D4DJ All Mix Season 2 Release Date and Trailer

D4DJ All Mix Season 2

D4DJ is one of the most popular musical franchises created by Bushiroad. Already, the franchise has two manga series, two anime adaptations, one spin-off series, and one anime video game series. Now, after two years of a long break, they finally shared the D4DJ All Mix season 2 release date and its trailers.

D4DJ, whose full name is Dig Delight Direct Drive DJ, aired its first anime adaptation, D4DJ First Mix, from October 2022 to January 2021. It is made up of a total of 13 episodes and released on several popular streaming platforms, including Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Animax Asia.

After that, it released its second manga series, D4DJ: The Starting of Photon Maiden, and a spin-off of the first season, D4DJ Petit Mix. Since continuing to grow its fanbase across the world through its anime, manga, and games, it has finally created a lot of hype for its 2nd season.

As a result, fans had high hopes for the upcoming anime season. They also hoped it would deliver the same or even a better experience than previous seasons. Due to this, the officials are very serious about this series and don’t want to take this season lightly.

On top of that, they also made huge changes in their staff members by replacing them with other skilled artists. This time, they also hired some of the finest voice actors and most experienced staff to create this beautiful season.

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So without further delay, let’s get straight to this informative news and find out the D4DJ All Mix season 2 release date.

D4DJ All Mix Season 2 Release Date and Trailer

D4DJ All Mix Season 2 Official Trailer

Fortunately, the officials have confirmed the D4DJ All Mix season 2 release date. The series’ official website made this announcement on December 16, 2022. According to the announcement, they will release its second season on January 13, 2023.

The officials already shared the 1st video trailer for the series on December 16, 2022, on their official YouTube channel, “D4DJ Official.” You can guess how anticipated the 2nd season is by the fact that it has an advanced screening of the first episode at the Bushiroad New Year event on January 9.

Furthermore, the officials revealed the broadcast networks where the series will air. Its 2nd season will first air on AT-X, Tokyo MX, BS Asahi, Sun TV, and KBS Kyoto on January 6, 2023.

After that, Crunchyroll will release the series for international viewers. As you may know, they already announced at the Crunchyroll Expo on August 6, 2022, that Crunchyroll would air the series.

About the theme songs of D4DJ All Mix Season 2

D4DJ All Mix Season 2 Release Date and Trailer
Source: The D4DJ anime’s Official Website- anime.d4dj-pj.com.

You already know that D4DJ All Mix is a musical anime series. It has brought us some of the best theme songs through its prior seasons. As a musical anime series, its anime songs play a significant role in its rising popularity around the world.

As a result, it is critical that the series garners a lot of attention from fans as soon as it releases its theme song singles (albums). Which is why its officials also shared the release date of its singles.

They will release the single of the opening theme song on February 15. They will release the single of the ending theme song on March 15. You will also hear a brief preview of the theme songs for the series while watching the trailer.

“Maihime” is the opening theme song of the second season, performed by the unit Lyrical Lily. On the other hand, “Around and Around” is the ending theme song of the series.

Several theme artists, including Yuka Nishio, Risa Suzuki, Aimi, Natsumi Hirajima, Rihona Kato, and Hazuki Tanda, performed its ending theme.

Cast and Staff of the Series

On December 16, 2022, the officials revealed the main cast and some major staff of the D4DJ All Mix season 2. Its cast includes some talented Japanese voice actors and Japanese voice actress.

In this amazing anime series, Amane Shindo will portray the role of Haruna Kasuga, and Haruka Mimura will portray the role of Muni Onaruto. While Hazuki Tanda will portray the role of Miyu Sakurada, Karin Kagami will portray the role of Maho Akashi.

On the other hand, Maiko Irie will portray the role of Rei Togetsu, Ruka Fukagawa will portray the role of Kurumi Shiratori, and Yuka Nishio will portray the role of Rinku Aimoto.

If we talk about the staff, then it will direct by Daisuke Suzuki, and Seiji Mizushima will be working as Chief Director. Go Zappa will be working on the series’ composition, and Ryohei Sataka is the music composer of the series.

And last but not least, Sanzigen is the animation studio behind this much-awaited season. It’s the well-known animation studio behind popular anime like The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Bubuki Buranki, BanG Dream!, Sakura Wars: The Animation, and so on.

What will we get to see in the D4DJ All Mix Season 2?

D4DJ All Mix Season 2 Release Date and Trailer
Source: The D4DJ anime’s Official Website- anime.d4dj-pj.com.

In this brand new season, D4DJ All Mix Season 2, we will get to meet six talented musical groups. Each of the groups has several talented and skilled artists. As in the prior season of the series, we explore plenty of unique and excellent musical pieces.

However, in the upcoming season, they improved their quality significantly and took their music and singing to new heights. After watching the trailer, we will definitely say that they try a lot harder.

Its new theme songs are also excellently performed and seem to be the finest pieces. Fans were now too excited to watch the 2nd season and experience some of anime’s finest musical pieces.

That’s it for the post! We hope you found this informative anime news to be useful and know everything about D4DJ All Mix Season 2. Stay tuned for more of the latest anime news and anime reviews.


1. Where can you watch D4DJ?

You can watch every series of the D4DJ franchise on several streaming platforms, including Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hidive, and so on.

2. How many seasons are there of D4DJ?

There are a total of two seasons in the D4DJ anime: D4DJ First Mix and D4DJ All Mix. The first season came out in 2020, and they are set to release the second season on January 13, 2023. However, the franchise also includes an anime series, D4DJ Petit Mix. This spin-off series, which consists of 26 episodes, came out in 2021.u003cbr /u003e

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