Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 102 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Manga has been keeping fans on their toes, and why not? After all, it’s one of the best shounen. Previously, we have seen a lot of spectacular things happening. The story has been interesting as we are past the Dragon Ball Super Hero movie. 

Unfortunately, it almost takes a month for the manga chapter to be out. The good thing is that there is little time left to lay our eyes on the most awaited chapter. We have the exact release date!

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Manga

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February 20 (and 21 for Japan) is going to be the best day, as we will be able to see how Goku deals with Gohan’s beast form. This is the most intriguing cliffhanger where the previous chapter ended, so we hope something big will come in the upcoming chapters.

If you still need to catch up to the story, worry not; I am here to give you a glimpse into the recent events. Brolly, Vegeta, and Goku are together busy training themselves when, back on Earth, Carmine invades Gohan’s place. 

Carmine isn’t alone; Gotenks and Trunks have joined him in his mission, but in disguise. The tension between them results in Gohan’s beast form. Goku on Planet Beerus senses something is off and hurries to the scene, and the chapter ends there. 

There are guesses that we might see a face-off between father and son. We might see Goku teaching him to control his powers. 

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Is Dragon Ball Super manga still going?

Yes, the manga is still ongoing!

How many arcs does Dragon Ball Super have?

Dragon Ball Super Manga has 10 Arcs.

Can Goku beat Saitama?

It would be a long debate, but the majority of fans expect Saitama to be stronger than Goku. 

Let’s wait for a few more days for the chapter release, and we will be able to water our curiosities. Hopefully, we will see something exciting, so keep your hopes high! Meanwhile, don’t forget to add Anime Fleek to your friends list if you enjoy our anime updates!

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