Overlord Holy Kingdom Movie Release Date

Overlord is one of the most amazing and popular anime series with a massive fanbase. The fourth season finished with quite a banger. And the upcoming Overlord Holy kingdom movie announcement came in the midst of august during a special Livestream on YouTube.

The upcoming season will cover the Holy Kingdom arc which will focus on Demiurge under the disguise of Jaldaboath, he enslaves eighteen different races of demi-humans to form an alliance that he uses to massacre the Roble Holy Kingdom.

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The official announcement of the YouTube special was later posted on the official Twitter account with a key visual:

Overlord Movie Key Visual
Overlord Movie Key Visual

The teaser visual featured the two key characters for the upcoming Holy Kingdom Arc, Remedios Custodio, the grandmaster of the Roble Kingdom’s paladin order, and Neia Baraja, an ordinary soldier of the Roble Kingdom facing opposite directions.

Studio Madhouse will produce the upcoming movie with Naoyuki Itou as the series’ director. Further information about the Official release date, staff and cast members will be up sometime soon.

The plot of Overlord Holy Kingdom Movie

The story revolves around the generic plot of getting transported inside the game with the same overpowered character. However, the attention to detail makes this series amazing.

A popular VRMMO game, Yggdrasil is about to shut down in a couple of hours. And Suzuki Satoru spends the last moments admiring all that he accomplished.

He falls asleep before the countdown finishes and wakes up to find himself inside his in-game avatar with all the magical equipment.

After confronting the situation and meeting up with his servants, Satoru devises a plan to investigate the magical world to find others like him.

However, his problems are only just beginning when Slane Theocracy brain washed one of his guardians. Ainz Ooal Gown set his sights on world domination after some heartfelt discussion with his beloved guardians.

In short, we can have high expectation from this upcoming dark fantasy anime film.

Spoilers for Overlord Movie: Holy Kingdom

Overlord Light Novel 12th volume cover
Overlord Light Novel 12th volume cover

The upcoming movie will cover The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom arc written by Maruyama and illustrated by So-bin.

The main plot of the series is just Ainz forcing another kingdom into submission. The arc features Demiurge and we get to see why he is considered the strongest among all other guardians. His ruthlessness knows no bounds.

Demiurge sets out and enslaves eighteen different demi-human races and forms and massive demi-human alliance to battle against the Roble Holy Kingdom, forcing them to seek aid from the Sorcerer Kingdom.

Perhaps this is where we will get to the full extent of Demiurge’s abilities, as he mercilessly massacres the Roble Kingdom’s forces. Judging from the teaser visual, we can say that the character designer has done a fantastic job at it.

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How much source material is left?

Overlord is a Japanese light novel series. Kugane Maruyama has written it and So-bin has illustrated it. The series began its serialization in 2010 before it was acquired by Enterbrain in 2012.

The series currently has 16 volumes in circulation. The first four seasons concluded the story until chapter 11, “The Dwarven Drafter” which we saw in the fourth season.

The upcoming Overlord movie will continue the series from volume 12, “The Paladin of the Sacred Kingdom” which is a two-part Arc.

FAQs about Overlord Holy Kingdom Movie

Why is Ainz always strategizing before his move?

It never hurts to be overly cautious. After Theocracy brainwashed Shalltear Slane, Ainz became extra careful with his next moves so he could protect the other guardians.

Who is the strongest guardian?

So far we know Albedo is the one always beside Lord Ainz. She is also the overseer of the great tomb of Nazarick and keeps the other guardians in check.u003cbr /u003eHowever, Demiurge is different from the other guardians, the upcoming movie will showcase his true powers.

Why did Ainz decide to destroy the Re-Estize Kingdom?

While initially Ainz only wanted to scare the kingdom. So that no one would dare to stand against them. But after discussing the matter with the guardians, he decides to decimate the kingdom to make an example for others.


The previous seasons have never disappointed us. Therefore, let’s keep our hopes high for the coming Overlord Holy Kingdom movie. This is hopefully be a fantastic entry in the anime industry. So, share your thoughts with us down in the comments. For similar anime updates, keep up with us!

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