Spy x Family Anime To Get Movie Adaptation In 2023

Spy x Family won our hearts this year and it will do it again next year. We got to know that Spy x Family Anime is going to get a Movie Adaptation In 2023. A brand-new anime film with an original plot and a second season of the adored anime has been announced, so Spy x Family is in for a busy 2023.

Spy x Family made a number of intriguing announcements at Jump Festa 2023, one of which was the arrival of a second season in 2023. A new Spy x Family anime movie would debut in the same year, the panel also disclosed. The movie is a brand-new creation with a unique plot. The manga series’ author, Tatsuya Endo, will oversee the movie and design the new characters’ original character designs.

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Spy x Family Anime To Get Movie Adaptation In 2023
Credits – SiliconEra, Spy x Family Movie Adaptation

The SPY x FAMILY anime film will be made under the direction of SPY x FAMILY manga creator Tatsuya Endo. They will have an entirely new plot and a cast of characters! Yes, that also means that the SPY x FAMILY: Cruise Daibouken narrative arc from the manga series will be adapted for the SPY x FAMILY Season 2 anime television series.

Even before the anime TV series debuted, the SPY x FAMILY manga was particularly well-liked. But following the first season, sales of the series increased to the point where they surpassed those of Tokyo Revengers, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Golden Kamuy combined!

Spy x Family Movie Release Date

The precise date of the SPY x FAMILY movie’s premiere in Japan has not yet been officially confirmed by Studio CloverWorks, WIT Studio, Shueisha Productions, producer Toho Animation, or any other organization connected to the anime’s creation. The movie’s Japanese theatre debut was only mentioned during Jump Festa 2023, but no specific date was provided. I mean who doesn’t want to see more of the Forgers? And Bond, the new addition to the Forger family, makes it even better!

Spy x Family Movie Staff

The film features Tatsuya Endō, the original manga creator, credited for both the original story and original character designs. Endō is actively supervising the film. Animation duties are shared between WIT STUDIO and CloverWorks, ensuring a dynamic visual representation. The film is directed by Takashi Katagiri, with Ichiro Okouchi contributing as the scriptwriter. Kazuaki Shimada takes on the role of character designer, while Kana Ishida serves as the sub-character designer. Kyoji Asano assumes the position of chief animation director and is also responsible for the visually captivating promotional visual. Kazuhiro Furuhashi acts as the animation supervisor, contributing to the overall animation quality.

The musical aspect is overseen by [K]NoW_NAME, serving as the music producer, while Shōji Hata takes charge as the sound director. This collaborative team, with their respective roles and expertise, is poised to bring a compelling and well-crafted cinematic experience to audiences.

Spy x Family Anime To Get Movie Adaptation In 2023
Credits –  SPY x FAMILY Anime Production Committee


While the narrative of Spy x Family involves a spy going on a mission that could threaten world peace, the story’s central theme is about three people meeting each other in the most unlikely circumstances and realizing that they can find happiness as a family.

The spy in question is Loid Forger, and in order to get close to his intended target, Donovan Desmond, he must infiltrate Eden Academy. However, he has seven days to find a bride and a child. He meets and marries Yor Forger, a shy and awkward city employee who is actually a brilliant assassin.

All this happens within a week and adopts Anya Forger, a four-year-old telepath child. Loid regularly reminds himself that the Forgers are a fake family. But he eventually finds himself becoming irrationally attached to and protective of his “false” family.

Spy x Family is sure to give us a treat with  Fan-Favorite Characters. Click here for more anime news.


Where can I watch Season 1 of Spy x Family?

You can watch the first season of Spy x Family on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

Where can I read the Spy x Family Manga?

You can read the Manga on Manga PLus and VIZMedia.

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