45 Hottest Male Anime Characters

In the anime world, being mesmerized by the hot anime guys is rather typical; if you’re not drawn to them, you should get checked out. These characters are ideal tens in every category, whether it is their physique, intellect, masculinity, or appearance.

Anime is incomplete without our cool-ass male leads. So, Let’s dive right into the 45 Hottest Male Anime Characters.

1. Roronoa Zoro – One Piece

What does a woman want from a man? being dependable, yes? Then get ready to meet Roronoa Zoro, one of the anime’s most attractive and devoted characters. He is a tenacious man who aspires to be the best swordsman in the entire world.

What more could a lady want from her partner than that he is strong, attractive, and trustworthy? Undoubtedly, a powerful man is a sexy man. That’s why he makes the list of Hottest Male Anime Characters

2. Satoru Gojo – Jujutsu Kaisen

satoru gojo

Satoru Gojo is the most fashionable and appealing anime coach. He is a sorcerer of the special grade and is regarded as the most powerful sorcerer to have ever lived. Even though he’s not the series’ main character, he consistently outperforms everyone else. His stunning appearance, wacky personality, superhuman power, and, most importantly, his stunning eyes have driven his female admirers wild.

3. Takumi Usui – Kaichou wa Maid sama

Takumi Usui Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Devian Art

Knowing the Hottest Male Anime Characters and without knowing Usui Takumi seems like a complete disservice to his seductive appearance. The most adored male in romance animes, he has spiky blond hair and lovely green eyes. Usui may captivate anyone with his alluring appearance and eccentric attitude even if it is unrealistic to obtain him in real life. But, his comedic timing is fantastic.

4. Hak Son – Yona of the Dawn

One of the main characters in the anime Yona Of The Dawn is Hak Son, who is strong and gorgeous. He served as the Wind Tribe’s Chief and former General. He is not only attractive, but also powerful, wise, and trustworthy.

Hak is tall, has piercing blue eyes, and has a six-pack—everything a man wants. He is ideally suited for the husbando material because he is humorous yet serious.

5. Megumi Fushiguro – Jujutsu Kaisen

Megumi, who is incredibly gorgeous and strong, is a member of the Zenin Clan, the strongest family in anime. He always presents a severe face and is a Jujutsu Tech grade 2 sorcerer. He comes across as being very stoic, distant, and cold. Megumi has a distinctive hairdo and typically maintains a neutral look. He rarely smiles, but when he does, it can be fatal!

6. Howl – Howl’s Moving Castle

One of the main characters in Howl’s Moving Castle is Howl. He is a strong wizard with stunning eyes and a lovely face cut. His golden blonde hair, which is shoulder length, and crystal blue eyes show that he really cares about how he looks. He stands out more than anyone else because of his actions and eccentric demeanor.

7. Shoto Todoroki – My Hero Academia

Shoto I one of those silent and mysterious guys. Yes, It drives the girls wild. Can we talk about how cool he looks kicking ass? His character development every season keeps getting better. Therefore he’s among the list of Hottest Male Anime Characters.

8. Levi Ackerman -Attack on Titan

Levi Ackerman Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Research Snipers

It’s still a mystery as to why people that appear serious are so attractive, and our favorite Levi Ackerman is yet another shining example of this. The most powerful soldier and hero in human history. Even though he is a shorty, he managed to steal everyone’s hearts in the anime community. You can sum up his personality, appearance, and nature to get the best man ever created for the anime media.

9. Izumi Miyamura – Horimiya

Izumi Miyamura is regarded as being exceptionally pretty, with long lashes and a face that leans slightly feminine. He also has dark-colored tattoos, messy black hair, and piercings, that automatically makes him hot. He also has deep blue eyes. Izumi may appear to be quiet, But he is a very different person on the inside.

10. Osamu Dazai – Bungou Stray Dogs

Fans of anime who watched the show adore Osamu Dazai. You would undoubtedly fall for him if you watched Bungou Stray Dogs. He can, after all, melt through anything in his path since he is so hot. He’s all over Tiktok, trust me. Again, the comedic timing will drive you nuts.

11. Katsuki Bakugou – My Hero Academia

About 70% of what makes him the unquestionably HOTTEST bnha character is his appearance. His silhouette and abs are stunning. Yes, he occasionally loses his temper, But he looks hot while doing that. However, for some reason, it’s his air of annoyance and fury toward his friends and classmates that makes people fall head over heels for him.

