25 Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters

Tokyo Revengers won our hearts in 2021. The characters in this anime are fantastic and charismatic. Every character introduced has this sense of individuality. Needless to say, I decided to make a list of the 25 Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters. I mean why not? We all love em.

There is a significant cast of characters in the anime, some of them are more well-known than others. Each of the characters is interesting on its own. This show is unique because it shows how gangs operate and how the underground functions.

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If you didn’t watch Tokyo Revengers yet. What are you waiting for? So, Tokyo Revengers revolves around a freelance writer named Hanagaki Takemichi, whose life has long reached an all-time low.

The situation worsens when he learns that his high school girlfriend was murdered. He, therefore, travels back in time and joins the Tokyo Manji Gang to stop the series of incidents that led to her demise.

SPOILER ALERT. This Article might contain some spoilers for Tokyo Revengers Christmas Showdown. Now that’s out of the way, let’s dive right into the 25 Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters.

25. Makoto Suzuki

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters Makoto
Credits – OtakuSun

In Tokyo Revengers, Makoto Suzuki is one of the supporting players. He belongs to the Tokyo Manji Gang’s lower ranks. He enjoys both erotic novels and movies. Suzuki does not have the best combat skills, save for a few wrestling manoeuvres that he picked up from comics.

He compensates for his lack of fighting prowess with loyalty, though. He came out to assist Takemichi when the latter engaged in a bloody rematch with Masataka Kiyomizu, a former member of the Tokyo Manji Gang who later left and formed his own group.

24. Takuya Yamamoto

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters Takuya
Credits – Pinterest

The next Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Character is Takuya. Takuya Yamamoto is one of the other school friends of Takemichi. He’s the quiet one of the group. He doesn’t do a lot in the series. But he has his place in the anime as Takemichi’s supporting character.

In Takemichi’s circle of friends, Takuya is one of the more reserved individuals. He exhibits hesitancy about confronting the pupils from other schools. He is, nevertheless, prepared to put himself in danger to save his buddies.

23. Haruki Hayashida / Pah Chin

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters Pa Chin
Credits – Pinterest

Pah-chin, also known as Haruki Hayashida, is a tough member of the Tokyo Manji gang who frequently threatens to start a gang war. This occurs in the opening arch when he stabs Moebius, the boss of the rival gang. His gang members argue over how to free him after the police have arrested him.

In Tokyo Revengers, Haruki Hayashida plays a significant role since his arrest triggers a potentially disastrous situation that Takemichi must handle. Above all, Pah-chin is a devoted friend who constantly supports and defends his friends and loved ones.

22. Senju Kawaragi

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters Senju
Credits – Pinterest

The Manga readers love Senju Kawaragi. Despite being a woman, Senju Kawaragi was able to lead the fifth division of the Tokyo Manji Gang. That is a success right there. After all, this girl is a nuisance throughout the series.

She also served as the leader of the Brahman group, which included some criminals. All of that, though, had already been a part of her life before she joined Toman. She comes from the Tokyo Manji Gang’s second generation.

And it’s possible that you haven’t heard of her if you’ve only seen the first season. She is, however, unquestionably worth the wait and the effort. I can’t wait to see her in action.

21. Taiju Shiba

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters Taiju
Credits – Twinfinite

The next Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Character is Taiju Shiba. We got a bunch of amazing characters from the newest season of Tokyo Revengers. He belongs to them as well. The beast (yes he was one in the series) Taiju Shiba was able to alter how the series operates.

And that does make sense given that he was the one who served as the 10th generation Black Dragon’s previous leader. He is Hakkai and Yuzuha’s older brother. And because of his relationships with them, these two receive a lot of attention in the series as well.

There’s a good reason to be cautious about Taiju. He can take care of anyone with his fists since he is a beast.

20. Emma Sano

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters Emma
Credits – Crunchyroll

Next on the Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters List is Emma Sano. For someone who doesn’t have that much screen time. She sure marked a significant impact on us. Emma Sano is Mikey’s step-sister.

