Kingdom Anime Season 5 Release Date

The renowned anime series about the Warring States is back with a fury! Kingdom Anime Season 5 is here! In 2024, the battle drama with a Chinese setting will finally return. A fifth season of the venerable Kingdom anime series will debut in January 2024, according to the production team.

Yasuhisa Hara, who created the Kingdom manga series, has previously held a supervisory position on the anime production team. Hara is most likely to make a comeback, and any studio changes are most likely to be minimal.

After all, the first two seasons were created by animation company Pierrot, well known for its work on the original Bleach anime series, the upcoming Black Clover Season 5 anime, and Naruto/Baruto.

Kingdom Anime Season 5

Kingdom is adapted from the Yasuhisa Hara manga series, which debuted on January 26, 2006, in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine. As of September 2022, 66 tankoubon volumes of the series had been published under the Young Jump Comics imprint. A 2019 live-action movie and a 2010 PSP game were also inspired by the manga.

A 10-second teaser video and a visual was also released to mark the Kingdom Season 5’s production.

Kenichi Imaizumi will most probably direct the anime again. Noburu Takagi is the screenwriter and the character designer is Hisashi Abe.

Release Date

Kingdom Season 5 will premiere on January 2024, according to the announcement! After Season 4, the series’ website made a sequel announcement. Along with a trailer and fresh image for the season, the website also disclosed the episode’s January 2024 airdate.

Anime productions require years of planning, even once there is a sufficient amount of source material, and the studios, employees (which includes numerous contractors), and voice cast must be scheduled in advance.

Kingdom Season 5

But as of now, there are still about 400 chapters of the manga for Kingdom Season 5 that need to be converted, which is great. This is primarily because the COVID outbreak caused the anime series to be delayed by an entire year.


Before we move on, to the 5th season of Kingdom. Here’s a quick recap. In Yasuhisa Hara’s Kingdom series, the Warring States era is depicted in a different version of China.

The era is distinguished by the conquest of other warring nations in China and the unification of the vast nation by the Qin monarch, Ying Zheng. Xin and Piao, two war orphans in Kingdom, are employed as housekeepers in Qin. However, in every other anime, the protagonists have their aspirations. And they want to become great war generals and lead mighty troops.

Kingdom Season 5

Piao is brought to the palace one day and returned several months later, almost dead. In his sorrow, Xin visits another village where he encounters a person who resembles Piao exactly. Later, Piao’s death while serving as King Yin Zheng’s bodydouble is revealed to Xin.

Despite his resentment over Piao’s passing, Xin chooses to assist Ying Zheng in dethroning his younger brother Cheng Jiao. Following Ying Zheng’s accession to the throne, Xin begins his life as a military man and sets out on his quest to become the “Greatest General in the World.”

The Koku You Campaign story arc from the Kingdom manga series will be concluded and continued in Kingdom Season 5. Click here for more anime updates.


Where can I watch Kingdom?

You can watch Kingdom on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix.

Will we get the Dubbed version for Kingdom season 5?

The dub version seems likely, as the 1st two seasons had dubbed versions. They still haven’t announced the dubbed version of Kingdom season 5.

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