12. Haruka Nanase – Free!

 Free! literally has too many attractive anime men. Haruka is an attractive freestyle swimmer with a toned figure. He has short black hair, blue ocean eyes, and an expressionless face for the most part. He may have a calm exterior that others could mistake for uncaring, yet he is very protective of his pals. 

13. Han Daewi – The God of Highschool

Okay, why are God of Highschool characters so underrated? If you haven’t watched it yet, I’ll suggest you go watch it. Han Daewi is the other version of Fushiguro from JJK. His droopy eyes and fighting style is to die for.

14. Kakashi Hatake – Naruto

It doesn’t seem fair at all to include Kakashi Hatake on a list of the Hottest Male Anime Characters. Kakashi is a highly competent ninja from Konoha Village. He doesn’t show any symptoms of ego and is rather humble about his skills. His over personality makes him Hot and the silver hair is a plus.

15. Tetsurou Kuroo – Haikyuu!!

Tetsurou Kuroo Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits -Fandom

Be warned: Tetsuro Kuro has the potential to take your girl. He is the captain of Nekoma High and a professional volleyball player. He is an attractive, somewhat tall middle blocker who plays in that position. Fangirls continue to support Kuro despite Haikyuu having a lot of the hottest anime dudes.

16. Tomoe – Kanisama Hajimemashita

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits -Fandom

Tomoe’s looks makes it clear that he is a fox yokai. Due to his stunning appearance, he frequently attracts admirers from all over. Can we talk about those silver locks and sturn looks? One look is all it takes to fall for Tomoe.

17. Uchiha Itachi – Naruto

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Reddit

The Uchiha clan is renowned for its bravery, superhuman strength, and most notably, its attractive anime men. Itachi Uchiha is another diamond of this clan, and the fine genes are passed down through the generations.

In addition to his mastery of Jutsu and sense of justice, Itachi is well-known in the neighborhood for his HOT and attractive appearance. These days, it’s difficult to find a character like him since, despite appearances, he is actually a wonderful person.

18. Yato – Noragami

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Fandom

In Noragami, Yato is a self-described “Delivery God” who yearns for millions of followers. Yes, he does have millions of followers that like him for his cute and alluring attitude. He has unkempt dark violet hair and sparkling blue eyes, and he is a really gorgeous young man. Although he has a small gambling issue, he is generally a nice guy.

19. Ken Kaneki – Tokyo Ghoul

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Ranker

What a female can do to you on a romantic date? most likely has the power to change you from a nerd geek to a dashing friend. The main character of Tokyo Ghoul, Ken Kaneki, experienced the same thing.

He appeared to be an entirely different guy by the time he was 21 both physically and emotionally. He transformed from a simpleton to a hot, attractive man. Now that’s a glow-up.

20. Gray Fullbuster – Fairy Tail

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Fandom

Team Natsu is made up of Gray Fullbuster, a Fairy Tail Guild mage. He has a beautiful figure, a great face, and rough good looks. He dresses differently, and fortunately for us, occasionally in very little. His member stamp is frequently seen below his collarbone.

He’s very similar to Sasuke from Naruto, no wonder he made the list of Hottest Male Anime Characters.

21. Ban– The Seven Deadly Sins

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Looper

Ban, who represents Fox’s Sin of Greed among the Seven Deadly Sins, is a driven individual who acts according to what interests him. He has an alluring appearance with his spiky light blue hair, bloodshot eyes, bare chest, and well-toned muscles. He has the advantage of being an eternal being, thus he will never age.

22. Kageyama Tobio – Haikyuu!!

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Olanerd

Kageyama, the Karasuno High setter, is without a doubt the team’s hottest player and has the best character growth. He has a fantastic physique, but his smile is quite unsettling, so it’s amusing to see him interact with people. He is always planning and has great volleyball abilities.

23. Loid Forger – Spy x Family

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – CNN

With the debut of the action-comedy series Spy Family this year, Loid Forger makes his first appearance on the list of the hottest anime male characters. Loid is a lovely man with short blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin.

