Re:Zero Manga 5th Arc Adaptation Launches This Month

Fans of RE:Zero manga are in for a treat as it was announced recently by the official Twitter account Monthly Comic Alive magazine that the manga adaptation of the Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-‘s fifth arc called “Stars that Engrave History” will be released in ComicWalker’s Comic Alive+ website on February 19.

Re:zero manga

As a way to celebrate this new release, the first and third arc of the manga adaptations are free to read on the Comic Alive+ website from February 5 to 19.

The manga adaptation is based on the popular isekai light novel series of the same name written by Tappei Nagatsuki in January 24, 2014. The novel series is still ongoing until this day. Its fourth arc called “The Everlast Contract” was recently adapted into a manga which corresponds volumes 10 to 15 of the original light novel series. The manga adaptation’s title is named Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Chapter 4: The Sanctuary and the Witch of Greed.

The manga was launched in Comic Alive magazine in 2019 and Kadokawa published the series’ eight compiled book volume (26th overall in the manga adaptation series) on August 22. The manga was also released in English by Yen Press and released the seventh volume of the fourth arc on December 12.

Yen Press describes the novel series:

Subaru Natsuki was just trying to get to the convenience store but wound up summoned to another world. He encounters the usual things–life-threatening situations, silver haired beauties, cat fairies–you know, normal stuff. All that would be bad enough, but he’s also gained the most inconvenient magical ability of all–time travel, but he’s got to die to use it. How do you repay someone who saved your life when all you can do is die?

The first season of the anime adaptation of the series premiered on April 4, 2016 until September 19, 2016, which includes an extended 50-minute first episode. The series also had spinoff, specials, and OVAs.

Source: Comic Alive (Official Twitter)

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