25 Best Anime Studios Of All Time

best anime studios of all time

The anime’s popularity does not depend solely on its story or character design. The direction, animation quality, and art play a huge role. No matter how captivating the plot is, if it’s not executed well, all is in vain. A huge number of fans watch anime because they like their anime studio. 

It’s hard to say that a specific anime studio is the best because there are a number of best anime studios. Moreover, different people have different preferences; therefore, it would be wrong to name a particular studio. Many studios are known for creating record-breaking anime. Let’s discuss the most popular anime studios! 

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P.S. The list is completely Subjective!

25. Gainax

Gainax best anime studios of all time
Credit: MAL

Gainax started producing anime shorts when it was first introduced in the 1980s. Now it works for the anime adaptations of manga. It has produced one of the best quality anime, including Neon Genesis and FLCL.

Similar to others, its quality has improved with time. Most of its anime is known for cliff hanger and twisted endings. The studio was working good before certain controversies, and later it changed its name to Gaina. 

Notable works

Neon Genesis (along with production IG) 


Medaka Box

Tengen Toppa

24. Diomedea

Diomedea best anime studios of all time
Credit: MAL

Diomedea was once known as Studio Barcelona. The studio was introduced in 2005 and since then has been producing anime. It has provided the audience with entertainment and creativity. Many fans adore it for its work.

The fans believe that the company still has a lot to improve, but there is no doubt that they have entertained the audiences with the best possible work. You can judge the quality of their work from the following anime. 

Notable works

Problem Children Are Coming From Another World,  Aren’t They? 


Domestic Girlfriend 

23. Clover Works

Clover Works best anime studios of all time
Credit: WIkipedia

Cover works are known for being a subsidiary of Aniplex. It has produced multiple romance anime and mature content. Like many others on the list, it is not confined to a specific genre.

It has done supporting work in producing well-known anime like Seven Deadly Sins, Darling in the Franxx, and Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai. It has tried its hands-on genres like dark fantasy, fantasy, romance, and action. 

Notable works

The Promised Neverland


Wonder Egg Priority 

22. P.A Works

P.A Works best anime studios of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Similar to many on the list, P.A Works is also founded by one of the former workers. Kenji Horikawa the founder of PA works is known for working in IG Productions, and Bee Train. PA works is known for producing a variety of genres, including supernatural, fantasy, action, and slice of life.

It was founded in 2000, and since then, it has produced multiple anime. For the first 8 years, it worked with other studios in collaboration, and after 2008, it started producing its own anime. 

Notable works


Angel Beats


21. Shaft

Shaft best anime studios of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Shaft is one of the famous anime studios founded in 1975, making it one of the oldest. The shaft has also produced its original animated series, Yume Kara Samenai. It has worked jointly with Gainax on producing Mahoromatic,  He Is My Master and This Ugly and Beautiful World. It has produced quality anime in each genre. 

Notable works


Puella Magi Madoka Magica


20. Studio Bind 

Studio Bind  best anime studios of all time
Credit: Wikipedia

We can say that Studio Bind is the new anime studio, as it was founded in 2018. It’s a joint venture with White Fox and Egg Firm. This studio is mainly founded to produce Mushoku Tensei. The said anime is the adaptation of the light novel of the same name.

The anime has become popular, similar to its light novel. The animation, direction, and visuals are worth praising. Judging from the show’s popularity and the animation’s quality, Studio Bind is bound to gain more success in the future. 

Notable works

Mushoku Tensei

Onimai: I’m Now Your Sister! 

19. White Fox

White Fox best anime studios of all time
Credit: Wikipedia

This studio is known for working on the genres of dark fantasy, drama, and mature content. It also works on the anime adaptation of comics like Light Novel. Compared to old ones, it’s a new studio founded in 2007. In the few years, White Fox has produced a number of hit series, all of which have different genres that prove versatility and creativity. 

Notable works

Tears To Tiara

Starting Life In Another World

Akame Ga Kill

18. A1 Pictures

A1 Pictures best anime studios of all time
Credit: Wikipedia

This studio started making its name from the year 2005. Mikihiro Iwata, the former worker of The Sunrise production, is the man behind the birth of A1 Pictures. The main purpose of introducing this studio was to animate Aniplex’s series.

Initially, it wasn’t a full-fledged studio, as it was solely working to produce some of Aniplex’s works. However, later on, it began to evolve into one of the best anime studios. The studios’ action fantasy anime are the most popular. 

Notable anime

Fairy Tail

Seven Deadly Sins

Sword Art Online

17. Toei Animation

Toei Animation best anime studios of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

This anime studio is known for multiple things. It is mainly known for propelling the popularity of the Robot and Magical girl genres. Not just Japanese, Toei Animation has worked for well-known American series, including Marvel Productions.

Dragon Ball is a name that even non-anime fans are aware of, right? Well, this studio is famous for broadcasting the said anime. All thanks to Toei Animation for entertaining us in the best way possible.

It is behind the success of well-known anime, including one of the big 3, One Piece. Toei Animation is one of the oldest and first anime studios, founded in 1948. At that time, it was known as Japan Animated Films, but with time, a lot changed, including its name. 

