Kimi ni Todoke Is Streaming On Netflix After Getting Licensed

Kimi ni Todoke Is Streaming On Netflix After Getting Licensed
Credit: Kimi ni Todoke | Studio Production I.G.

From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke, the anime adaptation of Karuho Shiina’s Japanese shojo romance manga, is currently streaming on Netflix.

Yes, you are correct. The coming-of-age romance Kimi ni Todoke (From Me to You) from Karuho Shiina is currently available on Netflix. If you want to watch Kimi ni Todoke in the United States, you may do so. And if you haven’t already binge-watched the endearing series, we can only heartily advise you to do so immediately.

The two-season, 38-episode series was formerly licensed by NIS America and made available in North America on Blu-Ray, but it hasn’t been widely distributed outside of the United States. However, the entire series will be available to Netflix users starting on November 1st, 2022.

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What’s The Plot in the Series?

Kuronuma Sawako is the subject of the manga series Kimi ni Todoke. She goes by the moniker Sadako (from “The Ring”) since many people find her odd and frequently think she is a ghost. She makes a friend in Kazehaya-kun, who she describes as “100% refreshment.”

Sawako Kuronuma is perhaps the nicest person alive, yet many refer to her as Sadako, like the girl from “The Ring,” because of her long, straight black hair, eerie smile, and eerie vibe.

Everyone at the school believes sure she has occult powers, including the ability to curse others for gazing at her for too long, and can see ghosts. They are all terrified of her as a result. Everyone but the amiable and well-liked Shota Kazehaya-kun. When Kazehaya starts talking to Sawako, her entire world starts to open.

With Kazehaya’s assistance, Sawako develops the two best friends of her life, Ayane Yano and Chizuru Yoshida, who support her in a variety of ways, from coping with bullies to understanding her love for Kazehaya.

Kimi ni Todoke Live Action is Available on Netflix?

Kimi ni Todoke Is Streaming On Netflix After Getting Licensed
Credit: Kimi ni Todoke Live Adaptation | NETFLIX

A live-action adaptation of the popular romance manga series from Karuho Shiina will be produced by Netflix in collaboration with TV Tokyo with a 2023 debut date.

Sawako Kuronuma, the main character, will be portrayed by Sara Minami (Ride or Die, The Good Father), while Shota Kazahaya, Sawako’s romantic interest, will be played by Oji Suzuka (The Tunnel to Summer, The Exit of Goodbye).

The film’s screenplay was written by Hayato Miyamoto, and it will be directed by Takehiko Shinj (Your Lie in April, I Give My First Love To You, Beyond the Memories) and Takeo Kikuchi (Tokyo Alice, Hello, Goodbye).

The most recent manga to receive a live-action Netflix adaptation is “Kimi ni Todoke,” joining “One Piece,” “Death Note,” “Yuyu Hakusho,” and “Fullmetal Alchemist,” among others.

Is Kimi ni Todoke Currently Available on Netflix?

Kimi ni Todoke Is Streaming On Netflix After Getting Licensed
Credit: Kimi ni Todoke | Studio Production I.G.

Yes, Kimi ni Todoke also known as From Me to You is available on Netflix from January 1, 2023. This means the series is currently available on Netflix all around the world.

Netflix hasn’t been subtle about its aspirations to dominate the anime market; just a handful of their exclusives include Devilman Crybaby, Castlevania, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean.

With Komi Can’t Communicate in 2021 having made waves on the platform in the anime comedy field, From Me To You, a well-liked romantic comedy series has now arrived on the streaming site. Naturally, Netflix is using the occasion to bolster its constantly growing collection with fresh and vintage anime masterpieces.

So What do you think Isn’t it amazing the best rom-com anime series is now available across the Netflix platform? Let us know in the comments.

Frequently Asked Question

1. In how many countries is this anime series available?

According to the news, it’s available on Netflix which means the series is available globally on Netflix.

2. When does the live-action adaptation be available on Netflix?

It is said that the live adaptation will be available in 2023 which is also available to stream on Netflix.

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