New Pokemon Anime: More Cast Members Revealed

More Cast Members Revealed Of New Pokemon Anime

The Pokemon Company has a brand new Pokemon anime series that will premiere in Japan next month. Additionally, on March 17, they released a new video, in which they revealed four new cast members.

The new video accompanying the announcement included each of the new characters, their voice actors, and their partner Pokémon in a brief scene from the future program.

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New Pokemon Anime New Cast

Shun Horie portrays Amejio, Kohsuke Tanabe portrays Jil, Arisa Shida portrays Konia, and Yoshino Aoyama portrays Kurumin, a well-known streamer

The new Pokemon anime, scheduled to premiere on Friday, April 14, does not have an official title yet. However, with a one-hour duration, the first episode will be a bumper for viewers to enjoy.

The new cast consists of (in order of appearance in the above video, character name spellings not confirmed)

  • Shun Horie plays Amejio, the captain of the Explorers (Pokémon partner: Soublades/Ceruledge).
  • Kohsuke Tanabe portrays Jil, a member of the Explorers and the companion Pokémon Sidon/Rhydon.
  • Arisa Shida as Konia, a member of the Explorers with the Pokémon Golduck as her companion.
  • Yoshino Aoyama plays the well-known streamer Kurumin.

New Pokemon Anime Previous Cast and Staff

The previously disclosed cast consists of:

  • Liko played by Minori Suzuki
  • Roy as Yuka Terasaki.
  • Taku Yashiro portrays Captain Pikachu as Friede Ikue-tani.
  • Orio, played by Ayane Sakura, is mechanically inclined. (Pokémon partner: Metagross)
  • Cooking prodigy Murdock is played by Kenta Miyake (Pokémon partner: Iwanko/Rockruff).
  • Molly, a medical expert played by Kei Shindou (Pokémon partner: Lucky/Chansey),
  • Randoh, who looks to be a fisherman, is played by Ikkyuu Juku.

The anime is being directed by Saori Den (Mirage Queen Prefers Circus), and the creative director is Daiki Tomiyasu (Pokémon Sun & Moon, Pocket Monster Mezase Pokémon Master). Additionally, the series scripts are being overseen by Dai Sato (Eureka Seven, Wolf’s Rain, Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop).

Tetsuo Yajima directs the action, Rei Yamazaki creates the characters, and Kyko It creates the supporting characters. Additionally, Conisch writes the music, and Masafumi Mima is in charge of the sound.

New Pokemon Anime Release Date

The anime will debut in 2023 “and beyond,” according to a previous press release, suggesting that the series would have a long shelf life with upcoming overseas releases. Additionally, the anime will broadcast its one-hour first-episode special on April 14 at its debut. The program will air at 6:55 p.m. on Fridays.

Are you a fan of Pokemon? If Yes then get ready your childhood anime series is coming back this year. So what are your thoughts kindly let us know in the comments?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which special Pokemons does this Series Contain?

Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly from the video games Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet will all appear in the anime, as well as the legendary Pokémon Rayquaza in Shiny form.

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