30 Best Naruto Characters of All Time

Naruto is one of the Big 3 animes out there, and it’s for a reason. We are blessed with the best characters out there. From Bad-ass villains to charming good guys. So the team decided to come up with the 30 Best Naruto Characters of All Time. Even though the list is bigger in my opinion, these are hands down the best characters in the anime.

Every character in the anime has something to teach you and you will learn a lot from this anime from friendships to comradery.

SPOILER ALERT. If you came across my article and haven’t watched Naruto yet, what are you waiting for? I highly recommend you go ahead and watch Naruto. Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions. Come back and tell me what you think of the characters in the comment section below. Deal?

All the characters have a major backstory, even the villains. Naruto isn’t like any other anime. The villains are given a special place in our hearts too. We get the strongest villains with the saddest backstories you could ever imagine. So everybody in Naruto deserves a place on this list.

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Let’s dive right into the list of the 30 Best Naruto Characters of All Time.

1. Nagato (Pain) – Character

Credits – AnimeFleek

Pain is one of the most beloved villains of the Naruto Franchise. The man behind Pain is Nagato an Amegakure shinobi from the Uzumaki Clan. Nagato and Yahiko started the Akatsuki together, which later became a very important point in the anime.

Naruto and Nagato grew up under the same Sensei, Jiraya. Nagato had his reasons for turning into a villain. But the ending of the infamous “Pain Arc” was worth every tear.

2. Minato Namikaze – Character

Best Naruto Characters Minato
Credits – SK

Konoha’s Yellow Flash aka Minato Namikaze, The Fourth Hokage. There isn’t a cooler character than him, I mean he’s Naruto’s dad. Of course, he’s cool and strong. He’s one of the Fastest and strongest Ninjas. We couldn’t get a lot of Father-son bonding time as he and Kushina dies as soon as Naruto was born. They saved the entire village by sacrificing their lives.

He was also the youngest individual to ever receive the title of Hokage in the whole series. Although his reign was brief, he accomplished much during that time, including enclosing the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox inside his infant son, Naruto Uzumaki.

3. Obito Uchiha – Character

Credits – Phistars

This Uchiha is part of one of the biggest plot twists in the Naruto Franchise. Who could have known the wholesome kid from Konoha friends with Kakashi, would turn into the biggest Villain. Kakashi and Obito were under Minato Sensei with Rin(his love interest) as Team 7.

Everyone thought he died on his mission with Team 7. But, he ended up under Madara and entered his villain era. From there, he was the mastermind of all those big events that took place in the series. Well a part of him was till was still that young Obito who was the sweetest and loved helping others. That is why he’s one of the best naruto characters.

4. Kakashi Hatake – Character

Best Naruto Characters Kakashi
Credit – Looper

Yes, Kakashi is everyone’s favorite Shinobi, who doesn’t love him? He played an important role in the anime. The way he guided Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura is phenomenal. All of them needed that. The extremely talented shinobi will never miss a chance to impress you in the series.

He can read moves in seconds, therefore he’s the Copy Ninja of Konoha. His Sharingan is one of the coolest features. He can predict moves as if he sees into the future. All his moves will swoon you.

5. Hashirama Senju – Character

Credits – Animesoulking

Legendary shinobi Senju Hashirama, the mad behind the Konoha village. He was born with a particular talent known as “the power of trees,” which allowed him to develop massive forests and encircle foes by manipulating trees and other plants.

He is regarded as Konoha’s greatest leader since he consented to be a part of a truce amongst the clans that made up Konoha. He’s Tobirama Senju’s elder brother. His bond with Madara is out of this world.

6. Madara Uchiha – Character

Best Naruto Characters Madara
Credits – IMDb

I can hear all the Fanboys screaming. Madara Uchiha- the name itself, gives shivers down my spine. He is one of the most formidable and villainous characters in Naruto and may be regarded as an anti-hero. He has a variety of fighting techniques and badass attacks. This man is unstoppable.

He was expelled for his ideas from Konoha’s Uchiha clan, from which he claimed to have launched the conflict. Along with his colleague Obito, he also started the Akatsuki group. His objective is to take control of the ninja world and depose the Kage of their clans, who values peace.

7. Jiraiya – Character

Credits – Fandom

Here’s our Pervy Sage, the list of the Best Naruto Characters would be incomplete without him. Who else would satisfy our comedic desires? Jiraiya was a notable and talented shinobi from Konoha. He’s the biggest reason behind Narutos’ development. A very powerful ninja with a fantastic sage mode, and one of the best ninjas to have ever lived in his town.

