Heavenly Delusion Anime Main Promo Video And Premiere

Heavenly Delusion Anime Main Promo Video And April 1 Premiere Revealed

Heavenly Delusion is a Sci-fi adventure anime series set to premiere in Spring 2023. The series is ready to premiere on April 1st and studio Production I.G will animate it.

The official reveal of the release date was out on their Twitter account via @tdm_anime. Later it was all over their website as well. The announcement came with the series’ official trailer, a new highlight featuring worldwide streaming on Disney Plus, and revealed the entire list of cast members.

The details regarding the artists for the anime Opening and Ending were also out. It’s official that BiSH would be in charge of the Opening theme, and ASOBI Alliance would perform the Ending theme.

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You can see the key visual below:

Heavenly Delusion Anime Main Promo Video And April 1 Premiere Revealed
Credit: Twitter via @tdm_anime

The key visual featured the two main characters, Kiruko and Maru, enjoying their time on the abandoned surface. The work of the talented creators and these character designers speak the quality work here!

The complete list of cast members was out. It includes Sayaka Senbongi as Kiruko, Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Kona, Gen Satou as Maru, Misako Fukuen as Mimihime, Misato Matsuoka as Anzu, Tomoya Kurosawa as Kuku, Shunsuke Takeuchi as Shiro, and Yuuki Shin as Taka.

The list of staff members includes Hirotaka Mori as the director, Eriko Kimura as the sound director, Stanislas Brunet as the background artist, and Fukami Makoto in charge of the series composition.

Kaneko Yuuji is the art director, Kensuke Ushio is in charge of the music, Izumi Hirose for color designs, and Shinobu Tsuneki for mechanical design.

Heavenly Delusion Trailer

It was refreshing to see a complete trailer of the series. We got to learn about the life of the children living in the facility. How they study, how they make food, and how they live.

And on contrast, we see the two main characters wandering the abandoned streets of Tokyo, traveling to find the safe haven that is still intact.

And then comes the terrifying reality that has pushed people to live deep underground. Strange monsters roam the world and attack anything that moves.

However, in a world of chaos, those monsters aren’t the only thing to worry about. People are ready to betray others for their own selfish gain.

Heavenly Delusion Characters

Maru is a young boy aiming for heaven who has no memories of his own. According to Kiruko, he is a handsome boy. His physical abilities are outstanding, and he can fend off cannibals.

Kiruko is a clever girl who works as a handyman in Nakano city. She undertakes bodyguard requests to make money for her and Maru. She has incredible survival skills and is efficient in using firearms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the children live in an underground facility?

Those underground facilities are built to keep the children safe and help them grow into working adults. Robots run these facilities who refuse their visit to the outside world.

What happened to the surface in Heavenly Delusion?

Fifteen years before the anime takes place, a strange disaster caused the fall of modern society. Everything that ran on power or worked mechanically was destroyed.

Source: tdm-anime.com, Twitter via @tdm_anime


We’ll keep you guys updated as soon as there is more to the anime news. Judging from the character designs, teasers, and the storyline, the series lack absolutely nothing. Anime fans can count on Anime Fleek for similar anime news updates.

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