Link Click Season 2 Release Date

Link Click season 2

Link Click Season 2 release date is out and word on the street is that it is one of the most underrated anime around. My guess is that it’s because it’s Chinese.

As someone who has mentalized similar animation styles in a particular language, it feels odd to hear them differently. Therefore, I understand why it has slipped under the radar.

People, this should be your wake-up call. Break those biases.

Link Click, otherwise known as Shiguang Dailiren, is an original Chinese animation from studio LAN. The same studio created To Be Hero, which is an equally entertaining parody if you’re unfamiliar with the title. A joint effort between bilibili and Funimation is responsible for producing and licensing the series.

In its first season, there were 11 episodes, the same is expected in the 2nd season as well.

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Link Click’s official Twitter account announced that the new season would be out in January 2023. The exact announcement will occur via their channels soon.

The director and scriptwriter for the first season was Li Haoling. We expect him to continue the good work in Link Click season 2.

Other confirmed staff that are working on the second season are:

INPLICK who is an original character developer; character designers LAN, Huang Simeng, and Xiong Dan; Zhang Yuxia and Zhu Linzheng who are in charge of storyboarding, and of course, studio LAN is in charge of producing it.The voice actors who were in season 1 are also expected to make a return but it is yet to be confirmed.

The voice actors in charge of Cheng Xiashi were;

  • Toshiyuki Toyonaga – Japanese Voice Actor
  • Su Shangqing – Chinese Voice Actor
  • Lim Chaebin – Korean Voice Actor
  • Alejandro Saab – English Voice Actor
  • Donald Reignoux – French Voice Actor
  • Phakhin Tlabphet – Thai Voice Actor

And the ones in charge of Lu Guang are:

  • Takahiro Sakurai – Japanese Voice Actor
  • Yang Tianxiang – Chinese Voice Actor
  • Kim Hyeonuk – Korean Voice Actor
  • Zeno Robinson – English Voice Actor
  • Romain Altché – French Voice Actor
  • Khun Teil – Thai Voice Actor


Link Click season 2 focuses on a group of youngsters who try to make a living in the hustle and bustle of a big city. They create a startup where they use their powers to enter their customers’ photos.

With that said, the power to enter photographs allows them to travel to the past, specifically to the time that picture was taken specifically. In addition, they possess the body of whoever is in the picture.

As with all time travel flicks or shows, it gets so complicated. The deal is that the power lasts for 12 hours after the picture was taken.

Faced with strangers’ pasts, Lu Guang and Cheng Xiaoshi have to fight urges and temptations to not interfere with the flow of events. This is lest they change the present for the worst. We all know the tune; travel back in the past to a time before the world wars, knock over a chair, and the next thing you know German is the most spoken language in the world. Time travel is always a mess.

This show carries heavy emotions and intriguing cliffhangers; it’s a must-watch that boasts a rating of 8.8/10 with 86,000 votes on myanimelist.

They hit us with the classic, “is he really dead?” at the end of season 1, and it’s embarrassing to say that it still ropes us in for the next installment. Damn, they know their stuff.

The protagonists’ world expanded dramatically when Lu Guang was stabbed in the gut by a friend of theirs. An enemy with similar powers to their own took over a friend of theirs.

The creators gave us some hints, from the trailer, as to what this new enemy might look like: brown hair, round glasses, with a smirk plastered on his mean face. Undeniably, the reveal made must have have a relation to the red-eyed villain they were to face.

Now the questions that inevitably follow in the minds of fans are, will our own Cheng Xiaoshi be able to stand tall and fight off the incoming danger without the help of the cool-headed Guang? Are the enemy’s powers similar to their own or is it something completely different?

All in all, it became clear from the trailer that we were in for a good time. The next season seems to be filled with particularly awesome sequences and fascinating reveals that seem appetizing enough from afar. Surprisingly, Lu Guang didn’t make an appearance in the trailer. This could spell the worst outcome… but let’s not jump to conclusions.


For anime fans who obsess over minute details, I’d like to reassure you that Link click season 2’s overall quality is pretty decent. At any rate, the story development, the animation, CGI, and the color palette undeniably gleam from their polishing. I’d confidently say that it is all well-balanced and unquestionably deserves a watch. Heck, even the opening theme is nice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lu Guang dead?

It is not clear from the trailer if he is. Since the donghua doesn’t have a light novel or a comic, the only way to find out is to watch!

Where can one watch the show?

Streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll and Funimation have it up for their users.

Are donghua (Chinese anime) worth it?

Yes. Some of their anime are among the best. You have to make the transition and be more accepting.

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