Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Is Confirmed

Yuru Camp or rather, Laid-Back Camp is one of the adored anime series out there. The show is popular for its laid-back tone, its camping theme, and the hilarious cast of characters from goofy to intelligent, Laid-Back Camp season 3 couldn’t get here soon enough.

What makes the show great is its simplicity. It’s basically a guide to the outdoor lifestyle, teaching you the dos and don’ts of camping. The second season was a great watch. The characters went on plenty more adventures, with plenty of new things to learn.

Laid-Back Camp season 3 was announced via the official anime Twitter account. The announcement came with a special illustration and comments from the series creator.

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Laid-Back Camp season 3
special illustration via official twitter

The author said he couldn’t believe the third season was announced. He was looking forward to the release of the anime series.

The series’ cast list was updated including Nao Touyama as Rin Shim, Yumiri Hanamori as Nadeshiko Kagamihara, Aki Toyosaki as Aoi Inuyama, Sayuri Hara as Chiaki Oogaki, Rie Takahashi as Ena Saitou, and Tomoo Kurosawa as Ayano Toki.

Studio C-Station is the animation studio that animated both seasons and a movie. The official list of staff members include Yoshiaki Kyugoku as the series’ director, Masato Jinbo as the episode director, Mutsumi Saski for character designs, and Chiyomaru Shikura as executive producer.

The plot of Laid-Back Camp

Laid-Back Camp season 3
Credit: C-Station

It’s common to see an anime based around a specific theme. In the case of laid-back camp, it’s camping and living outdoors.

Rin Shima is the lead of the series who prefers to spend her alone time camping in the outdoors, especially on campsites near Mount Fuji. She’s an expert camper and knows the basic tactics for quickly setting up a camp.

On her usual adventures, she comes across a Nadeshiko Kagamihara who is lost and invites her to spend the night at her camp.

While this wasn’t the camping adventure Rin was hoping for. She was happy that she found another camping enthusiast and that they made plans to meet again.


What happened so far in Laid-Back Camp

Laid-Back Camp season 3
Credit: C-Station

The first season was a blast to watch. The series gave us plenty of insight on how to set up proper camps and enjoy living outdoors, And the second season gave us completely new scenery and scenarios on how to enjoy camping near the sea.

Rin Shima goes on a solo camping adventure near the sea to enjoy the new year. But extreme weather conditions force her to stay at Nadeshiko’s place. This small solo adventure becomes an extended camping trip with her friends.

Source Material For Laid Back Camp Season 3

Laid-Back Camp is a Japanese manga series. Afro has written and illustrated the series. The series is set around Yamanashi Prefecture. Laid-Back Camp began its serialization in July 2015 in Houbunsha’s Time Kirara Magazine.

The series currently has 14 volumes in circulation with the latest addition released on November 10th, 2022. The first 2 seasons adapted the 9 volumes from the manga series, the upcoming season will continue from volume 10.

FAQs About Laid-Back Camp season 3

Who is the main character of Laid-Back Camp?

Rin Shima is the protagonist of the series. She’s an expert camper and knows everything there is to know about setting up a campsite.

What is the current status of Laid-Back Camp season 3?

The series’s announcement news came via the official Twitter account. I believe the series will come in either Spring or summer of 2023.

Will Laid-Back Camp get a season 3?

Yes, it is soon going to hit our screens.


Overall, the teaser visuals look promising and we can expect some great quality from the anime. Let’s wait for any further updates about this lovely camping anime. It seems like a simple anime with a number of sweet and cute moments. Animefleek will keep updating you with similar anime updates.

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