Notable anime

Dragon Ball

One Piece

Neon Genesis

World Trigger

Digimon Adventure

16. Liden Films

Liden Films best anime studios of all time
Credit: Wikipedia

It’s nearly been a decade since Liden Films started entertaining audiences with its works. With time, its quality has improved drastically, and fans like its work more. In recent years, it has produced many fantastic anime with high-quality visuals, including Tokyo Revengers, Arslan Senki, etc. 

Notable Works

Chivalry Of The Knights 

Tokyo Revengers 

Terra Formars

Goblin Slayer


Silver Link. best anime studios of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

It’s a Tokyo-based animation studio founded in 2007 by Hayato Kaneko, an ex-Frontline animation Producer. It had two subsidiaries which later dissolved. Silver Link has made its name by producing a variety of anime. Almost all of them have a good rating on MAL. Silver Link has made its name on the list of best anime studios within a short period. 

Notable works

Chivalry Of A Failed Knight 

Kokoro Connect

Masamune Kun’s Revenge

The Misfit Of Demon King Academy

Strike the Blood

14. TMS Entertainment

TMS Entertainment best anime studios of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

It’s one of the oldest and among the very first anime studios that started their work back in 1946. It has created countless anime since then, all of which are worthy of praise. Similar to Aniplex and Sunrise, it also has a number of Subsidiaries known for famous anime.

It is known for trying its hands in various genres and making them popular for its fine quality and creativity. Whether romance, action, science fiction, or fantasy, TMS has always given tough competition to others. 

Notable works

Dr. Stone 


Fruits Basket


D-Gray Man

Kamisama Kiss

Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro


Detective Conan

13. Aniplex

Aniplex best anime studios of all time
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Aniplex, aka Sony Pictures Entertainment, is one of the largest and most popular anime studios of all time. It has a lot of subsidiaries that are famous for producing notable anime. Aniplex is not only limited to producing anime but also toys, stationery, games, and other products. It is known for producing popular anime music as well. One of the most notable works of Aniplex is Fullmetal Alchemist.

Notable Works

Angel Beats


Seven Deadly Sins

D Gray Man

12. J.C Staff

J.C Staff
Credit: Wiki Fandom

One of the longest-running and biggest anime studios is J. C Staff. Fans absolutely love the work of JC Staff. As its name suggests, Japan Creative, this anime studio, is known for its creativity.

Its founder Tomoyuki Miyata was a former member of Tatsunoko Production. He introduced the company back in 1986. Most of its works are widely popular and it has done a great job in the shounen genre. Not just action, it has worked in almost every genre, and all of them are famous in the Otaku community. 

Notable works

One Punch Man


The Distraous Life Of Saiki K


11. Production I.G

Production I.G
Credit: Wikipedia

Production IG is the name behind many popular anime, films, Music Production, and games. Yes, it has not limited itself to only anime and films but has produced many fine video game designs.

Mitsuhisa Ishikawa and Takayuki Goto are the founders of the studio. Like one can guess, I stand for Ishikawa and G for Goto. The name of the company is the initials of their founder’s name. It’s safe to call it one of the oldest production studios, as it has been working on anime productions since 1987.

Notable works

Ghost In The Shell



Guilty Crown

10. Sunrise Studio 

Sunrise Studio
Credit: Wiki Fandom

It’s Japan’s largest and most well-known studio, with more than 10 sub-studios working to produce anime. It has worked on multiple genres but is more popular for producing robot/mecha anime.

Like many, Sunrise is known for its high-quality works. Another notable thing is that most top-tier anime studios are founded by Sunrise’s former employees. Studio Bones and Studio Deen were founded by Sunrise’s former employees. I hope we are familiar with the hits of these studios. 

Notable works

Cowboy Bebop



Code Geass

9. Brain’s Base

Brain’s Base
Credit: MAL

Brain’s Base is not a new name and has been ruling the anime world by producing quality work for years now. It’s not known for producing a specific genre, but it is known for handling almost all types of genres.

Whether action, slice of life, fantasy, or romance, Brain’s Base has always given the best work. Anime studios that try their hands at various works and deliver the best quality work possible are the most loved studios. Brain base is just one of the most loved for the same reason. 

Notable works



Natsume’s Book Of Friends

My Little Monster

Spice And Wolf

8. Kyoto Animation

Kyoto Animation
Credit: Wiki Fandom

This studio is known for its versatility as it doesn’t only animate anime but also publishes Light Novels. Therefore this studio is a well-known name in both the reading and watching communities.

It also hosts awards in the manga and original novels categories. Kyoto Animation aims to provide quality work as its workers are salaried and given proper training in the company. Kyoto Animation prioritizes quality and creativity over everything else.

Notable anime

Violet Evergarden


Love Chunibyo


7. Bones

Credit: MAL

Bones is the name behind many top-class anime series. Fans eagerly wait for its new production and wish this anime animated their favorite anime. Unlike other anime studios popular for a certain genre, Bones is known for its work in almost all genres.