Mikey has a great bond with Emma. He admires her and loves her like a real sister. Emma shares a special connection with Draken as well. Yes, they are a cute couple. Don’t you think? Emma’s contributions are small but effective.

For Example (Spoiler Alert), Just like how she helped Hina and Takemichi make up in the 2nd Season of Tokyo Revengers.

19. Kazushi Yamagishi

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters Kazushi
Credits – Pinterest

Kazushi is one of the other close friends Takemichi. A supporting character in Tokyo Revengers. He goes to the same middle school as Takemichi and is a friend of his. People make fun of Yamagishi because he wears spectacles and thinks they will make him smarter.

Yet, he is a wealth of information on a variety of subjects, including gang culture. He is familiar with the internal dynamics, formation, membership, and other subtle details of many gangs.

Although not the strongest criminal, Kazushi has above-average fighting skills. He can protect himself and take down regular criminals.

18. Seishu Inui / Inupi

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters Inupi
Credits – Character.AI

Inupi is the newest introduced character in the new season of Tokyo Revengers. This character does seem unique and in its early stages to me as someone who loves this anime to its very heart.

When he accepted the position of first division captain for the second generation of the Tokyo Manji Gang, this individual made a sacrifice for the group. And that’s just one of the many motives for his popularity in the show.

The fact that this man was also the Attack Squad Captain of the Black Dragon gang’s 10th generation is significant. Therefore, that would account for why he is such a tough foe.

17. Kokonoi Hajime

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters Kokonoi
Credits – Fandom

Next, the Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Character is Koko, the newest character introduced in Tokyo Revengers Christmas Showdown. The Kanto Manji Gang has a reputation for being carried by this man.

And the reason for that is that he serves as the gang’s top official. He was also well-known for serving as the Black Dragon Elite Guard’s 10th-generation captain. However, this occurred before he joined the Kanto Mnaji Gang.

Also, he belonged to the Tokyo Manji Gang’s first division, which would completely account for his appearance in the series. He does, after all, frequently switch groups, with one case where he was also a member of the Tenjiku. The opponent you should be anticipating is this man.

16. Kisaki Tetta

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters Kisaki
Credits – Yunoya Media

Kisaki Tetta is that one character we all want to get rid of, but if we do the whole plot will fade. Nevertheless, he’s an important character. No doubt. Without Kisaki Tetta, our list cannot be concluded. For many, Kisaki is the one who accomplished everything.

Kisaki is very different from anything else. He is not only incredibly intelligent but also very strong. And that clarifies why his inclusion on our list is appropriate. Throughout the series, this character is merely a threat.

The way you view Tokyo Revengers will be altered by this individual, who also brings a slayer of depth to the story. Because of this, make sure to watch Tokyo Revengers if you haven’t already.

15. Nahoya Kawata

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters Smiley
Credits – Crunchyroll

He’s arguably my all-time favourite character. Who else would be able to maintain a smile despite taking a hundred blows to the face? In the show, Nahoya Kawata is sometimes referred to as Smiley.

And that name’s underlying concept is exactly what you are deducing it to be. He grinned a lot. He is, after all, the show’s actual motivator. And what makes him so important to the plot is his capacity to maintain a smile under adverse circumstances.

He is also incredibly powerful, which enables him to deal with some challenging opponents that come into his life. It is a good idea to have a backup plan in case the backup plan fails.

14. Hakkai Shiba

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters Hakkai
Credits – Crunchyroll

The newest season of Tokyo Revengers “The Christmas Showdown”, Introduced us to a bunch of new cool characters. One of them is Hakkai Shiba. The audience finds this individual to be nothing less than fascinating.

And ever since he first appeared in the anime, viewers have fallen in love with it. He is the younger brother of Yuzuhu Shiba and Taiju Shiba. He thus has powerful brothers who can support him if necessary.

But, it doesn’t seem like he would ever need any such assistance given how powerful he is by himself. He had to rely on Yuzuhu a lot because he was afraid and couldn’t face Taiju. But in action, this man poses nothing less than a threat to the audience.

