Expelled From Paradise Sequel Movie Announced

2014’s hit masterpiece Expelled From Paradise that won countless hearts with its quality animation, and story is returning. Yes, the movie’s sequel is in production. Animation Studio Toei Animation has taken the charge once again. 

Fans never imagined that after a decade, they’ll get to watch the continuation of the story. In fact, it’s not very common to see any anime film’s sequel, as compared to the anime season. Therefore, the news came out as a surprise and jolted the fans with supreme excitement worldwide.

Anime fans are over the moon right now, waiting for its banger comeback as we all know it will be a record breaker. 

Expelled From Paradise Release Date & Information

expelled from paradise key visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

Though the major details are out, we are not officially updated about the release date. It is a 2024 film, and will hit the screens this year which is official. However, for the exact release date, we will have to wait a bit longer. 

Another exciting news is that all the original staff has returned to team up on this amazing project. In short, fams are very enthusiastic about it because they know everything is going to be FANTASTIC!

It’s Toei Animation’s Original Animated Feature Film so having high expectations is pretty natural. A one minute teaser trailer is out where we see the female protagonist Angela Balzac moving in a severe snow storm.

The one minute video speaks volume about the quality, visuals, art direction, cinematic aesthetics, music, and much more. The teaser video is no less than a visual treat no doubt.

About Expelled From Paradise

The first part of the movie landed in the cinema in November 2014 where it was released in 15 theaters across the US. It was a massive hit leading to the huge success. Director Seiji Mzushima who directed the first part is back to direct the anime sequel. 

Gen Urobuchi has also returned as a script writer along with the character designer Masatsugu Saito, and the music composer NARASAKI. Sounds amazing and we know it. It’s time for a banger return!

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Theme And Plot Of Expelled From Paradise

It’s an action science fiction that revolves around Angela Balzac, an agent of DEVA’s law enforcement.  DEVA is an advanced space station that holds a number of people after a disaster on earth. 

Guess what? The people’s physical form, that is their bodies stay on earth. It’s just their digital forms that are residing there. SImilar to a virtual reality where bodies remain, and the mind travels to another place. Now the people are free from any sort of depression and chaos, as they don’t have to experience death.

Their peaceful, safe, and sound is threatened by a dangerous hacker who wishes to destroy their world. Frontier Setter is the hacker who wishes to find a new place for human’s survival. To stop him, Angela gets the mission to locate him and eradicate the threat. 

Therefore, she steps into a clone body and begins her mission along with another agent, Dingo. Her adventurous journey opens her to a number of revelations and shocking mysteries.  

Fans’ Reaction

Fans are going wild after the official announcement as they never imagined their favorite anime movie will ever get a second part. Those who haven’t watched the first part, and are new to the anime community are also excited seeing the otaku’s excitement. People love the movie for its action, science fiction, cool characters, and a gripping plot. 

For now, we have only limited information. Only wait can solve our problems! We hope the higher ups will soon update us with some other promotional videos, and teaser visuals.

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Where can I watch expelled from paradise?

Netflix is always there for its otaku friends.

What is Toei Animation famous for?

It is famous for a number of AMAZING anime. We thank Toei Animation for its high quality content.

Which studio animated Dragon Ball Z?

Toei Animation has animated everyone’s favorite anime DBZ.


It’s always a good feeling to hear about an anime’s return because it brings back the emotions leaving us feeling nostalgic. Diving into the past via a new story is never a boring option. We hope that the sequel will meet our expectations and will entertain the same way it did a decade ago.

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