Even though he spent a lot of time alone, he was a model shinobi whose popularity extended beyond Konoha’s boundaries, making the city justifiably proud of such a superb ninja. He’s behind Nagato, Minato, and Naruto, this man is really something else.

8. Tsunade – Character

Best Naruto Characters Tsunade
Credit – L’universOtaku

Tsunade is the bad-ass Fifth Hokage of Konoha. She’s even the commander of the village, and one of the Legendary Sannin. She is Konoha’s, Slug Princess. Tsunade was a previous teammate of Jiraiya and Orochimaru on Team Tobirama. After all, she’s the granddaughter of Hashirama Senju.

The Pretty Tsunade was endowed from birth with extraordinary healing powers. She is widely regarded as one of the strongest female naruto characters in the entire franchise and has been praised as the finest medical ninja in Konoha history.

9. Naruto Uzumaki – Character

Credits – Crunchyroll

Then we have our Knuckle Head Ninja, Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto is the Nine-Tails Jinchuriki. His character development is really beautiful and inspirational. He turned from a mischievous boy into the beloved hero of the Leaf Village. Becoming a Hokage was his biggest passion.

Naruto has taught us so much when it comes to friendship and forgiving people. He ended up befriending Kurama. Naruto grew stronger every day in order to protect his village and of course to beat his rival Sasuke. He gained respect from all the villagers, even the villains.

10. Sasuke Uchiha – Character

Best Naruto Characters Sasuke
Credits – Crunchyroll

The list of Best Naruto is incomplete without the Uchiha’s. One of the most well-known Naruto characters is Sasuke Uchiha. He is one of the few surviving members of the Uchiha clan of Konoha.

Sasuke is motivated by a noble cause to exact revenge on his brother Itachi for killing their entire clan. He later finds out the other side of the story. Sasuke has a hard time picking a side. His fighting ability and strength under Orochimaru helped him a lot. He even enters his mini-villain era. But our boy always had a soft heart.

11. Iruka Sensei

Credits – Crunchyroll

Iruka Umino is the first mentor figure in Naruto who merits more praise—and, admittedly, screen time—than he receives. When he realizes how awful Naruto’s background and presence are, he is the first adult to pay attention to him. He takes him out for ramen, corrects him when required, and is even prepared to risk his own life to keep Naruto safe.

Even though Naruto was a jinchuriki, Iruka is the only character ever seen in the anime that isn’t terrified of him. His parents died in the Nine-Tails and he still doesn’t regard him as a monster.

12. Neji Hyuga

Best Naruto Characters Neji
Credits – Duniku

One of the best character development we witness is of Nejis’. Neji is from the Hyuga Clan. As every clan had its problems so did the Hyuga clan. Neji changed from that arrogant boy who looked down on others, to a boy who could sacrifice himself for his friends.

He even fixed his relationship with Hinata as they are cousins. He improved his relationship with everyone. And of course, his Combat skills with Byakugan made him unstoppable. He’s one of my favorite and the best Naruto character.

13. Kushina Uzumaki

Credits – Looper

Next, we have is our Beloved Kushina aka Narutos’ Mom. She has a fierce temper and is a strong, powerful woman. Kushina is a master of ninjutsu and can even switch into Sage mode, which allows her to use any Jutsu that she is familiar with.

She died with Minato as they saved the village from the Nine-Tails and ended up sealing it in Naruto. I cried like a baby watching that scene. She was the Jinchuriki of the Nne Tail before Naruto. Narutos’ expressions are very similar to hers.

14. Shikamaru Nara

Best Naruto Characters Shikmaru
Credits – Ranker

Shikamaru Nara is a smart but lethargic ninja from Konoha. Yup, everything is a drag to him. He is skilled at using the shadow techniques of his clan to defend himself and launch attacks.

When it comes to organizing and resolving issues, he is brilliant. He has always been admired for his brains and for rescuing his friends and village on numerous occasions. He is literally the smartest character. He’s the Brain behind war techniques, just like his dad.

15. Gaara

Credits – Looper

In the beginning, I bet we all resented him for who he was. But, as I said all the backstories will leave your heart broken. Gaara of the Desert, who was introduced as an antagonist, is a member of Sunagakure village and the leader of that community. He was treated as a real threat.

Later, after meeting Naruto Uzumaki and witnessing his triumph over adversity via his buddies. Gaara changed for good. As he strives to become Suna’s Fifth Kazekage, he gives up the anxiety of always being alone and takes on the duty of guarding the village and everyone who lives there.

