Key Visuals, Main Cast And July Premiere Revealed of The Great Cleric Anime

The Great Cleric franchise recently revealed the premiere date for the series, the show is set to broadcast in the Summer of 2023, during July. However, an official release date is yet to be revealed.

The official announcement of the broadcasting release was revealed on their official Twitter account via @seija_anime along with a key visual and additional information regarding the main cast.

The Great Cleric franchise also revealed a stage event to be held at Anime Jpana 2023. The stage event will be held at the Big Sight on March 25th, and March 26th.

Additionally, details regarding the time and date along with performers will be updated on their official website.

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You can see the key visual below:

Key Visuals, Main Cast And July Premiere Revealed of The Great Cleric Anime
Credit: Twitter via @seija_anime

The key visual featured the main character, Luciel proudly standing in front of an open green field.

The update also revealed the list of the main cast as Reiji Kawashima voicing the main character, Luciel, Akio Ootsuka voicing Brodo, Daisuke Ono voicing Galba, and Tomoaki Maeno voicing Gulgar.

The list of main staff members was also updated as Makoto Tamagawa as the series director, Guonian Wang in charge of character designs, and Keiichirou Oochi for series composition.

The plot of The Great Cleric

We’ve known some absurd anime stories where characters die unexpectedly and are transported to another world by the grace of a God; however, things are a bit different in here.

On a very unfortunate day, the Earth’s God of Destiny loses a bet against Galdardia’s Chief God and hands him ten mediocre souls. And the Chief God grants them all a new vessel.

From those ten mediocre souls, there was an average salaryman who fought against his destiny and found his calling after entering this new world.

He was reborn with a unique power of healing and was able to perform basic healing spells; however, he trained hard to grow into a strong man and survive in this world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Luciel reincarnated into a new world?

Lucial’s soul was among ten unfortunate bunch that were given to Galdardia’s Chief God as part of a lost bet, and his soul was given a new vessel.
He was reincarnated in the body of a 15-year-old boy with an innate talent for healing magic.

What was the first thing Lucial did after being reincarnated?

Lucial soon realized his unique potential for healing magic and started training his body with intensive training so that he could grow strong and survive.

Sources:, Twitter via @Seija_anime

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