He is a guy of many personalities and faces since his work as a detective requires him to undertake risky missions while maintaining his anonymity. Sounds cool and enticing, no?

24. Ryomen Sukuna – Jujutsu Kaisen

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Crunchyroll

Jujutsu Kaisen’s Big Bad is Sukuna Ryomen, despite the fact that he likes to play long games. He just won all the as soon as he entered the scene. I mean, look at his physique and that evil personality. The King of Curses is definitely the most likable villain on the program thus far. We all know a bad boy can drive girls wild.

25. Uchiha Sasuke – Naruto

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Dafunda

Sasuke Uchiha, one of the Uchiha clan’s last remaining members, made it his life’s work to exact revenge on his family by eliminating the Itachi. Most girls think he is attractive since he is toned and physically fit.

Although he is frequently seen wearing different attire, it frequently reveals his amazing figure and muscle. I mean the Uchiha brothers are bound to be on this list.

26. Kyo Sohma – Fruits Basket

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Fandom

Kyo took over the internet after the remake of the Fruits Basket. The zodiac cat’s spirit has a curse on Kyo. His eyes are crimson and orange, and he has vivid orange hair that falls over them. He defies the stereotype of other persons with orange hair by being tall and muscular. He is both highly gorgeous and unusual due to his unique color.

27. Kurosaki Ichigo – Bleach

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Ranker

It makes sense that watching an anime hero develop is always fascinating, and Ichigo’s development throughout the whole of Bleach is a gift to treasure. He is a badass character due to his distinctive orange hair and irrational fury.

Shonen heroes are required to defend their loved ones, and Ichigo doesn’t slack off in this regard. What else? Be fearless around him because he’s a replacement Shinigami! Nevertheless, the list of Hottest Male Anime Characters would be incomplete.

28. Ilpyo Park – The God of Highschool

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Crunchyroll

I told you guys, God of Highschool = really cool characters. Ilpyo Park is just like your favorite K-drama male lead (it makes sense because GOH is based on a webtoon). He engages in Ssamsu Taekkyeon, an advanced form of Taekkyeon utilizing Re Taekwondo. Cool right?

29. Hawks – My Hero Academia

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Reddit

Hawks is a favorite among My Hero Academia fangirls because she is the show’s second-ranked hero and one of the most powerful heroes in the nation. He is renowned for his incredible fighting prowess and the stunning Red Wings that perfectly complement him.

Hawks take meticulous care of their golden-brown eyes and shaggy blonde hair while flying. Anyone may fall in love with him because of his stunning appearance.

30. Light Yagami – Death Note

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Fandom

He is a bored young genius before his entire world changes. He goes on to become Sira, a notorious serial killer, but it’s his sinister side that makes him so fascinating. I mean we all love a bad boy who’s smart and looks hot while thinking.

31. Sinbad – Magi : The Kingdom of Magic

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – ANN

The Magi series showed Sinbad’s development from boyhood to adulthood, showing how, with each passing year, he matured into a gorgeous man. Sinbad is a fearless leader with many skills at his disposal, the King of Sindria, which means he has a vast quantity of treasure at his disposal. He, therefore, offers a luxury combination of rich and hot, which no one would dare to pass up.

32. Makoto Tachibana – Free!

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Pinterest

One such anime character who is regarded as the Hottest Male Anime Character among fans is Makoto Tachibana. His grin, physical attractiveness, abs, and hair color are simply too beautiful to pass up. His laid-back personality works well with his discipline, which makes him a great anime husbando.

33. Tamaki Suoh – Ouran Highschool Host Club

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Fandom

It’s our favorite dork. Although he appears to be haughty and self-centered, he is actually the club member who cares the most. There wouldn’t be a host club without him. He quickly makes friends with everyone and educates them to respect one another’s uniqueness. He recognizes the beauty in everyone and truly cares about the girls he hosts.

34. Victor Nikiforov – Yuri on Ice

Hottest Male Anime Characters
CreditS – Reddit

Since ice skaters have flawless curves and incredible flexibility, it can be challenging to keep them off the list of Hottest Male Anime Characters. One of the main characters in Yuri on Ice is Victor Nikiforov, who is also an excellent skater.

He is regarded as a skating legend and among the sport’s top competitors. Victor is rather tall and well-built, which can be attractive to any girl. However, he is engaged to Yuri, so you have no opportunity.