13. Kazutora Hanemiya

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters Kazutora
Credits – Crunchyroll

The next Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Character is Kazutora, A forgotten hero. My man attempted to offer to his most significant other, but he actually took that person away. He intended to give Mikey a bike but instead killed Mikey’s sibling.

And that’s one of the things that makes people like him as a character. Kazutora lost all sense of reason and began blaming Mikey for all the catastrophes that occurred. But he felt in his heart that he was solely to blame.

And for this reason, he is incredibly beloved by everyone. The character Kazutora might catch your attention if you enjoy broken characters.

12. Shuji Hanma

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters Shuji
Credits – Pinterest

The Next Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Character is Shuji Hanma. Shuji is very good at planning everything out. Because no one was in charge of Moebius, he stepped up to the plate.

And he was the one who, in the end, led Valhalla to assault Toman without a different leader. This man is no fool as he continues to influence the show with his humour and knowledge.

He is quite a threat in terms of talents alone, as he was the one that stopped Mikey in their first fight. Moreover, several characters in the series strive to stop Mikey but are unable to do so. So be sure to catch some Hanma action so you don’t miss it.

11. Hinata Tachibana

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters Hina
Credits – Quotetheanime

Then we have our sweet pea Hina Chan. Hinata Tachibana has unknowingly been in charge of this show. Consider the fact that Hinata is solely responsible for the actions taken in this story.

After all, Takemichi only makes the decision to travel back in time to stop her death after she has already passed away. Because of this, Hinata is a show-ruling figure. She has the loveliest personality, though, when viewed from the front.

Although we might not notice it, this girl is simply too talented for the entire anime. While her lover is a walking punching bag, she uses the least amount of force.

10. Shinichiro Sano

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters Shinichiro
Credits – OtakuSun

Mikey’s older brother was a gem himself as well. We couldn’t get much of him. Shinichiro died in a mishap at the bike shop. Shinichiro was a fun-loving guy. He was a father figure to Mikey.

He was very different from the other gang leaders. Because of his willingness to speak out for people and his remarkably modest demeanour despite his popularity, Shinichiro was able to inspire others.

In addition to teaching his younger siblings about bikes, fashion, and other topics, Shinichiro was a nice person who could watch out for others, especially his family, whom he loved greatly.

9. Atsushi Sendo / Akkun

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters Atsushi
Credits – Fandom

Atsushi Sendo is one of my favourite characters in the series. Akkun was the backbone of Takemichi in Season 1. One of the most desirable characters in the series is this man. And given that he is not a big fan of delinquency, this theory does make sense. He is one loyal friend.

But because Takemichi is one of his most important friends in his life, he is very close to him. And that would clarify why Atsushi is a character you can’t help but admire. A warrior like Takemichi is fortunate to have companions like Atsushi in his life. Even though Atsushi has been responsible for several blunders, there’s no doubt that he effortlessly won our hearts.

8. Yuzuha Shiba

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters Yuzuha
Credits – Sportskeeda

Yuzuha Shiba, also known as Yuzu, is the older sister of Hakkai Shiba and the younger sister of Taiju Shiba. Now she is badass. She frequently acts as a mediator because she is the younger sibling.

At first, it seemed unusual, but Yuzuha managed Hakkai and was distinct from her brother. Yuzuha is a highly thoughtful and enthusiastic individual. She is also very responsible, as seen by the fact that she always took hits for Hakkai. not just as a strong, adaptable, responsive, thoughtful and organised woman.

Yuzuha Shiba has always had the strength to battle, therefore she can fight just like the rest of her family. In fact, throughout her youth, she was able to take hits from her bigger brother Taiju.

7. Naoto Tachibana

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters Naoto
Credits – OtakuSun

Another important character in the show is Naoto, who demands a lot more attention from the viewers. He is, after all, a guy of worth and character. Naoto made the decision to become a police officer immediately away.

