Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 Main Trailer Released

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 Main Trailer Released

It has been two years since our two-timing protagonist hit the screen. Now, the second season of Girlfriend, Girlfriend is going to hit again in about two weeks. It is about time to see Naoya’s bizarre relationship once again.

While the anime version is on sight, Hiroyuki’s Girlfriend, Girlfriend manga already ended on May 24, 2023, in chapter 144. The first season of the series adapted 35 chapters of the manga. So, we can assume that this second season is also adapting the same amount of chapters as the first season.

Counting from the chapters have to offer, the series could have another two seasons. But, could it achieve as high popularity as Kaguya-sama or Rent-a-Girlfriend, which already has multiple seasons? To know that, let’s look at the PV for the second season!

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 Trailer

The trailer was released on September 17, 2023. It highlights the next theme of the series which is summer vacation. As the PV suggests, all five of them will come to the beach and attend the fireworks festival.

The story will progress much further after the conclusion of the hot spring arc from the first season. With Rika stealing Naoya’s first kiss, the PV shows that Saki and Nagisa are once again competing to kiss him.

But, of course, Rika won’t just do nothing. Instead, she butts-in to their plan. On the other hand, Shino, who has a crush on Naoya, still plans to meddle in Naoya’s two-timing so that she can give up on him.

In the last half of the PV, we can hear the opening theme of Girlfriend, Girlfriend‘s Second Season. The announcement was released on August 30, 2023. It is confirmed that Hikari Kodama is performing the opening theme “Romantic ni Koi shitai”, while ClariS is performing the ending theme “Forira (Fall in Love)”.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 Main Trailer Released
Hikari Kodama – Source:

For the record, this song will be the debut solo song from Hikari Kodama. Previously, she appeared to perform the opening of Kizuna no Allele as Chris. While it was her first experience as a vocalist, she sang the opening along with other members of PathTLive, a group from Kizuna no Allele.

Cast and Staff

Because the studio that works on the second season is different, it is expected that there will be a staff reshuffle. While there are familiar faces from the first season, there are also new faces among the key staff. On the other hand, the cast members stay the same. They include;

  • Enoki Junya as Mukai Naoya
  • Sakura Ayane as Saki Saki
  • Waki Azumi as Minase Nagisa
  • Taketatsu Ayana as Hoshizaki Rika
  • Takahashi Rie as Kiryuu Shino
  • Koga Aoi as Hozhizaki Risa
Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 Main Trailer Released
Girlfriend, Girfriend Season 2 Key Visual – Source:

Suzuki Takaaki (Episode Director in Fruit Basket) is replacing Kuwabara Satoshi in directing the series at Synergy SP (A Couple of Cuckoos). Oochi Keiichirou (The Quintessential Quintuplets) still holds his position as a scriptwriter in the series.

Miyake Masakazu (A Couple of Cuckoos) is designing the character replacing Toyoda Akiko from the first season. Meanwhile, Motoyama Satoshi is returning as sound director.


After the hot spring trip, Naoya and her girlfriends, Saki and Nagisa, decided to continue their relationship as equals. The story continues with Rika, who stole a kiss from Naoya, and Shino, who has a secret crush on Naoya.

This time, five of them will enjoy the summer vacation. Of course, it means swimming on the beach, camping in the mountains, and watching the fireworks.

The relationship between the five of them will be more exciting in the next season. Let the love spark flying in the heat of summer!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 premiere?

The series will premiere on October 7, 2023.

Which studio works on Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2?

Synergy SP is replacing Tezuka Production to create the second season of Girlfriend, Girlfriend.

Source: Official Website of Girlfriend, Girlfriend

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