16. Sakura Haruno

Best Naruto Characters Sakura
Credits – AnimeInformer

Well, the Anime did not do her justice. So, I’ll take care of that. At first, Sakura had problems managing her power. Sakura overcame this, though, and it became evident that she was one of Konoha’s most gifted medical shinobi after some time of training under Tsunade.

The Sakura in the Manga was badass for sure, and so was the Anime Sakura. It isn’t easy handling Naruto and Sasuke. She truly loved both of them and her heart always belonged to Sasuke. Seeing them get together was the most satisfying thing.

17. Killer B

Killer B
Credits – CBR

“Bakayaro Konoyaro” is what we all miss from Killer B. An excellent shinobi with a chakra level comparable to a Kage. He is from Kumogakure, and unlike the other jinchuriki, he was able to make friends with his Eight-Tailed Beast. He deserves a place on The Best Naruto Characters.

One of the Naruto Blazing Characters with incredible strength is Killer B. He has developed his abilities and can now defeat a group of hazardous warriors all by himself. He is also one of the series’ funniest characters and wants to become the greatest rapper in the world. He’s also mentored Naruto, which was the coolest thing.

18. Itachi Uchiha

Best Naruto Characters Itachi
Credits – Furanso

We can’t get enough of the Uchihas’ huh? Itachi has stolen everyone’s heart from the fan girls to the fanboys. As Sasukes’ elder brother, he wields the strongest Genjutsu in the entire series and is gifted, intellectual, competent in the art of ninjutsu, and talented. As Itachi Uchiha had served as an Anbu Captain, he was hailed as the best of his generation.

Itachi joined Akatsuki after killing every member of his clan save for his brother Sasuke. Sasuke’s only aim in life is to take revenge on Itachi. His intentions were found to be in the best interests of his brother and town when he passed away. Itachi Uchiha, however, can be regarded as a devoted Konohagakure shinobi all the way to the bitter end.

19. Might Guy

Might Guy
Credits – Univision

Leave it to Might Guy to make you laugh. One of the best naruto characters and strongest ninjas in the entire series is Might Guy. Even though Might Guy is an expert in Taijutsu, his grasp of Ninjutsu isn’t the best. However, because he has mastered the Eight Gates and can manage his chakra to a greater degree, his weakness in this area doesn’t significantly affect him.

He is a master of martial arts and his rival is Kakashi Hatake. Might Guy tutored Rock Lee as he could see his mini version of himself. He literally is Might Guy 🙂 He moves with an unequaled speed, and he can adapt to any scenario by using his monster-like chakra.

20. Tobirama Senju

Best Naruto Characters Tobirama
Credits – GameRant

Born into the Senju clan, Tobirama Senju is a smart man who cares passionately for his community. He is also regarded as the most powerful shinobi of all time due to his enormous chakra, physical prowess, and proficiency in ninjutsu.

Tobirama put in a lot of effort throughout the course of his life to bring about stability and set up new institutions that made the village system function, assuring Konoha’s prosperity. Tobirama succeeded Hashirama Senju as the second Hokage of Konohagakure when his elder brother’s life was taken.

21. Hinata Hyuga

Credits – Sportskeeda

Next, our Shy-purpled hair sweetheart. She is the successor to the clan’s main house and the daughter of the leader of the Hyuga clan. Hinata has dedicated her entire life to becoming deserving of her family, which is among the oldest and most influential in Konoha.

Hinata became afraid and shy as a result of her father’s severe treatment of her. She persisted in pursuing her objective throughout and found inspiration from Naruto Uzumaki, who she had been watching. Hinata thereby acquired the self-assurance and expertise required to pursue her objectives and experience progress.

22. Granny Chiyo

 Granny Chiyo
Credits – CBR

When compared to Tsunade, Lady Chiyo of Sunegakure is another mentor for Sakura who is sometimes overlooked. Even though she only assists Sakura in one battle, she imparts important knowledge of the battle and medical ninjutsu to the Konoha kunoichi. All around Sunegakure, Chiyo and her brother Ebizo are held in great regard.

It’s heartbreaking to watch Chiyo sacrifice herself in the last scene to save Gaara. In addition to sharing a village with him, Chiyo also played a role in sealing the One-Tails Jinchuriki inside of him, giving her connections to him. That is why she’s on the list of best Naruto characters.

23. Rock Lee

Best Naruto Characters Rock Lee
Credits – Quora

Bushy Brow is next on the Best Naruto Character list. One of the main characters in Naruto is Rock Lee. Lee is a happy yet determined ninja who received his training from Guy-sensei, who is renowned for being stern with his pupils but still has a great deal of affection for them. He is frequently described as being extremely immature and naive.

