Lookism Anime Schedule To Release On December 8

Lookism, a Netflix original anime series is confirmed to be released on December 8, the series was originally scheduled to premiere on November 4 but it was postponed without reason. The series is being worked on by studio Mir.

The announcement came from the official Netflix Twitter account along with information about the production studio, the series’ director, and other key staff members.

The official announcement from Netflix Twitter updated the old key visual with a new release date along with an official trailer for the series and the entire list of cast members

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You can see the updated key visual below:

Lookism Anime
Credit: Twitter @NetflixAnime

The official key visual featured the main characters of the series, including Park Hyung Suk, Lee Eun Tae, Lee Jin Sung, Park Ha-Neul, and Pyeon Duk-Hwa.

The series is listed as an action, drama series with a supernatural twist, the series is filled with lots of drama and plenty of action.

The official list of cast members includes Takeuchi Shunsuke as Lee Eun Tee, Yoshisugu Matsouka as Park Hyung Suk, Wataru Urata as Lee Jin Sung, Saori Hayami as Park Ha-Neul, Reina Aoyama as Choi Suu Jung, Natsu Yorita as Kim Mi Jin, and Daisuke Ono as Jin Ho Bin.

The key staff members were revealed as Kwang Il Han as the series’ director. Plus, ATEEZ for the theme song performance, Han Kyung-Hoon in charge of music, and Park Tae Jun as the original creator.

Lookism Anime Official Trailer

The series trailer gave a somewhat similar vibe to Sakamoto, with a handsome guy as the main lead. AND every other guy in the class being jealous of him, not the mention the series had massive webtoon vibes as if it was some manga edit.

The character designs were also incredible. The character movement was well done and the voice of the characters seemed to fit really well.

Seeing as Netflix and an unknown studio made this show, the trailer doesn’t look half bad.

The plot of Lookism Anime

The series follows Park Hyung Seok aka Daniel Park, a school student. People always oversee him due to his physical appearance. Thus he becomes a target of body shaming and the bullies don’t hesitate. His daily life is all messed up because of bullying which is a harsh reality of society. One day he wakes up in the body of a complete model. He realizes that he has the ability to wake up in another body as if he cycles through them each time he wakes up. In short, he can now easily live a double life. While living dual lives, he learns a lot some mysteries.

He sets out to make a name for himself in his improved physique. He also vows to protect others like him from bullying. Living his dream life somehow become possible for him.

He realizes that despite his improved physique, he’s still the same person. He continues his journey to improve himself.

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About the series

Lookism is a Korean webtoon series. Park Tae Joon has written and illustrated the series. The series first began publishing on November 2014 on the Naver Webtoon platform. The series currently has over 400 chapters in circulation.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Lookism a Japanese series?

No, Lookism is a north Korean webtoon series by Park Tae Joon. The series cast for this Japanese series are all Japanese.

Where can I watch Lookism?

Lookism is a Netflix ONA series, it will only air on Netflix and be freely available to all users.

Why Lookism is so good?

Lookism is good because of it’s unique plot. The fact that it emotionally connects with the audience makes it the best!


It’s always a fantastic feeling to see your favorite story achieving shocking success. Everyone’s favorite webtoon Lookism is now getting an anime adaptation. Thanks to the awesome trailer, and the character designers for bring our favorite characters to life. It’s hard to wait for it now. Stay connected with us for similar anime updates.

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