It’s versatile and known for its high-quality work. Like some other studios, Bones was also created by popular personalities, i.e., Masahiko Minami, Hiroshi Osaka, and Toshihiro Kawamoto.

The trio worked their best to make Bones one of the best anime studios of all time. They were the former workers of Sunrise Inc. The latter studio is also one of the most renowned anime studios; the good thing is that Bones and Sunrise have also worked together. 

Notable anime

Cowboy Bebop Movie

My Hero Academia

Sk8 The Infinity

Mob Psycho

Ouran High School Host Club

6. Ghibli

Credit: Wikipedia

How many of you remember Spirited Away? It has made the childhood of many memorable, and it’s all thanks to Studio Ghibli. It’s one of the most popular anime film studios.

Most of the anime movies we watch are this studio’s work. It was founded in 1985, and since then, it has made sure to entertain the audience with the best. It is famous for producing successful, record-breaking and best anime movies of all time.

I hope we all remember that movies like My Neighbour Totoro, Castle In The Sky, and Kiki’s Delivery Service are all the work of Studio Ghibli.  

Notable Works

Spirited Away

Howl’s Moving Castle

Grave Of The Fireflies

5. Ufotable

Credit: MAL

Ufotable has produced multiple hit anime series, including Fate/Zero, God Eater, etc. However, its most popular anime is Demon Slayer. Fans absolutely loved the animation of Demon Slayer as it has set a high bar for other studios.

Its quality has improved drastically. The film was a huge success and has broken the record of many. Mugen Train has become the highest-grossing film of all time. All thanks to Ufotable for their mind-blowing work and efforts.

The studio was founded in 2000, and since then, it has been working to produce fine quality works. However, it took 2 decades to reach this level. This is not a negative point but a plus point that proves its hard work and efforts. 

Notable works

Fate Series

Demon Slayer

God Eater

4. Wit Studio

Wit Studio
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Unlike many others on the list, this studio is not that old. It entered the production world in the year 2012. It is known as the subsidiary Studio of the very famous Production I.G. Within a short period, the studio has managed to rule a huge fandom by producing record-breaking anime like Attack On Titan.

The studio was introduced in 2012 and released Attack On Titan in 2013, which is commendable. Hardly do we see such inspiring success. Undoubtedly, Wit Studio has set some high standards for other anime studios.

The animation of Attack On Titan is famous as one of the best animations. Throughout the series, we have seen the animation of the anime improve. It’s popular for producing hit anime. After AOT, Spy X Family broke the records and left many popular American series behind. 

Notable works

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Vinland Saga

Spy x Family

3. Studio Pierrot 

Studio Pierrot
Credit: Wiki Fandom

Almost the majority of the popular anime studios are founded by former members of another renowned studio. The same is the case with this one, as it was founded by a former Tatsunoko Production and Mushi Production member.

It’s fans’ favorite studio, which has done a commendable job in winning hearts. It’s the same name behind everyone’s favorite Bleach and Naruto’s production. Both anime are famous as one of the Big 3s with huge fandom fans worldwide.

The execution, direction, creativity, and quality provided by Pierrot are unbeatable. The studio takes the anime’s quality, art, and animation seriously, which is sharply visible through its works.

Notable anime



Tokyo Ghoul

Black Clover

2. Madhouse

Credit: MAL

It’s one of the oldest and most popular ones on the list. This studio is popular for its creativity, quality, and entertainment. Since 1972, this name has given tough competition to all other studios.

The admirable thing is it has maintained its position throughout the decades. It has produced numerous anime movies along with TV series. The studio also started producing OVA, but compared to the anime, they are less popular. It has won multiple awards for its effort to entertain the audience. 

Notable anime:

Death Note 


High School Of The Dead



Credit: MAL

This name needs no introduction as everyone is very much familiar with it. This is the name behind countless record-breaking anime. It was founded by none other than the very famous Masao Maruyama.

He is popular for working in one of the top anime studios, Madhouse. It’s just been a decade since this studio entered the world of anime production in 2011. Since then, it has bombarded us with back-to-back great-quality anime.

MAPPA’s quality has started improving more and more with time. The notable anime produced by MAPPA are Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw man, Kakegurui, etc. We are familiar with the hype of JJK and AOT in the Otaku community, right?

They have made sure to push the audience to the edge of their seat with thrilling animation quality. Masao’s reason for leaving Madhouse and creating MAPPA was his love for creativity. And he has proved his creativity by producing some commendable anime. 

Notable works

Jujutsu Kaisen

Chainsaw Man


The God Of High School

Frequently Asked Questions

u003cstrongu003eWho is the best anime animator?u003c/strongu003e

Hayao Miyazaki is famous as one of the best anime creators.

u003cstrongu003eWhat’s the highest-grossing anime film?u003c/strongu003e

Demon Slayer Film: Mugen Train is the highest-grossing film of all time.

What is the best studio for anime?

There are many but MAPPA, Madhouse, and Bones are very famous!


This list was completely subjective, as different fans prefer different studios. All of the names mentioned above are famous for their uniqueness. Some have started gaining fame right from the beginning of their career, and some gained it quite late. Comment below your favorite anime studios and why do you like them? 

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