35. Eren Yeager – Attack On Titan

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Game Rant

Attack on Titan’s fourth season is exceptional in many ways, and Eren’s transformation is one of them. A once-naive youngster who was constantly unsure and emotional transformed into a cynical badass and returned looking as young as ever. Before Season 4, fangirls were passionate about Levi, but today they just scream about Eren’s attractiveness.

36. Naofumi Iwatani – The Rising of the Shield Hero

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – thennblog

Naofumi was given the abilities of a “Shield Hero” when he was called to the parallel universe. He started off being a silly person, but as time went on, maturity hit him hard and he changed into one of the sexiest anime characters. Naofumi is a lovely, reasonable guy with good looks who doesn’t try to be cool. Simply don’t desert him!

37. Daisuke Kambe – The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Fandom

One of the primary characters in Millionaire Detective is Daisuke Kambe. He is a hot and glamorous investigator on top of being insanely wealthy. Spending money isn’t a big concern for him, and he can quickly outpace any character with just his financial resources. He is the richest anime character, not including the size of his aircraft or his enormous property. He’s like a Kdrama Male lead.

38. Soo-Won – Yona of the Dawn

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Spotern

The Kouka Kingdom is ruled by Soo-Won. By slaying Emperor II, his uncle who overthrew his father, General Yu-Hon exacts revenge for the death of his father. He is young, tall, and has a really lovely face. We saw many hearts break, seeing him change into the villain. Who doesn’t adore a king? Soo-Won is a lovely character; his blue eyes, height, and delicate features are so wonderful.

39. Sebastian Michaelis Kuroshitsuji

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Fandom

When you hear the word “devil,” what is the first thing that comes to mind? Right, ugly and strange creatures! That’s because Sebastian, in contrast to other demons, is much hotter and more seductive. Another attractive butler in anime who is always depicted in a black suit is him. He is especially hotter when all of this is added to his black hair and typical demonic red eyes.

40. Kaname Kuran – The Vampire Knight

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – CharacTour

One of the hottest vampire men in anime is Kaname Kuran. He appears in the film Vampire Knight. Although there is some disagreement over his behavior, everyone can agree that he has great looks. Reminds me of Damon from Vampire dairies.

41. Hatsuharu Sohma – Fruits Basket

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Fandom

One of the recurring characters in the Fruits Basket series is Hatsuharu Sohma, also known by the nickname Haru. Because of his attractive face, he is a cool, collected man who is liked by both girls and guys. Cool stud Haru has pristine white hair, pretty sharp, somewhat drooping dark brown eyes, a green tattoo, and of course piercings.

42. Guren Ichinose – Seraph of the End

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Pinterest

One of the main characters in Seraph of the End is Guren Ichinose. He is a tall young man with medium-long black hair that resembles an overgrown wavy mullet and messy bangs that are parted in the middle. His violet-purple eyes are complementing his hair and have a similar length. While he is on the screen, you can’t take your eyes off of him.

43. Ayanokouji Kiyotaka – Classroom of the Elite

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Reddit

Although Ayanokouji Kiyotaka appears to be an ordinary student, he isn’t. His cool demeanor conceals strong people-reading abilities and a keen sense of strategy. He purposefully receives a mediocre grade in order to detract attention from himself.

But, if he so chooses, he can excel in every subject at school. He may come across as socially awkward, but he is undoubtedly one of the most intelligent and attractive anime characters.

44. Mello – Death Note

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Fandom

If you have seen Death Note, you know what I’m talking about. The orphanage for gifted children known as Wammy’s House is where Mello, the older of the two potential heirs, was raised.

The sharp contrast between his dark leather and handsome face and blonde hair works well. His usual attire consists of black leather and a red beaded choker. He gives off a genuine bad-guy vibe by concealing a gun in his leather pants.

45. Hisoka Morow – Hunter x Hunter

Hottest Male Anime Characters
Credits – Fandom

Hisoka has maintained a respectable position in the Hunter x Hunter universe despite people’s growing passion for bad characters. He is undeniably a real cutie, but not just because of his stunning features. Again, Bad boys always make the cut.

I hope you enjoyed my article ( I know you did :), let me know in the comments down below, of you who you think is the hottest. Click here for more anime updates.


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