa as Shihono Kobayashi, and Miyu Tomita as Fiene.

The list of staff members includes Fumihiro Yoshimura as the series’ director, Sayaka Aoki and Junko Nakajima in charge of music, Eihi for the original character designs, and Tomoko Konparu for series composition.

Endo and Kobayashi Live! Trailer

The trailer speaks of the amazing animation. We can clearly see that the anime is going to have a beautiful animation. The story is certainly a unique twist on the usual romance in a fantasy world theme, the only difference here is that video game characters are alive.

The story introduces us to a fantasy world where prince Siegwald hears an unknown voice. Immediately he thinks it’s the voice of god guiding him on his quest to win the heart of the harsh princess.

The unknown voice of god tells prince Siegwald that her true feelings are different, leading the prince to believe the princess is actually cute and he rushes to confront the princess.

The unknown god is no different than just a high school student Endo, and his friend Kobayashi who are playing a game. So you can expect many video game elements in the anime as well.

The Cast of Endo and Kobayashi Live!

Lieselotte Riefenstahl is the tsundere princess who always hides her true feelings about the princess. And also writes them in a secret diary, she is extremely into him. But can’t control her emotions when he’s near so she ends up pushing him away. Her tsundere tendencies makes the story compelling.

Siegwald Fitzenhagen is the prince of the Fitzenhagen kingdom and the student council president of the magic academy. He is in love with princess Lieselotte but all his advances go in vain against her harsh words.

Aoto Endo is a member of the broadcasting club. He was also the one who brought Majikoi, a fantasy game that he could play and commentate with his friend Kobayashi. But he left in awe when he learned that the characters can understand their voices.

Shihono Kobayashi is an energetic ball of energy. Soon after the realized the characters inside the game can understand them, she was super excited to help the prince win the princess’ heart.

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About The Series

Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte Tsunlise is based on a Japanese fantasy light novel series written by Suzu Enoshima and illustrated by Eihi. The series began its serialization on the Shosetsuka ni Naro website in August 2018.

The series also received a manga adaptation by Rumiwo Sakaki. It began serialization in Enterbrain’s Josei manga Magazine in June 2019.

The story follows two members of the broadcasting club. Aoto Endo and Kobayashi Shihono are decide to play a fantasy romance game called Majikoi. But soon they realize the characters in the game are able to hear their voices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the main couple in Endo and Kobayashi Live!

while the series introduces two separate couples. Only one of them is actually in love with the other, princess Lieselotte and prince Siegwald.

Where can I watch the latest on Tsundere villainess Lieselotte?

You can watch it on HIDIVE!

Who is the protagonist in Endo and Kobayashi live?

Fiene is the protagonist in Endo and Kobayashi Live.


Let’s wait this anime series to land on our big screens. The tsundere theme of this fantasy romance makes it even more exciting. Let’s wait for the higher ups to update us with the broadcast time, and release window. For similar anime news, you can follow us!

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