For Takemichi to enter the earlier timeframe, his presence is essential. The magic is started with a handshake between him and Takemichi. And that provides us with an indication of how the series’ time-travel system operates.

Naoto has been able to achieve excellence throughout his life by using his brain and abilities. He is a police inspector in Japan after all. It’s an impressive position.

6. Keisuke Baji

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters Baji
Credits – SugoiMart

Baji Kun was a selfless person. Yes, we all cried. After all, he sacrificed his life for the group of people he loved the most. He is particularly unique to the audience because of this. That man was aware of Kisaki’s evil schemes.

He was the one who made the decision to part ways with him because he wanted to ensure that Toman never loses its value. Baji first came across to the audience as nothing less than a violent bully. Yet, as time went on, we came to see that this man had far more ideals ingrained in him than any of us could have ever imagined. He is incredible.

5. Takemichi Hanagaki

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters Takemichi
Credits – MGNEsports

In our narrative, Hanagaki Takemichi is the lead character. And for that reason, he holds a special place in our hearts. Due to his history, this man lost his entire existence. And when he had the chance to put everything in place, he did everything in his power to make sure that it did.

In the end, many of the characters in the story view this man as nothing less than a hero. After all, he has managed the harshest of situations with his pure skills and determination. Overall, the entire programme serves as a tribute to how much our boy loved Hina as his girlfriend. He may come out as a whiner, but you have to admire his tenacity.

4. Ken Ryūgūji / Draken

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters Draken
Credits – GamerFocus

One such character who seemed like everyone would despise him but who ultimately won everyone over is Ryuguji Ken, often known as Draken. Since he has always made sure that Toman never falls into the wrong hands, he is the centre of the show.

Toman was after all his second home. But as we all know, our boy had to deal with a lot of problems throughout his life, even death on a few occasions. And as a result, he decided to alter the series’ plot. There is a cause why people adore him so. It is his capacity to maintain composure under pressure, which is one of his coolest features.

3. Takashi Mitsuya

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters Mitsuya
Credits – Pinterest

One of the most sought-after characters in the entire series is Takashi Mitsuya. The audience finds this man to be nothing less than interesting as he goes on to establish himself as a reputable lad. We are introduced to Mitsuya’s loving side for his siblings in Season 2.

When it became clear to the audience that he is a sewing enthusiast who is highly regarded by his coworkers, our impression of him was altered. This gave us a good understanding of how complex a character he is. As a result, Mitsuya caught the audience’s attention. Watch the show again if you don’t think Mitsuya deserves your admiration.

2. Chifuyu Matsuno

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters Chifuyu
Credits – Crunchyroll

My personal favourite, Chifuyu Matsuno. The first time we met the guy, he was the first division’s vice-captain. And that’s what helped us understand his role in the narrative. The accomplishments of Chifuyu, however, changed the narrative’s flow as the story went on.

He is very special to the audience and everyone who watches him because of the situations he was put in and the things he did for his loved ones. I mean how you can like him, his comedic timing is an ace too. This man is outstanding in every way.

1. Manjiro Sano / Mikey

Most Popular Tokyo Revengers Characters Mikey
Credits – Exp

Then of course we have our beloved Mikey. The main protagonist of the television series that he stands with is named Sano Manjiro. He is the originator of Toman. Toman’s “Man” actually refers to Manjiro.

And that further demonstrates how significant a figure he is in the narrative. The implication is that this man is an ambitious criminal who desires to change society’s perception of criminals as a whole.

Yet, as time went on, things became more difficult, and eventually, Sano Manjiro lost himself. Yet he has played a significant role in the series from the beginning to the finale. Click here for more anime and manga content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where I can watch Tokyo Revengers Season 2?

You can Watch Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Full Episodes on Disney+ and Crunchyroll.

Is Tokyo Revengers based on a true story?

It turns out that Ken Wakui’s involvement in a gang in 2000 served as the basis for the Tokyo Revengers narrative. Thus when writing Tokyo Revengers, the author undoubtedly drew inspiration from his time spent as a member of a gang.

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