Invincible Season 2 Part 1: Review

It took almost 2 years for fans to watch Invincible Season 2. Undoubtedly, it was a banger entry but this wait to watch the remaining episodes is surely killing them. The fact that the creators have made some changes to the original storyline came as a shock. There is no doubt that this surprising season was extremely entertaining for both comic and comic book readers.

Invincible Season 2 only released four episodes on Prime Video. Each episode used to air weekly, and now the story has gone on hiatus. These four episodes presented us with some major plot twists and revelations. Thus, the creators were successful in keeping the audience on their toes. 

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Invincible Season 2 Part 2 Release Date

It’s believed that the story had to be broken into two parts for creative reasons. Thus, you can expect the coming part to be a masterpiece and fans are eagerly waiting for it. Unfortunately, the wait is just going to get harder because the upcoming part will hit the screens next year.

It’s predicted that the rest of the episodes should be out in early 2024. However, let’s pray that there won’t be any additional delays. According to Rober Kirkman, the Co-creator of Invincible, the pause in the story is good for the audience to digest it. He says that he had been doing the same with The Walking Dead, and it helped him cover the narrative well. 

Above all, he also mentioned that it was also because of the production process. The whole process took him longer than he imagined.

Invincible Season 2: Part 1 STORY


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Invincible Season 2 of the superhero series kicks off, and Mark’s life continues to become tougher. All thanks to his father Omni Man’s actions and betrayal. The powerful superhero learns about his responsibilities. Coping with the ups and downs of his invincible life, he comes across some villains. 

The villains are ready to add to his challenges. Poor boy still hasn’t graduated, and college life troubles are just a part of his life. Meanwhile, Mark decides to help the Alien species, aka Thraxans. Believing that their planet is in danger, he agrees to help them. 

He reaches there only to be SHOCKED. In reality, it was all a trick to get the boy to meet his DAD. The season ends with Mark on a cliff end, as he is left to make a difficult choice. Vikturmite soldiers effortlessly destroy the planet Thraxan. Things lead the boy in a messy citation as Kregg appoints him as a new Viltrumite agent by giving him a mission to kill humanity. They continue to warn the boy that he must conquer the world otherwise, they’ll destroy it themself. 

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Invincible Season 2: Part 1 Review

The fans received the four episodes very well. Part 2 was more like a slow burn for the viewers, but it effortlessly gripped them till the end. Thanks to Robert Kirkman for giving us such a compelling story with plenty of action. 

The action and the narrative are excellent, with the right emotional depth. The fact that the last episode left the fans eager and on their toes says a lot about it. After waiting for almost two years, season 2 came, and now again, fans must wait for some time to watch the rest.

The story getting broken down into two parts is something people didn’t like much. However, it’s highly understandable that the break was necessary to digest the major story developments.


Is Invincible Season 2 in 2 parts?

Yes, the first part has four episodes, and the rest of the four episodes will return with season 2.

Is Invincible Season 2 complete?

Invincible season 2: part 1 has ended.

Is it worth it to watch Invincible?

It’s a fantastic show to watch, thanks to its compelling plot and the superhero genre.


No matter how much fans hated the idea of season 2 having two parts, we can do nothing but wait. It’s just a matter of time till we will be able to watch the rest of the episodes. Indeed, it’s one of the best comic book adaptations, and kudos to the voice actors for bringing the characters to life. Let’s just wait patiently and see what the creators have in store for us. For similar anime update, keep following Animefleek. 

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