Fluffy Paradise Anime’s Teaser Promo Video Released

Fluffy Paradise Anime's Teaser Promo Video Released

Brace yourselves for all the fluffiness you can handle, because Fluffy Paradises’ Teaser Promo is here! Am I the only or is Néma giving me Anya energy? Well, we love it and can’t wait for Fluffy Paradise.

It was announced on Friday that the anime version of Yuriko Takagami’s Fluffy Paradise, which is based on Himawari and Kirouran’s light novel series Isekai de Mofumofu Nadenade Suru Tameni Ganbattemasu (literally, I’ll Try My Best So I Can Pet and Pat in Another World), will debut in January 2024. The website also streamed a teaser advertisement video and disclosed that Ai Kakuma will play the lead character Néma in Fluffy Paradise Anime.

The manga series by Yuriko Takagami, which was published by Futabasha and debuted in 2017 and has 11 tankoubon volumes as of April 2023, is the inspiration for Fluffy Paradise. The anime was initially scheduled to premiere this year. The show will be streamed on Crunchyroll.

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Fluffy Paradise Anime’s Teaser Promo

The trailer gives us a glimpse of everything, the dynamic characters, from where it all started, and everything fluffy. We even get a glimpse of Néma and the other animals. The anime was supposed to debut in 2023, according to the website, but “due to various circumstances,” the premiere date has been moved to Winter 2024.

Fluffy Paradise Cast and Staff

The anime is being directed by Junichi Kitamura (Shoot! Goal to the Future assistant director), with Asami Miyazaki (Beast Tamer animation director) serving as character designer and Deko Akao (My Stepmom’s Daughter Is My Ex) serving as the series composer. The animation production firm is called EMT Squared.

The only cast member revealed is Ai Kakuma who’ll play Nefertia “Néma” Osphe.


Our main character, Fluffy Paradise, dies from overwork rather than being struck by Truck-kun and winds up in a place where all other non-human creatures adore her. She becomes friends with a white tiger and a dragon, which sets off her fluffy adventure.

This anime has all the cuteness and fluff you need if you’re tired of action and want something light to watch.


Fluffy Paradise Anime
Credits – Himawari, Yuriko Takagami, Futabasha

In 2017, Takagami released the manga version of the books on the Gaugau Monster website and app. The comic is being released digitally by Coolmic under the name Fluffy Paradise. According to the producer, the series is:

Midori Akitsu (27 years old), ends up in another world after dying from overwork?! I got reincarnated in another world After God blessed me with a special ability. This ability is “to be loved by non-human beings.” Huh?! Meaning that humans might not like me, but all the fluffy animals will love me? Whoaaa! I get to pet a white tiger and dragons to my heart’s [content]! After being reborn as Néma, the youngest daughter of a top class noble family, I’m doing my best for the survival of humanity (?) while enjoying this world’s fluffiness.

The novel series was started by Himawari in 2012 and is still going on today on the website Shsetsuka ni Nar. In July 2016, Futabasha started releasing the novels using Kirouran’s artwork, and on January 10, it released the fourteenth book.

On April 28, Futabasha will release the 11th compiled volume of the comic in Japan. There are 1.7 million copies of the combined manga and novel series in print.

We can’t for this adorable anime. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Fluffy Paradise come out?

The anime adaptation is set to release on January 2024.

Where can I watch Fluffy Paradise?

You can stream Fluffy Paradise on Crunchyroll.

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