Gushing Over Magical Girls Manga on Hiatus Due to Author’s Health Condition

The Takeshobo’s Storia Dash manga website, through its official X account (formerly Twitter), announced on Friday that Akihiro Ononaka’s Gushing Over Magical Girls (Mahō Shōjo ni Akogarete) manga will be taking a hiatus due to Ononaka’s undisclosed illness. The return date for the manga will be announced by Storia Dash once it is decided.

gushing over magical girls manga

Originally launched in Takeshobo’s Manga Life Storia magazine back in 2019, the manga transitioned to the pages of Storia Dash website following the discontinuation of the magazine, where it continues its serialization. Takeshobo released the manga’s 11th compiled volume on January 17, marking another milestone in its ongoing narrative journey.

The manga’s anime adaptation, a testament to its growing popularity, premiered on the AT-X channel on January 3, subsequently making its rounds on Tokyo MX, BS11, Sun TV, and KBS Kyoto. The anime offers three distinct versions: the TV broadcast version, the “gushing” version available on streaming platforms, and the uncensored “ultra-gushing” edition on Blu-ray Disc and DVD. While the TV broadcast version employs censorship on both audio and visuals, the “gushing” version tones down some visual content alongside audio censorship, aiming to cater to different audience preferences. Conversely, the “ultra-gushing” version remains entirely uncensored, embracing the unfiltered essence of the story.

HIDIVE, recognizing the fervent fanbase’s demand, promptly secured streaming rights for the anime, offering the “gushing” version for online viewership. With its availability on digital platforms, fans can immerse themselves in the magical world of Gushing Over Magical Girls while eagerly awaiting the manga’s return from hiatus.

J-Novel Club publishes the manga in English and describes the series:

Hi, I’m Hiiragi Utena. I’m a normal magical-girl-loving middle school girl—or at least I was, but then some talking mascot showed up out of the blue and cast a spell on me! Now’s my chance to join my beloved magical girls as…a villain? Hang on, something’s wrong with my outfit! This can’t be happening!

Watch this shy magical-girl fan transform into a sadistic dominatrix! When good and evil collide, who will be the one to submit?!

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Source: ANN

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