Top 5 Moments In Attack On Titan Final Episode

Bidding farewell to our beloved series and favourite characters is always a difficult task. There are multiple epic moments in Attack On Titan Final Episode. Many of us have grown up watching Attack On Titan, and 10 years aren’t less. The epic series finally came to an end, leaving fans with teary eyes. 

The series finale was filled with countless spine-chilling moments. Many of us manga readers were already prepared for the heartbreaking moments. AOT remains the forever favorite, capturing hearts as the best anime. There is no doubt that it is the classic shounen anime of all time. 

The last episode is filled with many moments that have found their permanent place in our hearts. However, let’s discuss only five moments that thrilled us enough to give us goosebumps. If you haven’t watched the anime’s finale yet, then let me warn you of major spoilers.

Zeke and Levi’s Combined Efforts

zeke and levi combined efforts

Credit: IMDb

There is no denying that it’s all thanks to the Levi squad and especially Zeke. Otherwise, defeating Eren wouldn’t have ever been possible. It was their combined efforts that saved the Global Alliance

They were the ones who convinced the Titans to join them in the battle against Eren. Grisha Yeager was also the one who joined. There are countless moments in the series, but we definitely can’t forget this moment. It was a critical moment and holds significant importance! 

If Levi hadn’t killed Zeke, then Rumbling wouldn’t have stopped. So, let’s appreciate the sacrifices and efforts of the duo. 

Levi, The Brave Hero And The Strongest soldier

Credit: IMDb

levi, the strongest soldier

Credit: IMDb

Not just the Final Episode, Levi’s efforts throughout the anime have been commendable. He started as a hero and remained a hero till the end. There should be a separate anime based on Levi showcasing his daunting nature and bravery. 

The intense battle has left no one with the peace of heart. It has taken something from every character and caused emotional pain to everyone. In the end, we see Levi finally retire as they lose the ability to walk and see from one eye. 

Watching our hero in a wheelchair was an unforgettable moment in the Attack on Titan final episode. It’s heart-wrenching to accept that Levi would be able to wield weapons again with that strength!

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Eren and Armin’s Friendship

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Okay, guys, we are all familiar with the deep bond Eren and Armin share. It’s always the emotions and memories that are left behind and nothing else. Armin’s memory of Eren telling him about things crowding his head is the best moment in Attack On Titan final episode. 

The way he shares his concerns and his feelings for Mikasa is heartbreaking. The way Armin tries to make him understand and rethink his decision is remarkable. It was one of the most emotional scenes and a scene that made us bawl our eyes out.

We learned about the Pain Eren was going through. The fact that he only wanted good for his people makes him a Hero (Say whatever you want). Heroes are the ones who give the toughest of sacrifices, and Eren was undoubtedly the ONE!

Eren’s Love For Mikasa

Eren Yeager and Mikasa (attack on titan final episode)

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Eren loved Mikasa deeply, and he had always wanted to see her happy. The fact that Eren never wanted to die made our hearts wrench. His confession for Mikasa to Eren will always be the saddest moment for the AOT fans. It’s undoubtedly the best moment in Attack On Titan Final episode. This scene made us realize Eren’s pain and how much he had to go through. 

He loved her unconditionally but was bound by a fate to destroy the world. Only those who suffer know this pain. Hats off to Eren’s strength. If only life were fair to him, he wouldn’t go through this much pain.

Eren’s Death

attack on titan final episode

Credit: IMDb

Of course, how can we forget the moment of Eren’s death? This moment will forever be remembered effortlessly. It’s close to our hearts as we lost a pure soul. The fact that the person Eren loved the most beheaded him makes it one of the saddest yet satisfying moments. Obviously, we wouldn’t have accepted anyone else resting Eren in peace, knowing that Mikasa Loved him the most. Eren’s death was the end of an era, and Otaku would never forget this heartbreaking moment. It’s impossible for an anime fan to forget the popular character, Eren Yeager. Arigato Eren!


What happened to Mikasa after Eren died?

It wasn’t easy for Mikasa to take the life of her beloved. So, she sheds countless tears after his death.

What happened to Mikasa after Eren died?

It wasn’t easy for Mikasa to take the life of her beloved. So, she sheds countless tears after his death.

Why does Armin cry?

There are many reasons. The fact that he considers himself responsible for Eren’s decision and the fact that he lost him made him cry.

Why did people hate the ending of AOT?

The answer can be subjective, but mainly because it was the most tragic ending.


There are numerous moments throughout the entire series and in the AOT final episode. However, I have enlisted, which touched the majority of the fans the most. Share your thoughts on the most heartbreaking moments in Attack On Titan Final episode! There’s no doubt the anime entertained us through and through. Kudos for the creators for the phenomenal action scenes.  For more anime updates, stay connected!

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