Sho Makura Launches New Manga

The official Twitter account of GrandJump via @GrandJump announced the release of Sho Makura’s new manga titled “Millionaire Hero in Another World: Since the Defeated Enemies turn into Gold Nuggets, My Money Power is Unparalleled”

Sho Makura is known for his previous works creating the beloved comedy series Hell Teacher Nube, so this makes it his first Isekai manga series.

The announcement came with a special illustration featuring the main characters along with the information that the series will be available on the NicoNico Manga website.

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Sho Makura Launches New Manga
Credit: Twitter via @GrandJump

Any new information regarding the series is yet to be released as the series progresses; however, we did receive some information about the series’ plot.

The Plot of Millionaire Hero in Another World

Much like every other Isekai anime protagonist in existence, our main character is transported to a strange fantasy world, and his abilities are yet to be fully recognized so he is deemed as weak.

However, he soon realizes that his unique skills allow him to turn any enemy he defeats into a gold nugget, with this newfound power he decides to change his fate.

The original story was credited to Makura and the artwork for the manga was done by Ken Azarashi.

About Sho Makura

Sho Makura is known for his previous anime and manga series Hell Teacher Nube which is an adventure, comedy, and horror series about a teacher who cares about his students; however, he hides a secret beneath the glove of his left hand.

He protects his students from evil spirits by using his monster hand which is considered to be very powerful.

Hell Teacher Nube did receive an anime movie, a three-episode OVA sequel, and a couple of side stories. A live-action series of Hell Teacher Nube was created in 2014.

Aside from his works on Hell Teacher Nube, Sho Makura has worked on another manga series: Panda Man to Rescue! Which is another superhero series where Panda Man recovers all the milk that the thieves have stolen.

And with the success of his previous works, Sho Makura is excited to release his new Isekai fantasy series, fans are excited and there is no doubt the series will receive an anime adaptation in the coming future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many manga series has Sho Makura worked on?

Sho Makura is known for his most popular anime and manga series Hell Teacher Nube, he has also worked on some popular series such as Gendai Toshi Youkikou Reibaishi Izuna: The Spiritual Medium, and Panda Man to the Rescue! His most recent work is Millionaire Hero in Another World: Since the Defeated Enemies turn into Gold Nuggets, My Money Power is Unparalleled.

When did Sho Makura make his first manga?

Sho Makura made his first manga series Jigoku Sensei Nube in September 1993 which ran for 276 chapters and was later compiled into 31 volumes. That series later received an anime adaptation by Toei Animation with a total of 49 episodes.

Source: Twitter via @GrandJump

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