Unnamed Memory Anime Official Trailer Released

Unnamed Memory Anime Official Trailer Released

Prepare for the romance fantasy series that will warm your heart next year. Furumiya Kuji’s Unnamed Memory will premiere somewhere in 2024.

The anime will have the same feel as Akatsuki no Yona and Akagami no Shirayuki-hime where sword and magic exist. To explain what this series is, you can summarize it with the keywords witch, prince, and curse.

Despite having a common mainframe, the light novel receives a heft of praise. Now, the light novel has ended with the 6th volume which was released on April 17, 2021. Will the upcoming anime adapt the entire series?

Below, we’ve gathered the information available for Unnamed Memory. Read on!

Unnamed Memory Trailer

Unnamed Memory was confirmed to be animated way back on December 31, 2022. They announced in their first trailer that the series would premiere somewhere in 2023. Unfortunately, due to the “production circumstance”, the official website said that the series should be delayed until 2024.

The trailer was released on the Dangeki Bunko 30th Natsu no Saiten Online 2023 event on July 16, 2023. The release of the trailer was announced two days prior at the same time as the “delayed broadcast” announcement.

The anime will have pretty decent visuals looking at the first impression. Unfortunately, we can’t see how the fight animation unfolds clearly because we only have shown a glimpse of it. But we are assured that the monster won’t, at least, bad CGI.

Unnamed Memory Anime Official Trailer Released
Unnamed Memory Key VIsual – Source: @project_UM

The new visual was also released along with the trailer. This time, it shows Oscar bathed with the light of dawn. It has the same feel as the first key visual where TInasha sits on the balcony.

Unnamed Memory Cast and Staff

Despite originally being aired in 2023, Unnamed Memory hasn’t released the complete staff and cast yet. They only revealed two main cast which are:

  • Tanezaki Atsumi as Tinasha
  • Nakajima Yoshiki as Oscar
Unnamed Memory Anime Official Trailer Released
Oscar and Tinasha – Source: @project_UM

Miura Kazuya (Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!) is directing this anime at ENGI (Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs). Mieno Hitomi (Komi Can’t Communicate) is responsible for the series composition.

Noumi Chika (Kemono Michi: Rise Up) is in charge of character design while Matsuda Akito (Hibike Euphonium!) will compose the music.

Unnamed Memory Story

Oscar is the only one with the royal blood of the Farsas Kingdom after all of his siblings and cousins were cursed to death. Despite being alive, he is also cursed never having a child in his lifetime which means that he will be the last king of Farsas.

He tried many things to overcome the curse but nothing worked. That’s when he turns himself to meet the witch who is probably able to break the curse. After successfully climbing the tower, he meets the beautiful witch, Tinasha. She explains that he can overcome his curse if he meets a woman strong enough to bear the curse.

Hearing that, Oscar has an idea. Why doesn’t Tinasha become his wife instead? Of course, being an anomaly, Tinasha refuses his proposal. But after a long argument, Tinasha agrees to be Oscar’s guardian for one year.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Unnamed Memory premiere?

The anime will premiere somewhere in 2024.

Who works on the anime adaptation of Unnamed Memory?

ENGI studio works on the anime adaptation

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