10 Most Hated Demon Slayer Characters

Demon Slayer gives the audience all the reasons to love it. Its characters are one of the major reasons why fans are addicted to this anime. Like every anime, Demon Slayer has many characters that are loved and many characters that are hated.

Today’s discussion will be about the most hated Demon Slayer characters. We’ll learn about the reasons why fans love to hate them. All of these characters are annoying, but without them, the show wouldn’t have been this intriguing. 

Each character is entertaining in its own unique way. Let’s get right into the list.

10. Daki

most hated demon slayer characters

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When we talk about the most hated demon slayer characters, Daki had to be one of them. She is ahead for multiple reasons, but the prominent one is her sadistic nature. She loves giving others pain and enjoys their cries to the fullest. 

How come one can love such a devil? She is a proud and barbaric lady who only thinks about herself. After watching her for a few minutes, one gets to learn that she has zero knowledge about right or wrong. Fans found her annoying, but that’s what made her a great villain.

Daki is not even near to being mature despite living for more than a century. 

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9. Slasher

most hated demon slayer characters

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Like the majority of demons, Slasher was also cold and cruel. He only cared about sufficing his blood thirst, and that’s it. He never cared for people even once and, in fact, found pleasure in taking their lives. 

He loved provoking the heroes and teasing them by all means. Arrogance and rudeness are easily expected from him, which makes him even more annoying. He also thinks very highly of himself and thus never hesitates to show off his abilities in front of Hashiras.

In short, he is boastful, cruel, proud, and annoying. So aren’t these reasons enough to hate him?

8. Gyokko

most hated demon slayer characters

Credit: Wiki Fandom

He is another demon who is associated with the twelve Kizuki. He was weird right from the start. For him, his art matters a lot, and he can’t tolerate anybody mocking it anyway. If someone does, then he can’t control himself and would instantly get furious. 

He is so full of himself that he thinks he is skilled and his art is extremely beautiful. Gyokko can be jealous and envy others’ skills and abilities to the point of harming them. His art is as creepy as he is, which makes him scary and no less than a psychopath.

Like the majority of the demons, he also has no sense of sympathy for humans. In fact, he would feel pleasure in making them bleed to death.

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7. Hantengu

most hated demon slayer characters

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Nobody likes cowards, right? So how come one can like Hantengu? He was an antagonist but would get scared easily to the point of annoying others. Hantengu doesn’t have even the slightest bit of courage because he is always paranoid. 

For him, he is the most innocent and pure person in the world despite doing countless evils. This is because he always finds lame excuses to defend himself. Since he lacks a brave heart, he never wholeheartedly participated in a battle. He was always in fear of getting hurt and thus used to shed tears. 

6. Rui

most hated demon slayer characters

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Apparently, he was cool, calm, and polite, which is why, at first, one doesn’t hate him. However, once one starts to understand him deeply, one learns that he is the most cold-hearted individual. He didn’t even hesitate to kill his family members, so anything can be expected from Rui.

Life and death don’t matter to him; thus killing himself or others is no big deal for him. His cruelty and cold-hearted nature make him one of the most hated Demon Slayer characters. He was very fond of making good bonds with his family, but that could never happen. In fact, he gets sensitive whenever the topic of family and bonds is involved. 

5. Sanemi

most hated demon slayer characters

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Not all supporting characters are likable, and there are many who annoy the viewers to the peak. Well, meet Sanemi, as he is one of them. Calmness is far away from him as he is always stubborn and short-tempered. Even the normal things make him aggressive, which sometimes doesn’t seem normal. However, there is a reason behind his hot-bloodedness, as he has lost his close ones. However, one still doesn’t like his personality easily. If you have watched Demon Slayer, then you might have remembered how poorly he treated Nezuko. From that point onwards, fans started to hate him. In short, Sanmei is popular as one of the most hated Demon Slayer Characters.

4. Enmu

most hated demon slayer characters

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Enmu was one hell of a demon. His expressions speak a lot about his character, and one can easily judge how cold he is. He absolutely loves hurting others because it pleases him a lot. He loves giving people short happiness, such as giving them a nice dream and then suddenly depriving them of it. 

He is a true demonstration of the word demon because he is filled with evil. He was definitely not an easy opponent for the Demon Slayers, which directly implies how powerful he was. Enmu is smart and very well aware of his capabilities, which makes him a fine, challenging demon.

3. Kaigaku

most hated demon slayer characters

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This demon only thinks of himself and would do his best to do anything that benefits him. Just like Hnatengu, he is also a coward but less than him. All he knows is to protect himself at whichever cost. 

Thus, even if it requires killing or hurting people, it won’t be a big deal for him.

His life revolves around him and only him. He exhibits arrogance, egotism, and selfishness, lacking a clear understanding of morality. There are many reasons to hate Kaigaku, and thus, Demon Slayer fans love to hate them, making him one of the most hated Demon Slayer characters.

2. Doma

most hated demon slayer characters

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Don’t judge him quickly because he will shock you later. Apparently, he looks nice, sweet, and friendly, but guys, he is a living RED FLAG. Yes, he possesses a peculiar perspective on the world and those in it, bordering on being eccentric.

He loves to kill people, especially women. Why? Because he believes he is actually protecting them from the miseries of this world by taking their lives. He looks down upon humans, which is why he is not at all sympathetic. 

He is powerful, intelligent, and knows how to deal with things in a way they are beneficial for him.

1. Muzan Kibutsuji

most hated demon slayer characters

Credit: IMDb

He was the easiest character to name when we talk about the most hated Demon Slayer Characters. This guy is hated for countless reasons, and fans love to hate him. He is scary not only for humans but for demons as well. 

He is the primary source of all the turmoil and anguish. Muzan is exceptionally ruthless and savage, showing no need for justification in taking lives. If they annoy him even a little, then that’s the end for them. 

He is very powerful, and competing against him is the biggest challenge for the Demon Slayers. All he wants is to achieve perfection as a demon, and his obsession has done nothing good to him. He has embraced wickedness and shows no signs of turning back

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the rudest Demon Slayer characters?

There are a lot, and you can easily expect rudeness from Demons. Some of the most popular ones are Doma, Muzan, Daki, and Slasher.

Who is the nicest person in Demon Slayer?

There is a long list of the nicest characters in Demon Slayer, but undoubtedly Nezuko is the nicest.


Which Demon Slayer character do you hate the most and why? Let me know your dislikes in the comments below. Let’s have some real discussion! 

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