But in order to become a powerful ninja like his Master Might Guy, he works hard and trains consistently to increase his natural energy, talents, and fighting style. The amount of effort he puts into his goals is admirable.

24. Konohamaru Sarutobi

Best Naruto Characters Konohamaru
Credits – CBR

Ahh, Konohamaru is the mini-version of Naruto. The Lil ball of excitement surprised us every time he was on the screen. Konohamaru, the grandson of Hiruzen Sarutobi and the inheritor of his skillset, has amassed a devoted fan base throughout the course of the program because of his ambition to succeed Naruto Uzumaki as the next Hokage.

We know he’ll become a fine shinobi if he’s under Naruto. No questions asked. We saw him develop from a mischievous Lil lad to a mature shinobi in just a span of years. We have more to see from him in Boruto. He ends up mentoring Boruto.

25. Temari

Best Naruto Characters Temari
Credits – FandomSpot

The sole female member of the Sand Siblings is Temari. She is an expert ninja with a specialization in wind skills that are frequently combined with her fighting style. These methods allow her to generate strong gusts that may be utilized to pick up opponents, spin them around, and launch them into the air.

That makes her one of the naruto universe’s most adaptable fighters. Temari immigrates to Konoha and joins the Nara clan after getting married to Shikamaru Nara. Didn’t you feel a spark of chemistry between them in exams? She’s just a cool girl minding her own business.

26. Orochimaru

Best Naruto Characters Orochimaru
Credits – FandomSpot

Powerful ninja Orochimaru is a thief and a former shinobi from Konohagakure. Orochimaru, a formidable and well-respected shinobi who was previously Konoha’s teacher, is a snake-like, self-serving Sannin whose name means “jade serpent.”

He founded Otogakure, was a skilled shinobi, and was regarded as one of the most influential people in the community. He is equally as scary as Sannin, who strives to master the mysterious technique of summoning and seeks immortality. But he did change at the end, never thought that would happen.

27. Shisui Uchiha

Best Naruto Characters Shisui
Credits – Fandom

The Sharingan is what really makes the Uchiha clan, one of the oldest and most powerful clans in the game, so formidable. They specialize in Fire Release. Shisui was a clan member who possessed tremendous talent and everyone recognised him for that.

Despite having little on-screen time, Shisui had a big impact on the plot. In the Hidden Leaf Village, he attempted an Uchiha coup, but he was betrayed and lost an eye. Before he passed away, Shisui gave Itachi, another Uchiha who wished to continue in his footsteps, his last surviving eye. Itachi and Shisui shared a special connection.

28. Teuchi

Best Naruto Characters Teuchi
Credits – HiTenko

I think he’s one of the important characters in Naruto. He’s the Ramen Guy. Ramen is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about Ramen. Teuchi is a very wholesome character in Naruto. We can remember his ramen dates with Iruka Sensei.

Teuchi, a Konohagakure resident, is the only proprietor of the renowned Ichiraku Ramen Bar. He co-owns the Ichiraku Ramen Bar with his daughter Ayame and is one of the people who has always been kind to Naruto, frequently giving him free ramen.

29. Hagamoro

Best Naruto Characters Hagamoro
Credits – ComicVine

The idea of ninjas was created in the Naruto universe by Hagoromo Otsutsuki, also known as the Sage of Six Paths (Rikudo Sennin). Son of the fearsome Kaguya Otsutsuki, who, along with Isshiki Otsutsuki, came to Earth to harvest human chakra and reap the fruit of chakra.

Instead of the other Otsutsuki, who mostly had the Byakugan, Hagoromo Otsutsuki, or the Sage of Six Paths, was the first to possess the Rinnegan. He’s one of the strongest characters in Naruto and the man behind scattering all the Tail Beasts.

30. Kabuto Yakushi

Best Naruto Characters Kabuto
Credits – CBR

Kabuto surprised us in the anime on a lot of occasions. So this talented shinobi had to be on the list of the Best Naruto Characters. Kabuto Yakushi, in addition to casting the Reanimation Jutsu, grew up in the Konoha Orphanage and played a key role in the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Yakushi spent the majority of his life working as a spy for various individuals, groups, and countries. When Kabuto was younger, Orochimaru recognized his natural aptitude for medicine and information gathering and made him his right-hand man.

I hope you enjoyed reading my article, comment down below who’s the best Naruto character according to you. Click here for more anime updates.


Where can I watch Naruto?

You can watch Naruto on Crunchyroll.

Who is the best character in Naruto?

Naruto is the best character, as he is the hero of the village and does the impossible.

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