The Faraway Paladin Season 2 Release Date

It’s always nice to receive another generic Isekai anime with a generic plot and an adventurous theme, although the series is more popular for its laid-back tone and decent characters. The first season was a great way and the faraway paladin season 2 has been announced.

Even with the generic isekai setting, the story was engaging with unique plots and interesting characters, not the mention the well-done magic mechanics that made the series worth watching. Where will William’s adventures take him now?

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The first season of the faraway paladin finished airing on Jan 3rd, 2022, and the announcement of its second season came a week before that along with a special illustration:

The Faraway Paladin Season 2
Special Illustration via Official Twitter account

It’s almost been a year since the announcement of the faraway paladin season 2 was made public and there hasn’t been any news regarding the studio producing the series and the staff members. More information about the sequel will be revealed later.

Many factors play a role in deciding whether a show will receive a sequel from its general popularity, the amount of source material and if the initial season was able to promote the source material and attract fans.

And while there is no denying the story was engaging, the show wasn’t as popular as I had hoped. The overall Isekai theme with an overly talented main character made it seem like a cheap copy of thousand other shows.

The series is based on a Japanese light novel series which is immensely more popular than the anime adaptation, which certainly means the series has failed to promote the source material and any upcoming sequel will likely have a lesser budget.

However, something like this is normal when an important like this is taken by studios with no prior experience in creating action-fantasy series. Hopefully, the sequel will be picked up by a more competent studio.

The plot of the faraway paladin

The Faraway Paladin Season 2
Credit: Children’s Playground Entertainment

The plot of the faraway paladin is heavily inspired by Mushoku Tensei, the series is set inside a magical fantasy world where the protagonist is reborn.

The first beings he meets after being reborn are a skeleton who teaches him combat, a ghost who teaches him magic, and a mummy who teaches him about religion and beliefs.

After his preparation with his three undead guardians, William sets out on an adventure to the outside world to fulfill a lifelong promise. To discover the pasts of his undead guardians to learn of his origins.

How much source material is left?

The faraway paladin is a Japanese light novel series written by Kanata Yanagino and illustrated by Kususaga Rin. The series first began its serialization in May 2015, on the user-generated publishing website, Shosetsuka ni Naro.

The light novel series currently has 4 volumes in circulation and the first season covered about 2 chapters, the upcoming sequel will continue the story from chapter 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Maryblood William G a girl?

I can see why anyone would assume him to be a girl at first, his character style, his voice, and his name are all somewhat girlish. However, William is a boy.

Is the protagonist overpowered in the faraway paladin?

Calling him an overpowered character is overstating his character, William is a talented and dedicated person who trains hard.

Source: Official Twitter

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