Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Manga: Ch 128 Recap & Review

There is no doubt that Four Knights of the Apocalypse manga is one of the best series in Weekly Shonen Magazine this year. The fact that it is a sequel to one of the best fantasy manga, Seven Deadly Sins, will attract avid fans of the series.

It’s a bold move for Nakaba Suzuki to continue the series despite the atrocious villain having already been defeated. But, it isn’t like he did something new back then. 

Just before the series ended, he introduced a new entity called chaos which resides in Arthur’s body. It feels like how Kaguya introduces the concept of deity at the end of Naruto. Then somehow, the next generation should face this said problem.

This week, the Four Knights of the Apocalypse manga new chapter which was chapter 128. Compared to its predecessor, the story should be one-third through completion. Yet, they already put everything on the table. So, what does the latest chapter tell us? Read on!

Four Knights of the Apocalypse Manga Story So Far

Before continuing, beware that the story of Four Knights of the Apocalypse manga is far more advanced than the anime adaptation. Furthermore, based on the opening of the anime, the anime will only cover the manga up to chapter 50. So, if you are an anime-only fan, proceed with caution.

So far, Percival and his band of knights already found a clue on how to find Camelot’s entrance. They should venture through Demon World which has access to every part of the world. Of course, Arthur sends seven of his Chaos Knights to intercept and steal a piece of the Coffin of Eternal Darkness.

Long story short

Percival and his friends end up triumphant against the Chaos Knights. Then, everything goes downhill. Fulfilling his promise, Mortlach tells the truth of Percival’s existence. It turns out that Percival is supposed to be a soulless vessel that hosts a powerful life spirit. This vessel is used to soul-transfer Ironside’s real son, Diodora, who has a sick body. Yet, somehow, the life spirit gets a conscience and ends up as Percival.

Four Knights of Apocalypse Percival
Percival after hearing the truth of his existence

Chapter 128 of Four Knights of the Apocalypse manga tells about how Percival feels about this truth bomb. Being as kind as he is, he starts to blame himself for what happened to his grandparents. 

If only he hadn’t regained consciousness, maybe right now, Diodora would live happily along with his father and grandfather. With that guilt, he couldn’t bear the weight of his existence. Then, he chooses to vanish as the life spirit and finally, his body becomes soulless once more.

The finale of Four Knights of the Apocalypse manga chapter 128 shows the beginning of Arthur’s invasion. There, the panel shows the top dog of Chaos Knight, The Four Evils, which includes Ironside and Pellegarde.

Four Knights of the Apocalypse Four Evil
The Four Evil of Camelot Kingdom


To sum it up, Four Knights of the Apocalypse manga chapter 128 marks the end of Demon Realm Arc. With the death of Percival, the prophecy is null. Thus, Arthur has the high ground to launch an invasion.

The next chapter of the manga will start a brand-new story on how Lancelot, Tristan, and Gawain’s plan will move forward. Will they consider attacking Camelot knowing that they are one member short? Or will they retreat to Liones and meet Meliodas?

For the record, the fantasy anime of Four Knights of the Apocalypse is currently being premiered. With Seven Deadly Sins fantasy manga as their predecessor, it’s no wonder that both anime & manga get amity among the fans. You can watch the anime version on Netflix.

Who wrote the Four Knights of the Apocalypse manga?

Nakaba Suzuki is the one who writes and illustrates the series.

Does the Four Knights of the Apocalypse have an anime adaptation?

Yes, it does. The anime adaptation debuted in Fall 2023. As of now, there are five episodes of the series.

Is Percival from the Four Knights of Apocalypse dead?

Yes, his body doesn’t have a pulse. On the other hand, considering he is a life spirit, there is a high chance that he only vanishes. It also means that as long as his body is preserved, the spirit can go back to the body.

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