Lovesick Ellie Manga Gets A Live-Action Film

It’s not very common to see the live-action film adaptation of a manga. Usually, the popular manga series gets an anime film. However, this is not the case with Fujimomo’s shoujo manga Lovesick Ellie. 

Everyone’s favorite romantic comedy will hit the screens in the form of a film. I bet many of you must be feeling butterflies, and if not, then just go watch the teaser trailer. This is not your average romance, but it has something very special about it. 

Get ready to enjoy yourself on the roller coaster of drama, humor, and LOVE, of course! 

Lovesick Ellie Manga Release Date & Details

Lovesick Ellie film key visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

For a person who goes wild for Japanese Shoujo manga, this movie will make them go wild. Trust me or not, the trailer did a perfect job of hitting the viewer right in the heart–sharp like a knife. The actors have adapted their characters perfectly and none could have done a better job than them.

Indeed, fans usually want to watch the anime because of the exact appearance of the characters. However, at the same time, we can’t deny the fact that the actors have wonderfully portrayed the characters. 

Time for some much-awaited good news! Any guesses? Yes, it’s the release date, which is out! March 15 would be the lucky day to watch the love blossom between Eriko and Akira. 

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Lovesick Ellie Teaser Trailer & Cast

When the adaptation news came, the higher-ups blessed us with a short promotional video. The glimpses into the shojo world were appealing enough to hook us. Now, since the year has begun initiating the countdown, we have the official trailer. 

The trailer has almost everything, a complete package. One can easily say, the film will make us cry, laugh, shock, and make us go through a number of emotions. So, you guys, just get ready and fasten your seatbelts. 

Gorgeous Nanoka Hara and Handsome Ryubi Miyase play our favorite characters, Eriko and Akira Ohmi, respectively. Both fit best to their role from every aspect. Apart from the actors, the film is beautifully directed, thanks to Koichiro Miki.

If you have watched the teasers and trailers, something might have caught your ears. Well, it’s the melodious theme song “Sweet Non-Fiction” that creates an impact. NiziU- a group of nine talented artists who have contributed their skills to the song. 

Lovesick Ellie Plot

No wonder everybody who is indulged in the shoujo genre has ready the masterpiece. However, let’s highlight the story for those who are new!

As you guys have already guessed, the plot revolves around high school students Akira and Eriko. The girl runs a social media page (Lovesick Ellie) where she fantasizes about the school prince Akira. She loves writing about him, and no one can beat her delusions. Eriko is seen as a very bored and plain girl; therefore, no one treats her well. Her fantasies about handsome Akira are her only escape. Well, things change for her when reality strikes her and brings her out of her delusions. 

The boy she thought to be cute is actually rude and more like a haughty person. The next she didn’t expect—Akira somehow figured her secret out, and now she can’t escape this REALITY! And now she’s stuck with him. Their love chemistry is cute and adorable, offering a number of hilarious moments.

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Fans’ Reaction

Majority of the fans are over the moon hearing this announcement. They loved the manga series, so nothing beats their happiness at this time. Like I said, the trailer has done a fantastic job, so it’s impossible not to praise the work.

Japanese films are all quite soft and smooth, with a decent balance of everything. They are a good source of knowledge about Japanese culture, so they are a complete package. The anime season of this year is full of spectacular stories, and we are looking forward to them!


How many books are in lovesick Ellie?

There are 12 volumes of the manga

Is lovesick Ellie manga completed?

Yes, it’s complete!

What is the lovesick Ellie manga about?

It’s a high school romance!

Source: Crunchyroll


March 15 is just around the corner as time is just running at the speed of light. Just a glimpse, we’ll be able to watch our favorite Lovesick Ellie on screens. All we are required to do is just wait and BOOOOM!

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