Rent a Girlfriend Season3 Release Date

Rent-a-Girlfriend has to be one of the most controversial anime series of all time. Not only were the Twitter birds riled but everyone on the internet was talking about this absurd show. Now with the second season concluded, Rent-a-Girlfriend season3 is on its way.

The second season of Rent-a-Girlfriend was an exciting watch. It had some interesting plots and lots of character development. Now with Kazuya chasing after a goal to make a movie for Chizuru. It seems the sequel is going to be a blast to watch.

Rent-a-Girlfriend season 3’s news came after season two came to an end. The announcement was made a chibi-style featuring all the girls.

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There hasn’t been any information revealed regarding the animation studio and the current staff members. However, we do expect the studio TMS Entertainment to animate the series. Kazuomi Koga is the series director, Jamie Simone is the producer, and Hajime Takakuwa is the sound director.

The main cast of Rent-a-Girlfriend includes Sora Amamiya as Chizuru Ichinose, Shun Horie as Kazuya Kinoshita, Aoi Yuuki as Mami Nanami, Rie Takahashi as Sumi Sakurasawa, and Nao Touyama as Ruka Sarashina.

The plot of Rent-a-Girlfriend

Rent-a-Girlfriend 3rd Season

The series’ plot takes love triangles to a whole different level. The entire series is famous for its with over-the-top characters with excessive drama.

After his breakup, Mami, Kazuya is too heartbroken to get even get out of bed. Therefore, he tries the rental girlfriend service, he immediately falls in love with the first beautiful girl he orders and ends up lashing out at her for being superficial.

He receives a phone call that his grandmother collapsed in the hospital, and rushes to the hospital with his rental girlfriend. When his grandmother asks about the girl, he declares they are lovers and begs Chizuru to help him with this charade. With time, their fake relationship starts to become real and that’s what entertains the most.

What happened so far in the anime?

Rent-a-Girlfriend 3rd Season teaser visual

After finally getting over his girlfriend and breaking the emotional ties with Chizuru. Kazuya tries the dating service app again to order other rental girlfriends, and the girls he orders are just more than what he can handle.

His relationship continues to evolve with each of them in a different way. He tries to support Chizuru to pursue her dream of acting despite her lack of motivation, and he takes a job to pay for Chizuru’s career while working on his inexplicable feeling toward Ruka.

He even goes so far as wanting to make a movie for Chizuru only to keep her dream alive.

Possible spoilers for Rent-a-Girlfriend Anime season3

The second ended with Kazuya making a decision of wanting to create a movie for Chizuru. Rent-a-Girlfriend season 3 will cover the movie arc. It is famous as one of the most interesting arcs in the whole show.


Source material For Rent A Girlfriend Season3

Rent-a-Girlfriend 3rd Season cover

Rent-a-Girlfriend is a Japanese manga series that Miyajima Reiji has written and illustrated. The series began its serialization in Kodansha’s shonen magazine on July 2017.

The series currently has over 28 volumes and 246 chapters in circulation. We can expect more chapters releasing with time. The first two seasons of the anime series covered 12 volumes with 103 chapters.

Rent-a-Girlfriend season 3will continue the season from volume 13 and chapter 104 titled “My Girlfriend and Splitting”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kazuya have feelings for Ruka?

While there are some obvious signs that Kazuya has feelings toward Ruka. He always tries to never act on those feelings because he would much rather be with Chizuru.

Does Kazuya still have feelings for Mami?

The whole story begin with Mami-chan dumping Kazuya. He obviously hates her for what she did and how she treats him but he secretly does still want to be with her.

Will Kazuya and Chizuru get together?


Just like the previous seasons, we should expect some wild moments in the coming one. The story entertained the fans a lot despite many controversial themes. It’s an overall sweet and cute story. Let’s wait for the coming season! For more anime updates, keep following us.

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